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OLIGHT Freyr Review - Simeon Krastv

OLIGHT Freyr Review - Simeon Krastv

I would like to share my experience of the Olight Freyr with anyone who is wondering whether or not to invest in it. TL;DR – if you can only afford to buy one torch, let it be the Freyr.

Before I discovered Olight, I did not know much about torches. I had a vague idea in the back of my mind of the importance of a good and reliable torch but never stopped to think that much about it. I work in the Emergency Services, and while a torch often comes in handy on a nightshift, I never thought I would invest £100+ in one.

One night, I saw a colleague use his Olight Warrior X Pro in front of me, and when I saw the throw and the brightness of the beam, I immediately thought – “I NEED ONE OF THESE!”. I started researching, and decided on an Olight Seeker 2 Pro, which was the torch offering the most lumens (apart from the Marauders). At this time, the Freyr hadn’t been released yet.

Then all I had to do is wait for the sale, and, luckily, they are fairly regular. I got my Olight Seeker 2 Pro for £90, which was about £50 cheaper than regular price. I had to get it in mint because I wasn’t fast enough and all the black ones were sold out, but that’s the thing with Olight – you snooze, you lose. They keep you on your toes.

I was mightily impressed – it arrived pretty much instantaneously, it was well packaged, and the build quality was impressive. It has a premium feeling to it – you make contact with the material and you know it is premium. It is the good stuff. I couldn’t wait to get it all charged up and try it.

It didn’t disappoint. I was shining it from the upper window into the back garden, and it literally flooded the garden with light. It was as if I went about 5 hours back in time and it was still daylight. I switched it on in the room and pointed it at the ceiling – it was as if the sun was shining directly in the room, you couldn’t tell it was night.

It packs some really handy features as well. The strobe is cool, and the battery indicator is very useful as you always know when it is time to charge. The moonlight mode is also great if you want to see but be discreet about it. All round great torch.

What I found out later was that it probably wasn’t the best choice for work. With Olight, it is good to ask for advice and tap into the community experience before choosing, and I didn’t do that. The Olight Seeker 2 Pro is very special and very useful, but what I needed was more throw and a more concentrated beam rather than floodlight all around me. The torch was still coming in handy, but I knew that there were others there which would have been more suitable for my needs. The Olight Seeker 2 Pro would be more suitable if I needed it for a different purpose, so I wasn’t doing it justice.

Then the Olight Freyr came out and I got it. The Freyr immediately solved my issue and became my main choice. While it loses 1450 lumens, it gains 110 metres in beam throw compared to the Seeker 2 Pro, and that was exactly what I needed. Let me give an example – imagine you have to look at the end of a dark alley. The Olight Seeker 2 Pro will light up everything around you, and you will get a really bright flood in the immediate vicinity. You will be able to see every detail around you, but what I usually find is that the focus is to the front, and not to the background. With the Olight Freyr, you just point and shoot, and the concentrated beam will show you exactly what you are looking for at pretty much any practical distance you might need.

It comes with a very handy traffic wand, which I haven’t had the opportunity to use yet, but I am sure one day it will be extremely useful for signalling or traffic management. I like the fact that it has the two buttons – one on the tail, and one at the side. It still has the strobe, and the lockout mode, and, of course, it is an RGB torch, so you can change the colour of the light to red, green, or blue. It is absolutely fascinating.

For my day-to-day work, I found I don’t need to carry the traffic wand constantly, so I keep it in my bag. This makes the case a bit big, but the good news is the Olight Freyr is a very snug fit in the case of the Olight Seeker 2 Pro, which is absolutely ideal. It also comes with a pocket clip if that works better for you. And finally, it has the thermal and proximity sensors which means you will have to try really really hard if you wanted to set your pocket on fire – you are thoroughly protected.

Now I use my Olight Freyr for work. I have only had it for about 6 months, but it has come in handy in more situations than I can count. Anyone who is working nightshifts and needs good visibility at long distances, I totally recommend it. Meanwhile, I have repurposed the Olight Seeker 2 Pro and use it at home, where it is very handy for absolutely any task that needs completed in the dark. It uses very simple tactics – just turns the night into a day.

In conclusion, while I love my Olight Seeker 2 Pro, I must say that the Freyr is the most versatile torch Olight have made so far. It is just the right size, lumens, throw, and the RGB mode and wand are just the bee’s knees. My advice to anyone who is planning to buy a torch is to join the Facebook Group – OLIGHT UK GROUP – and post what their circumstances are. The community is very helpful and experienced and will be able to answer all your questions and show you their torches and what they are capable of, so definitely worth trying. Or just drop Olight an e-mail, they are a really friendly bunch and will do their best to assist you.

13 Aug, 2021
Explore The Industrial Aesthetics Of Odin

Explore The Industrial Aesthetics Of Odin

The tactical element on Torches is kind of like nature itself industrial aesthetics.

The Tactical element on Torches is a kind of like nature itself industrial aesthetics.

For those of you with a military complex. You will imagine yourself in the middle of a battle, fighting in the dark and withstanding the evil when you hold a tactical torch.

Therefore Powerful and functional tactical torch can give them a sense of enough security, especially the industrial aesthetics of torches have a strong fascination for them.

  During the process of design the torches, some design what seems to be taken for granted actually contains the subtle wisdom of the designer. Modeling, structure, material, texture, interaction and scene design are all in the designer’s result after thinking. A product that can combine utility and beauty is a work of art. this is the industrial aesthetics of torches.

  Industrial aesthetics is an important part of modern aesthetics. On the basis of meeting the needs of using scenes and using objects, the works are integrated with aesthetic concepts. So that the works have both practical functions and aesthetic feeling.

“Explore the industrial aesthetics of Odin”

Today, let us explore the industrial aesthetics of Olight Odin together.

  The Strong performance and elegant appearance of Olight Odin at the same time embody the function beauty, material beauty and shape beauty of craft aesthetics. ODIN, This is a series of tactical legends. It’s time to discover the next level of reliability, comfort and performance. Professional as it is for PICATINNY mounts. Innovative as it is with dual locks. Experience a new look. Odin, let’s discover more...

  The Odin is OLIGHT’s brand new tactical torch with an exquisite appearance. Designed for PICATINNY mounts, this outstanding textured light succeeds the classic features of Warrior X’s vibration battery indicator, metal silent switch and magnetic charging. Its innovative slide rail mount with a mechanical lock features a fast and reliable dual-mounting system with both front and reverse installation. Its innovative remote switch comes with a locking function for a tight fit by a slight push of the ring. Powered by a single customized 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery and equipped with a PMMA optical lens, this amazing light delivers MAX 2,000 lumens and 300 meters. With incredible performance and ultra-solid build of sturdy stainless steel bezel, aircraft aluminum body, 1.5m drop resistance, IPX8 waterproof, high lumens, long beam distance and runtime, reliable slide rail mount with quick install/release system, the Odin is a high quality lighting tool for professional users in any harsh situation.

Did you discover that these tactical elements of ingenious design on Odin?

Tactical Stainless Steel Bezel

Rifling, also known as Rifle. Because its cross section shape is similar to windmill, also known as windmill line. Rifling is designed to give the warhead in its intended direction after it has been discharged

The design of Olight Odin’s tactical attack head incorporates elements of barrel rifling. Viewed from the front, the undulation, texture and rotation of Odin’s stainless steel bezel section are similar to the rifled section of a gun barrel.

Rotating and twisting lines, giving the bezel of dynamic modeling, the perfect tactical elements into the design of the tactical torch, strong light Touch and Go. This originality and professionalism of design, Do you GET it?


“The ornamentation of the torch body
The bullet case shape is like a tough guy image, give people a sense enough security”

The grooved pattern on the body of Odin, So do you know what's its pattern like?


As a tactical Torch, Olight designer added a bullet case shape grooved pattern to the body of the Odin barrel. The body of Odin is embellished with simple abstract patterns, which not only gives the Odin a minimalist look but also increases the grip friction and makes it full of tactical style.

The bullet grain printed on the body of the Olight Odin is like the fortitude carved into one’s heart and the blood surging in the chest. Even if being in the smoke of gunpowder and a rain of bullets war, still forge ahead.

About the beauty of the details of The Olight products. What else did you find? Please share your keen observation with us?

22 Jun, 2021


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