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Time To Get to Know Your Warrior X Turbo

A Professional Optional

How tough is the Warrior X Turbo Really? Well there’s only 1 real way of finding out! Between water tests, hard impact tests, pressure tests with a car AND a 20 Ton lorry plus MORE!! We think its pretty tough!

Tactical in Every Details

The tactical identity is asserted by the strike bezel, the chiseled body design, the tactical grip ring, the tactical tailcap, etc.

The Warrior X Turbo sits in a unique position on our product line, small enough to throw into your jacket pocket or carry on a duty rig but has a powerful throw like the Javelot Pro. So if you need something compact and at the same time long-lasting and far-reaching to take with you on long search and rescue missions – take a closer look at the Olight Warrior X Turbo.

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28 Jul, 2021
Too many offers? Here are the best tips for you.

Too many offers? Here are the best tips for you.

The Summer Sales is roughly a 4-day-long event, which is scheduled to officially launch at 20:00 on 26th July and ends at 23:59 on 30th July.

How to make full use of this summer sale to get your favorite lights at a preferential price? Here are the tips.



Log in to our website after 8 pm 26/07 to get a free i3E blue keychain light

During the entire summer sale, you could get the i3E in blue for free, and all you need to do is log in to our website. The free i3E blue will be delivered with your order. If you are just interested in i3E blue, you just need to pay £4.95 for the shipping. When the summer sale is over, the shipping fee you've paid will be returned to you in 3 working days as a coupon code. You’re allowed to use this coupon to buy any kinds of products which are listed on our website.

Attention: I3E is limited in quantity. Just log in to our website quickly and get yours during our summer sale!



Set your alarm clock at 20:00

The summer sale will start at 8 p.m. From 26th to 30th, there are different kinds of products for you to choose from at an amazing lower price.

Just keep focusing on our newsletter and Facebook to get the newest information!



Try the sales pack

For our summer sale, Olight have prepared 4 different sale packs for you to choose from, including one with over 10 products!

£99.95 Set: i1R 2 Desert Tan Keychain Torch & i5T EOS Stardust EDC Torch & S1R Baton II & Bike Rear Light SEEMEE 30 & Open 2

£199.95 Set: New Colour Desert Camouflage of Warrior X Turbo & New Release Camping lantern Olantern Mini & Popular EDC Torch Baton 3 & Limited Edition i3T Brass & Scenarios-based ORB Light Obulb

£299.95 Set: Warrior X Pro Desert Sunset & New Release Camping lantern Olantern Mini & Powerful Head Torch Perun kit & Wireless Charger EDC Torch Baton 3 & Warrior Mini Set with Obulb Blue & i5T EOS Stardust EDC Torch

£399.95 Set: Marauder 2 Lumen Moster & New Release Camping lantern Olantern Mini & Multifunctional Head Torch Perun Kit & Wireless Charger EDC Torch Baton 3 & Scenarios-based ORB Light Obulb & Warrior Mini Set & & FREE Multi-tool


In pack 1, for the price of just the Open 2 and S1R II, you will also receive an i1R 2 Desert Tan, i5T EOS Stardust EDC Torch and Bike Rear Light SEEME 30. Also, you will be eligible for the first-Tier gift – Obulb. In total, you can get 6 products at £99.95! That's a real bargain.


If you prefer torch to penlight, pack 2 will be a more suitable choice for you. Warrior X Turbo in new limited edition, Desert Camouflage. The new release series, Olantern mini, is an ideal friend to protect your eyes when you have to face the screen at night. These two items alone would normally cost £229.85! However, you could take them home at £199.95. In addition, you will get a Baton 3, i3T Brass and an Obulb in pink in this pack, too! But there is a penlight in this pack, because the Open 2 (Tier-Gift) will be included also.


Maybe you’re curious about the Warrior X Pro in limited colour Desert Sunset. Using a customized 5000mAh 21700 lithium battery, the Warrior X Pro produces an incredible 2,100-lumen output and 500-meter throw allowing you to see in any harsh situation. So why don’t you choose Warrior X Pro which is included in pack 3? In addition, the i5T Stardust not only helps you to find the ways in the dark, but also reminds you that don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the starry sky. Besides, you can get an extra 5 products, the New Release Camping lantern Olantern Mini, best-selling headlight Perun Kit, Wireless Charger EDC Torch Baton 3, Scenarios-based ORB Light Obulb in blue and Warrior Mini. You could get all of this for as little as £299.95, which helps you save over £202!


Marauder 2, the beast, reaches 14,000-lumens acting as a floodlight to illuminate a large area and 800-meter spotlight to reveal a far-off target. The 54Wh rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows its runtime up to 59 hours. Marauder 2 normally sells for £329.95. Just add an additional £70.05 to get Pack 4, which includes Marauder 2, Olantern Mini, Perun Kit, Baton 3 Premium Edition, Obulb in blue, Warrior Mini and a FREE Multi-tool. All these products could be taken away at the price of £399.95! What’s more, a free gift which worth over £99 will be given to you too.


To sum up, we hope the three tips will help you with your summer sale’s shopping. We sincerely hope this sale could help you to purchase the product that you’ve had your eyes on for some time now. Thank you for your continual support. Happy Summer shopping! 

23 Jul, 2021
Mini by name, Mini by nature!

Mini by name, Mini by nature!

A perfect lighting companion is essential to a successful camping trip. The peace and comfort of your desired resting spot are dependent on your camp set-up. Put on a pot of ground coffee, take to lake by your boat to fish or read in the shade of the trees...
Make these moments perfect with a camp lamp to accompany you as evening approaches. Let's find out more about the utility of Olantern Mini.

Flexible Hanging

The material of the fuselage is upgraded to zinc alloy, which has better corrosion resistance and is more rigid and solid. Match with stainless steel handle and aluminum blue decorative ring, strong and light, full of texture. 
The easy-to-use handle. Carry it, hang it however you want, make it yours.

Exquisite Camping

The 360-degree scenario-based light source is perfect for camping time and sweet family reunions. Camping outdoors, and when the night falls, light up the surroundings to make you feel more comfortable. The delicate lampshade gathers the warm and soft lights together, reflecting the charming night atmosphere, bringing joy and fun.

Sweet Eye Caring

Have you noticed that when you lie in bed at night playing on your mobile phone, you always feel that the room light is too bright and dazzling? But if you turn off the light and play with your mobile phone, you only look at the screen light in the darkness, which has a great impact on your eye health. With Olantern Mini, the eye caring red light mode is just right, and creates a relaxing ambiance for your night time reading.

Compared with Olantern, Olantern Mini is more delicate and compact. The height is only 99.35 mm and the diameter of the base is only 52.2 mm. It is smaller than a phone. Inside the lampshade is changed to a creative "tornado" shape, transparent glass lampshade and soft white light set off each other,

creating 360 Degrees of Illumination.

Olantern Mini can accompany you for all of your adventures, bringing light to the darkest corners of the world and comforting you along the way..

Are you sure that you want to miss out this HUGE SALE?

21 Jul, 2021


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