What does the colour white mean to you?

What does the colour white mean to you?

What does the colour white mean to you? To Olight, white means brightness and courage. It is a beam of light in the darkness. It is the courage to start adventures. Here we are excited to announce Olight white series is coming soon! The most creative EDC - Baton 3 Premium, new arrival - Omino and best-selling EDC - S2R II, all in white colour!

Baton 3 Premium

Ultimate Convenience

1,200 lumens | 166 meters 

"I came in at the baton three, not owning the previous iterations. This is the ideal sleeper torch. You leave it in your pack and when you need it at a moments notice you remember you have it. Not just considering the tiny size but in comparison to most other torches. A very floody beam and the premium edition offers even greater convenience with wireless charging to ensure you are always fully charged."  -J****


Minimalistic and solid

The Omino is a Charging station with four magnetic points to charge up to Four compatible Olight torches at the same time. The silicone base mat offers extra protection from shocks and drops.

The Omino will always get your Olight devices ready for the next task. 

S2R Baton II

Enhanced everyday carry

1150 lumens | 135 meters

"My first light from Olight and I’m already blown away by it, It’s really well built, I love the way it charges, means it’s always ready for when I need it, Perfect size to fit in a pocket, I like how it comes with two clips so you can switch it to your preference, Just amazed by how bright it is." -M****

12 Sep, 2021
Product Experience - Neil Hawley

Product Experience - Neil Hawley

Have you ever realised that you had been missing something but until you bought it you did not know? Strange as you may think but that is how I felt after I let the Olight M2R Warrior Pro into my world. I read the reviews on the official Olight UK website and watched so, so many videos on Instagram and YouTube plus so many more in regards to this light. All who reviewed said that it was the perfect EDC / Tactical light. I can confirm that now with over 32 (some of the same models but in different colours) Olight lights that my Orange M2R Warrior Pro is by far my favourite and in my and others opinion, it is the best light on the market! I have 3 M2R Warrior Pro’s, 2 black and 1 Orange. The workmanship, style, usability and overall presentation from Olight are amazing. Even the box that the M2R comes in creates a great customer experience.  


Some have had concerns with the magnetic charging but as with most reviews this is a personal opinion as this is my personal opinion. But I find the way you charge the M2R is so convenient, safe, and fast, this is as easy as it could be. The tail switch is magnetic but I find this a great positive and does help me within my work as well as being able to use the L-Dock Kit to charge hands-free if you will. 


As for the light output the M2R Warrior Pro sends out, WOW how much do you need? From 1 lumen running for 50 days, yes 50 days!! Then to the other end of the brightness level, we have 1800 lumens for 4.5 minutes. I have other Olight’s that put out 180 lumen’s, 300 lumen’s and a couple that send out 600 lumens and they are all so bright that you have to look away if shining directly into your face (I highly discourage this as this could damage your eyesight, so please be careful) so 1800 is super bright. There are other levels of output but I find I use the Moonlight 1 lumen for most of my look around the house checks, but if I need that quick boost I just tap the tail switch all the way in and boom... instance 1800 of clear light! 


The feel of this touch in the hand is something that you have to experience for yourself. I could ramble on and on and on about the build quality and how it feels but I do urge you to pick one up and see for yourself as you will not want to put it back down. The weight feels just right, the finish is well… just pick one up and you will see what I am trying to say. 


It has a very easy to use lock-out mode and I use this when stored or carrying in the daytime. When night comes I just hold the side button in for a few seconds and she’s back up and ready to be used. Having the convenient colour LED in the side button shows Green when the battery is good, Amber when the battery is half left and Red for please charge up soon. 


There is the option for a less aggressive bezel and if you are carrying the M2R Warrior Pro head down in your pocket I do urge you to purchase a replacement. The 2-way belt-clip can be left (from the factory) near the head or can be relocated near the tail for deep in the pocket carrying. This clip can be removed altogether and is very easy to relocate but will not just fall off. This is because as with all of the M2R Warrior Pro, it is extremely well made.  


I have the Warrior Mini and also a Warrior Mini 2 and they are amazing lights in their own right. I use those when working in a suit or walking to the gym, but given the choice, it’s the M2R Warrior Pro all the way. Olight just need to bring out a Union Jack version and I will then have 4 Olight M2R Warrior Pro’s in my collection, and that’s a good thing. Extremely well made, beautiful to look at and the user experience I feel is second to none. Final note: Highly recommended. 


Stay safe everyone and let Olight help light up a brighter future for us all. Take care. 


Write By Neil Hawley

13 Aug, 2021
Q&A about delivery

Q&A about delivery

If you're interested in a product from Olight UK, you must be concerned about its quality, price, and shelf-life. All of this information will be shown on the product page.


However, if you want to know the details about shipping and delivery, maybe you have to talk with our service staff by live chat or send an email to us. Now, here is a blog for an explanation about the details of shipping and delivery. By reading this, we believe you will have a clear understanding.


Q1: How much should I pay for the shipping fee?

Answer: As you can see on the top of the homepage, you will get free shipping when the total value of the order is over £49. During the flashsale, sometimes free shipping is allowed at a price lower than £49.

If the total value isn't up to £49 and you don't want to buy the other products. £4.95 for shipping was required.


Q2: My package will be delivered by which delivery company?

The order to England, Scotland, Wales will be delivered by Royal Mail. The orders to northern Ireland and Ireland will be delivered by DPD.


Q3: How long will the delivery take?

We will ensure that all orders will be shipped in a timely fashion. This will usually be within 48 hours on a weekday. If an order is placed on a weekend, then the order will be dispatched the following working day. However, the orders which are made in the flashsale event require more time for packaging due to the large amount of package.

When it comes to the time for delivery, most orders will be delivered within 2-3 working days.  


Q4: How to know where my package is?

Please go to the page “my account” on our website and find the corresponding order to get the track number. Then you could check the details of delivery information from corresponding websites.


Q5: Can I add items to an order or changes?

We are unable to make any changes to orders that have already been placed. This includes adding items to orders or exchanging items. If your order has yet to be marked as dispatched you can have your order cancelled and refunded.


Q6: Can I change the address after I finish the payment?

Please contact us via live chat or email to check the status of the order. If there is no tracking number for the order, we will help you to change the address. But the remarkable thing is during the flash sale event, maybe we are too busy to edit the address for you. We recommend you to cancel the order and make a new one.


Q7: I finished the payment, but I don't want to buy it. How can I cancel the order?

First, please contact our service staff by live chat to make sure of the status of the order.

1)if the order wasn't dispatched, we will give you a full refund immediately.

2)To cancel or change an order which has not been dispatched from our warehouse, please contact us via email or live chat once you receive the package (within the 30 days of purchase). Please include with your return - your dispatch print note, or your customer details so we are able to ascertain where the return has come from. Please also include a brief note with regards to the action you would like us to take (e.g. return as unwanted so full refund, exchange to be made etc.). Please send the package to the address: UK Olight Ltd, 2 Ballymena Road, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim. BT53 7AB. Please retain proof of postage as we cannot credit items that we do not receive. But the remarkable thing is you have to pay for all postage costs of returning items.



Q8: How long will I get my refund when the package was already sent out to Olight UK?

After we check the package and make sure all items are well, the refund will go back to your payment account immediately.


Q9: What should I do if the package is missing?

If you don't receive some items in your order, please contact us via live chat or email and send us the shipping label attached to the package.

  • If the problem comes from we missing these items when the package was packed up, we will send these missed items to you ASAP.

  • for the reason that sometimes some items are out of stock and we don't want you to wait too much time for the whole order. So the order will be shipped separately. In this situation, our service colleagues who reply to you on live chat or email will tell you the required time for the shipping of the other package.


Besides, if the package met some problems during transportation, you can't get any updated information for a long time. Please contact us by email or live chat. We will contact the delivery company to make sure of the status of the package. If it is missing, we will send you a new one.


Q10: What should I do if I got the wrong items(different colour or size)?

If it happens, please contact us with email or live chat, and send us the shipping label attached to the package. Please send the product in the wrong colour or size to us. We will send another package with the right items. At the same time, we will pay all the shipping fees which are required.

12 Aug, 2021
Olight Olantern Mini

Olight Olantern Mini

Below is a brief overview of the Olight Olantern Mini Camping Light.

The full review can be found at thecampingequipment.com.

Camping can get very dark at night as there is usually minimal lighting on campsites… so you definitely need to bring your own lighting.

Let’s have a look to see if the Olantern Mini can do the job of sufficiently lighting up your campsite at night.

I’m going to be taking a look at the Olantern Mini Camping Light to see if this Olight Lantern can do the job of sufficiently lighting up your campsite at night.



The Olantern Mini comes with two high performance LEDs

Neutral White and Red

It’s powered by a customized 2000mAh 3.7V 26350 rechargeable lithium-ion battery (built-in).




Light Sources

    • High Performance Neutral White LEDs

    • High Performance Red LEDs


    • Height: 3.91 in/99.35mm

    • Base Diameter: 2.06 in/52.2mm

    • Weight (including battery): 8.43 oz/239g

Body Material

  • Zinc Alloy, PC, ABS, TPE, Aluminium Alloy

Power Source

  • Customized 2000mAh 3.7V 26350 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (Built-in)

Water Resistant Rating

  • IPX4 (protection from splashing water)

Drop Rating

  • 1m


  • Olight’s 2 Year warranty

In The Box

  • Olantern Mini (Battery Built-in)

  • MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

  • User Manual

Light Quality

The Olantern Mini has a tornado-shaped light diffuser that produces a 360º balanced, uniform beam – the diffuser softens the light output, thus reducing eye strain.

I found the light to be very comfortable to use, even for an extended period of time.

The Olantern Mini has many useful features such as a motion sensor to locate the power button in the dark and the red light to preserve night vision.

It’s also extremely small and portable making it ideal for a camping kit list as it won’t add a great deal of weight or volume.

Click here to read the full review and my conclusion to see if the Olantern Mini is worth investing in

26 Jul, 2021
Olight RN 1500 And SEEMEE 30 Bike Light Set Review

Olight RN 1500 And SEEMEE 30 Bike Light Set Review


Olight RN 1500 Headlight And SEEMEE 30 Tail Light

Available at

Olight UK


Bike Light Set

Max Output

1500 lumens (RN 1500)/30 lumens (SEEMEE 30)

Max Beam Distance

164m (RN 1500)/ 800m visibility (SEEMEE 30)


172g (RN1500)/ 24g (SEEMEE 30)

Price: RN1500


Price: SEEMEE 30


My Rating

9.3 out of 10


I just love the outdoors… everything to do with the outdoors and that includes cycling.

One of the things that I still have to tick off from my bucket list is going on a cycle tour (haven’t decided where yet… could be UK, or better still Europe…) and camping in a hammock or tent at night.

As any cyclist knows, one of the most important pieces of equipment that you need for your bike is a light – a good light will allow you to see and, perhaps more importantly, allow you to be seen in the dark.

There are literally hundreds of cycle lights available, but they are not all the same… a good bike light should have a few essential features to make sure that it does its job of protecting you and protecting others properly.

In this post, I’m going to be looking at the new Olight bike light set to see if it has these essential features that are needed for a good bike light. 



The Olight bike light set consists of the RN 1500 headlight and the SEEMEE 30 tail light. 

The RN 1500 is described as a multi-functional bicycle light powered by a 5000mAh 21700 battery with a maximum output of 1500 lumens, featuring anti-glare light distribution to reduce visual distractions for motorists and a USB-C charging port.

The SEEMEE 30 is described as a USB rechargeable lightweight tail light with a maximum output of 30 lumens, equipped with a high transparent optic lens producing a soft and uniform beam and featuring a versatile rubber O-ring mount for securing to a bicycle seat post.

In the Box

RN 1500

  • RN 1500 (batteries included) ×1

  • Handlebar Mount ×1

  • GOPRO Mount ×1

  • Silicone Strap x3

  • USB-C Cable ×1

  • 3mm Hex ×1

  • User Manual ×1


  • SEEMEE 30 (batteries included) ×1

  • Rubber O-ring mount ×1

  • Micro USB Cable ×1

  • User Manual ×1





RN 1500: Maximum Beam Distance – 164m

SEEMEE 30: Maximum Visibility – 800m

Light Source

  • RN 1500 uses a Luminus SST40 LED

  • SEEMEE 30 uses a COB (Chip-on-Board) LED


Dimensions & Weight

RN 1500:

  • Length: 4.21 in/107mm

  • Head Diameter: 1.22 in/31mm

  • Body Diameter: 1.22 in/31mm

  • Weight: 6.06 oz / 172g


  • Length: 2.56 in/65mm

  • Width: 0.59 in/15mm

  • Height: 0.82 in/21mm

  • Weight: 0.85 oz / 24g


Body Material 

  • RN 1500 – the manufacturer’s literature doesn’t specify what material the body is made of… however it looks and feels very premium and is probably made of an aluminium alloy like a lot of Olight’s torches.

  • SEEMEE 30 – plastic


Power Source

  • RN 1500 – 3.6V 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable battery.

  • SEEMEE 30 – 330 mAh polymer battery.


Waterproof Rating

  • RN 1500 – IPX7 (Protected from immersion in water with a depth of up to 1 meter (or 3.3 feet) for up to 30 minutes)

  • SEEMEE 30 – IPX6 (Protection from water projected in powerful jets from a nozzle with a 12.5mm diameter opening in any direction)

Based on this both the front light and the tail light should be perfectly fine for use in even heavy rain.


Drop Rating

  • RN 1500 – 1m

  • SEEMEE 30 – 1m



  • Olight’s 2 Year warranty


My Impressions


Beam Quality

The beam quality of the RN 1500 headlight was very impressive.

Olight describes the headlight as having a ‘high efficiency optical lens with considerable side lighting’. I found that it produced a nice wide beam that allowed me to be comfortably aware of my immediate surroundings.

The headlight also has an anti-glare lens that levels off the upper portion of the light to reduce the glare for oncoming traffic.

The level 1 setting of 1500 lumens was very bright – I found the level 2 setting of 750 lumens perfectly adequate and would probably use that setting most of the time when it’s dark.

I think the lower setting of 300 lumens would be adequate for cycling in lit up areas.


The SEEMEE 30 tail light gave off a uniform beam that was visible from a good distance.

The image below was taken from a distance of about 250m.



Both the RN 1500 and the SEEMEE 30 have USB charging, but for some reason the RN 1500 has a USB-C type port, while the SEEMEE 30 has a micro USB port – this seems a bit strange… it would have been much more useful to have the same for both, so that you don’t have to carry around two charging cables. This being said, they charge very efficiently and the RN1500 can even be charged directly from your mobile phone. The batteries are not removable on either of the lights and for both the lifespan is approximately 500 charge cycles. Both the lights have battery indicators.

While the RN 1500 is on, the power button glows green when the charge is 100-21%, red from 20-11% and it will flash red from 10-0%. When the light is off, the charge indicator can be accessed by short pressing the power button once. The SEEMEE 30 has an ‘Ambient Light Sensor’ that auto adjusts the light mode and output depending on ambient conditions. It also has a power saving flash mode that is triggered at 5% battery and lasts for 20 minutes. The RN 1500 charge indicator pulses red while charging and turns to a solid green once fully charged. The SEEMEE 30 charge indicator pulses red while charging and then switches off once fully charged.

I charged both from completely flat and found the charging times as follows:

  • RN 1500 – 2 hours and 15 minutes

  • SEEMEE 30 – 65 minutes

Power Button & Modes

Both lights have power buttons that are easy to operate and practically placed and both function as described below.

Long pressing on the power button turns the light on/off. A single short click cycles through the brightness levels/flash mode levels, while a double click switches between the modes. Mode memory function saves the last selected mode and brightness level.

For the RN 1500 there are 2 modes:

  • - mode 1 is a continuous light, with 3 brightness settings as shown in the output section above.

  • - mode 2 is a strobe mode and has 2 levels

  •     the first constitutes the light flashing 0-750 lumens at a constant interval.

  •     the second constitutes the light flashing 0-750 lumens, 3 times at the same interval followed by a quicker burst before repeating that process.

For the SEEMEE 30 there are 3 modes:

  • - mode 1 is a continuous light, again with 3 brightness settings as shown above.

  • - mode 2 has 3 levels

    •    COMET – the light gradually goes from 30-0 lumens at a constant interval (approx 18x/min).

    •    BREATHE – the light gradually goes from 0-30 lumens at a constant interval (approx 15x/min).

    •    FLASH – continuous flashing at 7 lumens at a constant interval (approx 160x/min).

  • - mode 3 has 2 levels

    •    SMART MODE DURING THE DAY, 30 lumens.

    •    SMART MODE AT NIGHT, 3-30 lumens.


Regarding mode 3, Smart Mode on the SEEMEE – a sensor determines whether the light enters day or night mode based on the ambient light and then for day mode pulses between 0 and 30 lumens and for night mode pulses between 3 and 30 lumens.

Bike Attachment

RN 1500

  • The handlebar mount is very easy to attach using the included 3mm hex key.

  • There are 3 different lengths of silicone straps that should allow the mount to fit most diameters of handlebars.

  • I used the smallest one and it fitted very snugly with no movement with the light mounted, even when cycling over rough terrain.

  • The light attaches securely to the handlebar mount by simply twisting and locking it into place and detaches very quickly by reversing the process.


  • The tail light is easily mounted using a rubber O-ring mount and again sits very snugly with no movement while cycling.

  • Again is detaches very quickly and easily.

GoPro Attachment

A GoPro attachment is also included to allow the RN1500 to be attached to an existing GoPro bike mount.


The Olight RN 1500 bike headlight is extremely well built and very functional… from the quality of the beam, to the ease of attaching and removal from the handlebar mount – everything about it screams quality and practicality.

As far as the SEEMEE 30 tail light is concerned – it’s simple, yet refined and again very functional… simply put it does what it’s supposed to do and it does it well.

There are a few areas that I feel could be improved…

The different types of usb ports on the two lights means that you have to carry around two charging cables, and the manufacturers literature leaves a lot to be desired… the two lights are really good, but so many of the functions are not explained and you’re left to try and work it out for yourself…but these are relatively minor shortcomings – all in all this is a fantastic bike light set at a very good price, when the lights were first launched, they were available as a set – but now they are only available as separate purchases… 

Both the RN 1500 headlight and the SEEMEE 30 tail light are available from OLIGHT UK.

I hope you’ve found this review useful.




21 Sep, 2020
Olight S1R Baton II – A look at this EDC Torch

Olight S1R Baton II – A look at this EDC Torch

Olight S1R Baton II – A look at this EDC Torch

ProductOlight S1R Baton II

Available atOlightStore.uk

Design: Compact yet powerful everyday carry torch

Max Output: 1,000 Lumens

Max Throw: 145m

Weight: 51g



The S1R Baton II is a powerful, lightweight, and capable EDC flashlight that offers a range of different brightness levels and modes, such as standard illumination and strobing light.

It is powered by a single IMR16340 Olight rechargeable battery with a maximum output of 1,000 lumens.

The S1R Baton II is the perfect everyday carry flashlight with multiple attachments for ease of use. There is a multi-directional belt clip for easy storage, as well as a wrist strap. The torch also features a magnetic base, which can be used for mounting to magnetic surfaces.

The torch can be easily recharged using the included USB charger, which has a magnetic charging dock and convenient light that indicates the charge status.


The S1R Baton II offers 5 different levels of brightness, making it an extremely versatile EDC flashlight.

Turbo mode: Produces 1,000 lumens for 1.5 minutes with a throw of 145m, reducing to 300 lumens for a further 37 minutes.

High mode: Produces 600 lumens for 1.5 minutes with a throw of 100m, reducing to 300 lumens for a further 45 minutes.

Medium mode: Produces 60 lumens for 3 hours and 40 minutes with a throw of 40 metres.

Low mode: Produces 12 lumens for 20 hours with a throw of 15 metres.

Moon mode: Produces 0.5 lumens and lasts 8 days on moonlight mode.

There is also a strobe function that can be engaged with three clicks of the torch’s operation button.

The lamp type is a CREE XM-L2 Cool White LED, which provides a crisp light beam and balanced hot spot thanks to the TIR optic lens.

The S1R Baton II is both waterproof and impact resistant. It can be submerged to 2m and dropped from a height of 1.5m due to its strong and reliable construction.



As you would expect from a practical EDC flashlight, the S1R Baton II is small and lightweight.

Length: 63mm

Diameter: 21mm

Weight: 51 grams (including battery)



Olight provide a market leading warranty on their products, including the S1R Baton II. If your torch has a defect as a result of materials or workmanship, Olight will make it right.

If the defect is within 30 days of your purchase, return it to the retailer you purchased it from for a replacement or repair.

If there is a factory defect within 5 years, simply return the flashlight to Olight for a repair or replacement.

Included Accessories

  • S1R Batton II Flashlight

  • Olight IMR16340 Battery

  • Magnetic Charging Cable

  • Battery Storage Box

  • Wrist Lanyard

  • Branded Carry Pouch

  • Multi Language User Manual



The second generation of the S1R Baton has been expertly designed to incorporate all the essentials you require from an everyday carry torch - compact, lightweight and reliable.

Beam Quality

The S1R Baton II uses a TIR optic for exceptional clarity with a balanced beam. This small pocket torch has an impressive 145m throw and a perfectly balanced hotspot. The different lighting modes make it easy to choose the beam strength for any occasion.


The charging station makes recharging easy. The torch connects magnetically to the charging base, which has a light indicating the charge status – red for charging and green for full battery.

The innovative charger is easy to use and does not require a plug connection to the torch, which helps improve the torch’s strength and water resistance. The charger can be plugged into any USB power source, such as a phone charger, computer or portable battery bank.

The torch uses a helpful traffic light colour code to indicate the remaining battery life during use. A green light indicates a high level of battery, orange is medium and low battery is indicated by a red light.

Power Button

The S1R Batton II is controlled by a single power and mode button. One click turns the torch off and on. Holding down the button whilst the torch is on will navigate through the available brightness modes. The S1R Baton II remembers your previous brightness selection for the next time it is used.

Turbo mode can be turned on with two quick clicks of the power button. Turbo mode is available for 1.5 minutes, after which the brightness will decrease to prevent the torch from overheating. It is important to note that on turbo mode, the end of the torch can become quite hot.

Three quick clicks of the power button will engage the strobe function, which is also known as an SOS mode that can attract attention, if needed. This mode is disengaged when you turn off the torch, and it will return to a regular beam when you next turn it on.

The moonlight mode, which provides a light glow, can be turned on with a long hold of the power button when the torch is off.

There is also a convenient lock function that can be engaged by holding the power button down for approximately 2 seconds when the torch is off. This will prevent the flashlight from accidentally turning on when in your pocket and bag, which could drain your battery.

Grip, Clip & Lanyard

The S1R Baton II feels great in hand thanks to its bevelled design, which runs along most of the torch’s length. The textured body is comfortable in-hand and provides ample grip when wearing gloves.

The torch comes equipped with a detachable 2-way belt/pocket clip. If the clip isn’t required, it can be quickly removed, which further reduces the size of this compact torch. The multidirectional clip makes it convenient to store the flashlight in the direction of your preference.

The wrist lanyard is another convenient feature. It isn’t attached to the torch by default, so you can choose whether you want to use it.



The S1R Baton an extremely powerful, lightweight and capable everyday carry torch. The large lumen output from such a compact and durable design, makes it one of the best EDC torches currently available in the UK.

It is a very stylish pocket torch, that also boasts a long battery life. It is ready for anything you throw at it, withstanding drops, knocks and liquids. If you are looking for the best EDC torch in the UK, the S1R Baton II is a great option.

09 Sep, 2020


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