Shopping guide for Flash Sales in August

Shopping guide for Flash Sales in August

Have you noticed any interesting functions on our new website?

Dear O-Fans. Welcome to our new website!


To give you a pleasant shopping experience, we upgraded the website! (Welcome to join our Facebook Group: Olight UK Group, leave your opinions to help Olight UK further improve the online store. Let’s work together to make shopping more comfortable!)


This blog will be divided into two parts. Part one is about the new functions which will be helpful in your Flash Sale shopping in August. The second part is 3 tips for your shopping on this coming Flash Sale.


Part one: What kinds of new functions will help with your shopping?

Here are two new functions that we’d like to introduce to you. 


New Function 1: Log in to the website, get 5 points per day.

You will receive 5 points if you log in to the website every day!

*This benefit is available from 28/08 to 30/09 23:59.

Why should I collect points? What do the points mean? Below is a table for you to have an intuitive understanding of ‘points’. The higher level you are, the more benefits you will enjoy. Simply register and join our O-Fan Family!


New Function 2: Get the coupon on the coupon center

All coupons will be shown in My Account - Asset Center - Coupon Center to give you a distinct view. Take the £5 coupon which could be used on this Flash Sale as an example. There are three entries to get this coupon.

1) You could get it on Coupon Center through the page of My Account.

2) When you are browsing the listing of the product, you can easily find the £5 coupon which is under the price.

3) On the payment page, there is a coupon above the subtotal amount.

*Don't forget to click the coupon center and get your coupon before the payment is finished!


Part 2: Are there any tips for this Flash Sale?

Sure. The Flash Sale is available from 20:00 30/08 - 23:59 31/08 in August. It is up to 40% OFF! During the sale, there are 15 brand new products will be displayed. Don't hurry, before you start your shopping journey, please allow me to share some tips with you. 


1: Log in to the website to get the FREE X9R CELL Black / i3E Black AND a £5 OFF coupon during the Flash Sale.

During this time of Flash Sale, every customer will have a chance to get an X9R CELL as a FREE Log in gift (The i3E Black will be your log-in gift if the X9R CELL is sold out). This means the quantity of X9R CELL is LIMITED! If you prefer the X9R CELL to i3E Black, don't forget to log in quickly to get yours before others!


This sale is also a test for the new website, a £5 coupon will be given to you during this Flash Sale as a thank you gift. Moreover, it is available for any products on the website, including on-sale products! 

2: Expect the largest discounts? The bundle option should be your choice!

How can I get 2 torches at one price? Pick the bundle without thinking! As displayed on the landing page, we prepare different bundles to help you make the purchase choice. Most bundled products are at a larger discount than a single product. The following is a diagram which can help you in comparing the price. 


3: Have no idea how to choose a product? What about picking the Blind pack?

Is it hard to decide for you to choose the Olight UK torch? The blind pack comes to help you! Here are three kinds of blind packs. Each blind pack includes a torch that is of higher value than you paid (Cost-saving). Choose a blind pack and get your special surprise!(Click Here)


We are looking forward to your feedback/suggestions. Your opinions will help a lot. Thank you for reading this blog. We wish you a happy online shopping trip!

29 Aug, 2021
Product Experience - Neil Hawley

Product Experience - Neil Hawley

Have you ever realised that you had been missing something but until you bought it you did not know? Strange as you may think but that is how I felt after I let the Olight M2R Warrior Pro into my world. I read the reviews on the official Olight UK website and watched so, so many videos on Instagram and YouTube plus so many more in regards to this light. All who reviewed said that it was the perfect EDC / Tactical light. I can confirm that now with over 32 (some of the same models but in different colours) Olight lights that my Orange M2R Warrior Pro is by far my favourite and in my and others opinion, it is the best light on the market! I have 3 M2R Warrior Pro’s, 2 black and 1 Orange. The workmanship, style, usability and overall presentation from Olight are amazing. Even the box that the M2R comes in creates a great customer experience.  


Some have had concerns with the magnetic charging but as with most reviews this is a personal opinion as this is my personal opinion. But I find the way you charge the M2R is so convenient, safe, and fast, this is as easy as it could be. The tail switch is magnetic but I find this a great positive and does help me within my work as well as being able to use the L-Dock Kit to charge hands-free if you will. 


As for the light output the M2R Warrior Pro sends out, WOW how much do you need? From 1 lumen running for 50 days, yes 50 days!! Then to the other end of the brightness level, we have 1800 lumens for 4.5 minutes. I have other Olight’s that put out 180 lumen’s, 300 lumen’s and a couple that send out 600 lumens and they are all so bright that you have to look away if shining directly into your face (I highly discourage this as this could damage your eyesight, so please be careful) so 1800 is super bright. There are other levels of output but I find I use the Moonlight 1 lumen for most of my look around the house checks, but if I need that quick boost I just tap the tail switch all the way in and boom... instance 1800 of clear light! 


The feel of this touch in the hand is something that you have to experience for yourself. I could ramble on and on and on about the build quality and how it feels but I do urge you to pick one up and see for yourself as you will not want to put it back down. The weight feels just right, the finish is well… just pick one up and you will see what I am trying to say. 


It has a very easy to use lock-out mode and I use this when stored or carrying in the daytime. When night comes I just hold the side button in for a few seconds and she’s back up and ready to be used. Having the convenient colour LED in the side button shows Green when the battery is good, Amber when the battery is half left and Red for please charge up soon. 


There is the option for a less aggressive bezel and if you are carrying the M2R Warrior Pro head down in your pocket I do urge you to purchase a replacement. The 2-way belt-clip can be left (from the factory) near the head or can be relocated near the tail for deep in the pocket carrying. This clip can be removed altogether and is very easy to relocate but will not just fall off. This is because as with all of the M2R Warrior Pro, it is extremely well made.  


I have the Warrior Mini and also a Warrior Mini 2 and they are amazing lights in their own right. I use those when working in a suit or walking to the gym, but given the choice, it’s the M2R Warrior Pro all the way. Olight just need to bring out a Union Jack version and I will then have 4 Olight M2R Warrior Pro’s in my collection, and that’s a good thing. Extremely well made, beautiful to look at and the user experience I feel is second to none. Final note: Highly recommended. 


Stay safe everyone and let Olight help light up a brighter future for us all. Take care. 


Write By Neil Hawley

13 Aug, 2021
Q&A about delivery

Q&A about delivery

If you're interested in a product from Olight UK, you must be concerned about its quality, price, and shelf-life. All of this information will be shown on the product page.


However, if you want to know the details about shipping and delivery, maybe you have to talk with our service staff by live chat or send an email to us. Now, here is a blog for an explanation about the details of shipping and delivery. By reading this, we believe you will have a clear understanding.


Q1: How much should I pay for the shipping fee?

Answer: As you can see on the top of the homepage, you will get free shipping when the total value of the order is over £49. During the flashsale, sometimes free shipping is allowed at a price lower than £49.

If the total value isn't up to £49 and you don't want to buy the other products. £4.95 for shipping was required.


Q2: My package will be delivered by which delivery company?

The order to England, Scotland, Wales will be delivered by Royal Mail. The orders to northern Ireland and Ireland will be delivered by DPD.


Q3: How long will the delivery take?

We will ensure that all orders will be shipped in a timely fashion. This will usually be within 48 hours on a weekday. If an order is placed on a weekend, then the order will be dispatched the following working day. However, the orders which are made in the flashsale event require more time for packaging due to the large amount of package.

When it comes to the time for delivery, most orders will be delivered within 2-3 working days.  


Q4: How to know where my package is?

Please go to the page “my account” on our website and find the corresponding order to get the track number. Then you could check the details of delivery information from corresponding websites.


Q5: Can I add items to an order or changes?

We are unable to make any changes to orders that have already been placed. This includes adding items to orders or exchanging items. If your order has yet to be marked as dispatched you can have your order cancelled and refunded.


Q6: Can I change the address after I finish the payment?

Please contact us via live chat or email to check the status of the order. If there is no tracking number for the order, we will help you to change the address. But the remarkable thing is during the flash sale event, maybe we are too busy to edit the address for you. We recommend you to cancel the order and make a new one.


Q7: I finished the payment, but I don't want to buy it. How can I cancel the order?

First, please contact our service staff by live chat to make sure of the status of the order.

1)if the order wasn't dispatched, we will give you a full refund immediately.

2)To cancel or change an order which has not been dispatched from our warehouse, please contact us via email or live chat once you receive the package (within the 30 days of purchase). Please include with your return - your dispatch print note, or your customer details so we are able to ascertain where the return has come from. Please also include a brief note with regards to the action you would like us to take (e.g. return as unwanted so full refund, exchange to be made etc.). Please send the package to the address: UK Olight Ltd, 2 Ballymena Road, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim. BT53 7AB. Please retain proof of postage as we cannot credit items that we do not receive. But the remarkable thing is you have to pay for all postage costs of returning items.



Q8: How long will I get my refund when the package was already sent out to Olight UK?

After we check the package and make sure all items are well, the refund will go back to your payment account immediately.


Q9: What should I do if the package is missing?

If you don't receive some items in your order, please contact us via live chat or email and send us the shipping label attached to the package.

  • If the problem comes from we missing these items when the package was packed up, we will send these missed items to you ASAP.

  • for the reason that sometimes some items are out of stock and we don't want you to wait too much time for the whole order. So the order will be shipped separately. In this situation, our service colleagues who reply to you on live chat or email will tell you the required time for the shipping of the other package.


Besides, if the package met some problems during transportation, you can't get any updated information for a long time. Please contact us by email or live chat. We will contact the delivery company to make sure of the status of the package. If it is missing, we will send you a new one.


Q10: What should I do if I got the wrong items(different colour or size)?

If it happens, please contact us with email or live chat, and send us the shipping label attached to the package. Please send the product in the wrong colour or size to us. We will send another package with the right items. At the same time, we will pay all the shipping fees which are required.

12 Aug, 2021


Do you want a chance to win Desert Camouflage?

*Simply share the reasons why you love Warrior X Turbo on our blog.

Time To Get to Know Your Warrior X Turbo

A Professional Optional

How tough is the Warrior X Turbo Really? Well there’s only 1 real way of finding out! Between water tests, hard impact tests, pressure tests with a car AND a 20 Ton lorry plus MORE!! We think its pretty tough!

Tactical in Every Details

The tactical identity is asserted by the strike bezel, the chiseled body design, the tactical grip ring, the tactical tailcap, etc.

The Warrior X Turbo sits in a unique position on our product line, small enough to throw into your jacket pocket or carry on a duty rig but has a powerful throw like the Javelot Pro. So if you need something compact and at the same time long-lasting and far-reaching to take with you on long search and rescue missions – take a closer look at the Olight Warrior X Turbo.

Special Summer Sale Price

Great offers, limited stock, don't miss out!

How do you get the giveaway?

Step 1: Register or Log in first (Click Here)

Step 2: Leave the comments why you love Warrior X Turbo on the blog

Ends At 23:59 30th  July 2021 

 3 lucky winners will be selected to win Warrior X Turbo!

Don't hesitate! Join the giveaway!

28 Jul, 2021
Why do I need an obulb?

Why do I need an obulb?

Children, from birth to adulthood, need time and attention from their parents. The impact of this personal interaction cannot be underestimated. The importance of family time has a bearing on the social and emotional maturity of children and establishes deep understanding among family members.

          If you are thinking about how to spend your family time, you need an obulb to light it up! Shining, sticking, playing, it is a lot of fun and a way to be creative. One-button operation to light up a joyful family time. 

Forgetting about the daily grind and stresses for any amount of time each day is invaluable. If you read at night, it grants you an outlet from the struggles of your own life and allows you to walk in someone else’s proverbial shoes.     

        Night reading coupled with warm light means relaxing! 360°cozy illumination to enhance good moods all over your house. With the magnetic bottom and adhesive metal badge, it can attach to almost anything at any angle. 

Sometimes spending a day in the wilderness isn't quite enough to truly capture the feeling of a special place. Sure, you see some amazing views or go on an unforgettable hike. But to get the full experience, you yearn to see the dark, starry skies. To listen to the nightlife, to watch the sun rise on a silent, dewy morning.

       Obulb can help you achieve all your wishes!Four light modes available for multiple purposes. Cheers you up during a night walk, hiking, camping, etc.

A good night’s sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Research shows that poor sleep has immediate negative effects on your hormones, exercise performance, and brain function. If you want to optimize your health or lose weight, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do.
        To ensure your sleeping quality, you need an obulb. 3.5 lumen soft light for the perfect sleep companion. Bright enough to scare away the monsters. Dim enough for a good night’s rest.

Emergencies can occur in any location, from severe weather storms and natural disasters to roadside breakdown and other emergency situations.

          If you have an obulb, you will have a considerate signaling tool. It includes flashing red light mode perfect for breakdowns or a beacon. Have an obulb, have a trustworthy buddy by your side!

13 Jul, 2021
UEFA Euro 2020 Giveaway: Who Will Lift the Trophy?

UEFA Euro 2020 Giveaway: Who Will Lift the Trophy?

After 42 matches among the 24 best teams in Europe, two remain standing. The 16th edition of the European Championship, Euro 2020, began on June 11 with matches in 11 major cities across Europe. Italy and England will face off for the continental crown. England have qualified for their first major Final since 1966 and Italy is into its fourth final and will be hoping to add to its only title won in 1968. The big game between Italy and England will take place at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday, July 11, one month after the opening game at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. So who will be the champion? Tell us your prediction and you could be in with a chance of winning some Olight goodies!!

        England's route to the final
        Group D
        13 June: 1-0 Croatia
        18 June: 0-0 Scotland
        22 June: 1-0 Czech Republic

        Last 16
        29 June: 2-0 Germany

        03 July: 4-0 Ukraine

        07 July: 2-1 Denmark (AET)

        Not since that famous extra-time success over West Germany in 1966 have the Three Lions even won a major Final, with painful near misses at the World Cups of 1990 and 2018.

        But Gareth Southgate has now led England into an exciting new era with a young squad bursting with talent and depth and largely free of the burdens and heavy expectations of the past, with captain Harry Kane’s extra-time goal - the rebound from his own saved penalty - defeating Denmark in the semis after Simon Kjaer’s own goal had cancelled out Mikkel Damsgaard’s stunning free-kick.

        Before that, there was the quarter-final thrashing of Ukraine in Rome, the historic last-16 defeat of Germany at Wembley and efficient victories over Croatia and the Czech Republic that secured top spot in Group D.

        This time, England will hope to end their major tournament trophy drought of 55 years when they take on Italy in the final of Euro 2020 on Sunday at Wembley.

         Italy's route to the final
        Group A
        11 June: 3-0 Turkey
        16 June: 3-0 Switzerland
        20 June: 1-0 Wales

        Last 16
        26 June: 2-1 Austria (AET)

        02 July: 2-1 Belgium

        06 July: 1-1 Spain (4-2 pens)

        This is Italy’s tenth major tournament final (six World Cup, four EURO), with only Germany (14) having played in more among European nations. Italy won the European Championship in 1968, but have lost their subsequent two final appearances in the competition (2000 and 2012).
        This time, they have exceeded expectations by playing the most exciting style of football and finished first in the group stage points table. They are now a strong contender to win the UEFA Euro 2020 championship after eliminating Belgium and Spain int the knockout stage.
         Italy have shown their real potential in the knockout stages, but they will have to compete hard against England, who are currently in excellent form. One thing is certain, they will make it tough for England in the final.
        Led by central defender Giorgio Chiellini, Italy have several real match-winners, like goalkeeper Donnarumma, attacker Insigne, and midfielders Locatelli adn Marco Verratti. They must all play well to win their second European Championship.

        England or Italy? Who will be the champion at UEFA EURO 2020 the final match? What's your prediction?
        Tell us your predictive analysis in the comments! Olight gifts are waiting for you!
        This time, we also play a big game, a huge giveaway!!

 How to join us?


Step 1: Register or Login first (click here)

Step 2: Leave your comments below the blog

Competition closes: 20:00, 11th  July 2021

✨Warrior mini 2 Mountain Sky – Leave a comment of who you think will win

✨Javelot Pro Coyote Tan– Leave a comment with your predicted score line

We will select up to 10 lucky winners for Warrior mini 2 Mountain Sky  and up to 5 for Javelot Pro Coyote Tan!


If England win the match, we will have an extra giveaway!

Extra Champion Giveaway for England

✨ 1 X9R Marauder + 5 Olantern Mini +10 i5T Stardust

Up to 16 lucky winners - Anyone who leaves a comment could be in with a chance of winning!

✨ coupon code for everyone who comments!


So what are you waiting for?

09 Jul, 2021
Olight UK Facebook Group 6K: Huge Giveaway!!

Olight UK Facebook Group 6K: Huge Giveaway!!

Hey Olight fans!

          The number of members on our Olight UK Facebook Group is getting closer and closer to 6000, so we want to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to all our fans. We’ re so grateful for your support and it’ s been fun interacting with you here in this group! Today, we’ re launching our Olight UK Facebook Group 6K Huge Giveaway!! Join us right now! Olight goodies are waiting for you!

          So many of you we have never “met”, but we feel like you are all part of the Olight family. We truly appreciate you spending a little bit of your precious time here with us. Every single one of you who click our site help us to light the world. That time you spend with us is appreciated very much, very much indeed. So spread the word, get your friends, family, neighbors involved!

So, what’s the group for?

         🌟You can share your thoughts with O-fans!
         Post a picture, share your collection, get answers to questions from other Olight fans, the choice is yours! We like to give you guys the opportunity to share your stories, post your awesome pictures and interact with one another on a like-minded platform.
         🌟You can enjoy a more funny life!
        The group has allowed many O-fans to make some new friends through their shared interest and love for Olight products. People share their knowledge and tips/tricks when it comes to using your Olight for EDC, Hunting, Search & Rescue, Hiking and more. Watch the back catalog of interesting live videos about us and get the inside scoop!

          So, what’s in it for you?

         🌟Flash deal annoucnements!
         We reveal our latest offers and flash sales in the group, so if your in, you’ll never miss a deal again!
         🌟Huge Giveaways!
         As you see, we appreciate and like to give back to our O-fans. So, we will regularly hold giveaway activities exclusively on the group to express our great thanks to our fans. Everyone in our group will be in with a chance of winning some Olight goodies!! There is no other company we can think of that give back to their fans as much as us!


          First Prizes (1pc): Marauder 2 Desert Tan
          Second Prizes (5 Pcs): M2R Pro Ocean Camouflage
          Thir Prizes (10 Pcs): Obulb Blue


          Once again, thanks to everyone for supporting Olight, and GOOD LUCK!           

How to join us?

      Just join our Facebook group to get entered!


          Draw will take place when Olight UK Facebook Group Member reach to 6000.
          So, what are you waiting for?

07 Jul, 2021
UEFA Euro 2020 Giveaway: Quarter-finals we are coming!

UEFA Euro 2020 Giveaway: Quarter-finals we are coming!

Quarter-finals we are coming!

Congratulations! England head to Rome next for the Euro 2020 quarter-final after beating Germany in the last-16 stage. In the quarter-finals, England will face Ukraine in Rome on July at 20:00. So, this time, who will reach the semi-finals? Tell us your prediction and you be in with a chance of winning some Olight goodies!!

       Ukraines performance

       Ukraine beat Sweden 2-1 on Tuesday night, with the winning goal coming in the final minute of extra time.

       The match had seemed destined for penalties with several shots hitting the woodwork of the goal and 10-man Sweden appearing as if they would hold out until the end, but as the game edged into three minutes of added time, substitute Artem Dovbyk headed in a cross from Manchester City's Oleksandr Zinchenko from close range.

       Artem Dovbyk scored in the 121st minute as Ukraine beat 10-man Sweden 2-1 after extra time to book a quarter-final tie with England at Euro 2020. Marcus Danielson was sent off for Sweden in extra time before Dovbyk headed in a Zinchenko cross in stoppage time to send Ukraine through to face England in Rome on 3 July.

       Englandperformance and route to the Euro 2020 final

       Group stages

       13th June  | England 1-0 Croatia | Wembley

       18th June | England 0-0 Scotland | Wembley

       22nd June | Czech Republic 0-1 England | Wembley

       Knockout fixtures

       Round of 16

       Tuesday 29 June

       5pm: England 2-0 Germany | Wembley


       Saturday July

       8pm: England vs Ukraine | Rome, Italy


       Wednesday July

       8pm: England vs Czech Republic or Denmark | Wembley


       11th July | Wembley

       A hectic round of 16 kicked off the knockout stage and saw many big names crash out of the tournament. England have become favourites to reach the Euro 2020 final after beating Germany 2-0 at Wembley Stadium thanks to goals from Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane. Can England keep things going after a historic win over Germany?

      So, what's your prediction?

      Tell us your predictive analysis in the comments! Olight gifts are waiting for you!

 How to join us?


Step 1: Register or Login first (click here)

Step 2: Leave your comments below the blog

Competition closes: 20:00, 3rd July 2021



i3T Brass 3rd Anniversary Engraved Version – Leave a comment of who you think will win

M2R Pro Ocean Camouflage – Leave a comment with your predicted score line

We will select up to 10 lucky winners for i3T Brass 3rd Anniversary Engraved Version and up to 5 for M2R Pro Ocean Camouflage!

         So what are you waiting for?

02 Jul, 2021
UEFA Euro 2020 Giveaway: Who will reach the quarter-finals?

UEFA Euro 2020 Giveaway: Who will reach the quarter-finals?

 This is it! England take on Germany in Tuesday' s Round of 16 Euro 2020 knockout.

England and Germany will go head-to-head in a mammoth last-16 Euro 2020 showdown at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday evening. Twenty-five years ago, at the same place, Southgate missed, Germany won, and the golden chance passed England by. This time, with Southgate now at the helm, can England turn the tables on their old foe? Who will reach the quarter-finals? Tell us your prediction and you be in with a chance of winning some Olight goodies!!

The rivalry

Old rivals England and Germany have enjoyed 36 memorable encounters over the years. The most recent competitive encounter was in the round of 16 at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa when Germany thrashed England 4-1. With 4 friendlies since then, and England coming out victorious on only one occasion, surely they will want to make this one count.

UEFA Euro 2020 performance

So far, England have beaten Croatia and the Czech Republic both 1-0 either side of a goalless draw against Scotland. While Germany played all three Group F games in Munich, opening with a 1-0 loss against France, recovering to beat holders Portugal 4-2 on Matchday 2, Leon Goretzka then rescued a 2-2 draw against Hungary that sealed progress in second place behind France. 

So, what' s your prediction?

Tell us your predictive analysis in the comments! Olight gifts are waiting for you!

 How to join us?


Leave your comments below the blog

Competition closes: 17:00, 29th June 2021


RN1500 – Leave a comment of who you think will win

Freyr Orange – Leave a comment with your predicted score line

We will select up to 3 lucky winners for RN 1500 and up to 3 for Freyr orange!

         So what are you waiting for?

29 Jun, 2021
Marauder 2 Finally In Desert Tan

Marauder 2 Finally In Desert Tan

Flood, Throw, Power Bank...Do It All With Marauder 2!

      >> 14000-lumen floodlight to illuminate a large area like the daytime. 800-meter spotlight to reveal a far-off target.

      >> Flip the toggle switch to choose between each light form. Rotate the knob switch to adjust output. Quick and simple.

      >> 54wh battery pack and built-in power bank to charge your other devices.

>>> What is Marauder 2 ?

      >> The Marauder 2 is an upgraded version of the X7R Marauder. Mighty like a beast and small enough to fit on one hand, it is a great help to searchers, rescuers, rangers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

     >>> Marauder 2 In Black

      >> For the flash sale last November, we launched Marauder 2 Black, which received an enthusiastic reaction from all O-fans. Marauder 2 Black was THE BEST SELLING in the flash sale!

     >>> Marauder 2 In Blue and Orange

      >> The popularity of Marauder 2 Black led to the birth of blue and orange ones. We had Marauder 2 Blue all sold out in the beginning. Marauder 2 Orange was soon out of stock too.

     >>> Marauder 2 In Desert Tan

      >> Now we've finally got the new release of Marauder 2 Desert Tan. Let's take a look at these excellent experiences and see how it does in the May flash sale!

>>> Our flash sale is ongoing! 

     Buy one Marauder 2 get a free i3T brass and baton 3 red/black!

Add to Basket: Olight Marauder 2 Desert Tan 14000 Lumens Torch

 >>>Our Facebook group's giveaway is ongoing!

     If you want to be in with a chance of winning 1 Marauder 2 Desert Tan, just invite your friends to Our Olight UK Group!

      >> Step① Like this Marauder 2 Desert Tan Giveaway post. --> CLICK HERE

      >> Step② Invite 2 friends to Olight UK Group.

      >> We Olight UK Group will then chose 1 of you to win the Marauder 2 Desert Tan.

      >> Pay attention: This is open to UK and Ireland residents only. And available until 29th May.

26 May, 2021


Customer Service