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The O-fan Day for 2021 is around the corner. We'd like to invite you to participate in our online O-Fan Day celebration from 17/09 at 2 pm to 30/09. 

For our O-fans who would like to update their outdoor gear or further complete their Olight collection, we are incredibly excited to announce that from 26/09 at 8 pm to 30/09, a 4-day long flash sale will be launched for you to score as many discounts as possible! During the O-fan Day, you can get a free i1R 2 as a login gift. New products, including the latest torch, intended for outdoor application and improved significantly in performance, such as Seeker 3 pro with higher lumens, Obulb MC with multi-colour lights are sure to exceed expectations! Be there or be square, Olight O-fan Day!


Max output of 4,200 lumens.
Press or rotate the highly integrated rotary knob switch to quickly access different output levels.
Stylish dermatoglyphic silicone wrap with finger grooves makes it soft and nonslip to grip.
●3 colours available.


8 modes to play with. White, red, green, blue, color fantasy, and more to explore……

Copper & Titanium Collection


● The fuselage adopts the colour of copper, Elegant and noble, light luxury retro.

● Rechargeable battery with USB-C Port

Open pro Titanium

Simple low-key colour, high-grade elegant texture pure titanium body, with the resistance of wear, corrosion, high-temperature, and other advantages, is a very ideal gift.


Array 2S

It delivers max 1,000 lumens with a runtime up to 30 hours.
To operate it, use the side switch or simply wave your hand in front of the head.

Perun mini kit

Olight’s first product in golden yellow, which is also the colour of sunshine. With a headband and Duty Patch, the Perun Mini Golden Yellow will shine for your work and adventures.


Baton 3 Premium

Classy sharp silver colour with the O-Fan Day logo in a brilliant blue. Modern, elegant, and exclusive for you .

FREE i1R 2

All-in-one rechargeable keychain light with the O-Fan Day logo.

18 Sep, 2021
Blog Writer 2.0 | Shared your story in 2021

Blog Writer 2.0 | Shared your story in 2021

Share your story and get a chance to win a whole set of Obulb MC!


2021 is a touch year. We are suffering from the quick spread of covid-2019 and its usurped - delta variant, which was more infectious than the original strain of Covid-2019. To lower the impact, we have to reduce the time that we spend outdoors and wearing masks to keep ourselves safe. Maybe the covid-2019 is limited for us to enjoy the fun from outdoors as usual, but there must be some moment left you a deep impression.


So, what about sharing your happy, impressive, or unforgettable stories in 2021 with us and getting the chance to win Obulb MC?


It will be the second time we listen to  O-Fans stories. Last month, we looked for Blog Writers with a mindset of trying. Surprisingly, we got a great response and received so many warm stories between Olight and O-Fans. And the support and trust you shared by the articles strengthen our resolve to keep on improving. As we mentioned in the Olight UK introduction, we believe no one should be left in the dark. We believe in providing quality illumination products to everyone.


Now we are still looking forward to hearing about the story from you. So, how about your first half of 2021? What would you like to share with thousands of O-Fans? As long as you want to say, we all can be good listeners.


Here are four rules you should pay attention to before the writing begins:

1. The subject of this article is a story in 2021.

2. This article must have more than 500 words.

3. The article sent to us can't be used on other third-party platforms.

4. All articles entered for the competition must be the entrant's own work. Plagiarism is not allowed.


Never hesitate to share your story with us! Several articles will be selected and posted on the blog. Read them and vote for your favorite article in our FB Group. The top 3 who get the most likes are able to win a set of new arrivals - Obulb MCs


You must be very curious about the difference between Obulb and Obulb MC. Compared with Obulb which has warm light and red light, Obulb MC has 7 colours condensed into 8 modes to play with. With the tough casing, high level of waterproofing, and convenient charging way, we believe Obulb MC will be your ideal life partner. Never miss the precious chance to get a set of Obulb MC!


Are you ready? Please send the article to contact@olightstore.uk before 23:59 25/09 and who knows your blog may release on our website? 

11 Sep, 2021
Pen or Light?

Pen or Light?

—  Better Handy Upgrading —

Whether you're reading, writing, working, or in a presentation, the OPen Pro innovative 3-in-1 design including a pen, green laser, and a light will have you covered.

01 Sep, 2021
Reminder:12+1 New Torches Just Arrived.

Reminder:12+1 New Torches Just Arrived.

The next best pocketable EDC Light is here, the warrior mini 2 Four elements. The new element set brings a touch of style to your gear without compromising performance. Fire, air, water, earth.

30 Aug, 2021
FB Group Giveaway | Design the scene graph of X9R CELL

FB Group Giveaway | Design the scene graph of X9R CELL

Join us and get the chance to win the brightest torch X9R black, which is valued at £550!


What is X9R?

The X9R Marauder, the largest and highest output torch ever produced by Olight UK, is reaching an incredible 25,000 lumens. Such a high output allows you to have a clear view in the dark night within 630 meters. Power by rechargeable battery pack combining eight high discharge rate 18650 batteries, you just need 4 hours to full the battery by wall charger and it will keep running up to 27 hours under mode 1. Besides, the car charger allows you to charge it quickly in your car.

How to win a FREE X9R?

Now, the X9R blue is still sold out, and the X9R black is still at a high price for its brilliant output.

You shouldn’t miss this precious chance to get the free X9R black in the flash sale in August. You just need to post your imagined scene graph of X9R CELL and you will get a chance to win the X9R in black as a trophy. We believe it is the most valuable giveaway.  


In this event, you are required to create an interesting picture with the photo of X9R CELL and share it with hashtag #X9RGoBig in our FB group from 24/08 till 23:59 29/08. The participant whose pic gets the most likes will win a X9R Black which is valued at £550! The name list of winners will be made known on Facebook Group at 12:00 30/08. You could get the image of X9R CELL from the announcement which was posted on Facebook Group.


Just join our Facebook group to get entered! (Click here)

What is X9R CELL?

Besides, during the Summer Sale in July, many customers got the i3E blue as a register gift. With more and more customers showing their i3E blue, it has become a popular key chain torch in our Facebook Group.


Maybe some of you miss this registered gift i3E Blue on summer sale. Or, if you are curious about the other series key chain torch of Olight. Now, here comes another flash sale, which will start at 20:00 30/08, and you are able to get a X9R CELL, a new series of key chain torchs for free! 


The X9R CELL is an ultra-compact key chain torch resembling the X9R Marauder. With the smaller size and lovely feature, it will be an ideal everyday carry key chain torch which will bring a convenient light to you. Take it with you to make opening the door in the dark become easier.


Keep running up to 30 hours, there is no need to worry about the battery. And you just need to give the head a twist to turn on or turn off the torch. Although X9R CELL is so tiny that it is the smallest and lightest Olight torch. With the IPX8 waterproof, it has tough aluminum alloy body and PC lens for corrosion resistance and durability.

The amount of X9R CELL is limited. Just log in to our website and place an order to get the FREE X9R CELL quickly at 8PM 30/08! What are you waiting for?  

26 Aug, 2021
My EDC Story - Diego Arrojo

My EDC Story - Diego Arrojo

I remember watching an EDC video from Mike (Last Line Of Defense) six years ago and showed his EDC flash light of choice: a compact, strong build, many different modes with a moon light that I have never seen before and with magnetic charger. When I saw that magnetic charger I said to myself: I NEED THIS FLASHLIGHT!!! Ran to the description and it was there Olight S1r Baton. At the time I was living in Brazil and had no access to Olight products. I knew I had a friend going to USA on the following week, so I asked for his hotel address and bought one straight away. 

After EDC for one year the S1R Baton I moved to UK where it became much easier to have access to Olight products. 

Still impressed with the quality and how easy it was to charge I decided to buy a new one, but which one? So I ended up buying the S2r Baton II and the M2R Warrior Pro. When they arrived I became amazed one more time by the run times, the quality and how resistant they were. The next day they released the Seeker II, OMG I can’t buy a new flashlight, my wife is going to kill me. So I tortured both of them every single day, the M2R Pro at work and the Baton on my pocket as a backup. I was impressed how even the paint on them was so good. I don’t take easy on my equipment and after a year there was not even a single scratch. 

Suddenly a new flash sale. Seeker Two Pro, here I go, ended up buying the seeker two pro and an iT3. When it arrived I just remember going through the package and installing the charging dock on my bedside. I couldn’t be happier, I will never forget the moment taking all my Olight flashlights and taking a picture of all of them together, was feeling like a dad taking a family Christmas picture with all his children. 

After a couple of months the charger of my M2R Pro stopped working, it wouldn’t change the color from green to red when you attach the magnet. I called my friends from the Irish branch and they asked me to send my cable back to them. I did. Two days later there it was, a brand new charging cable. Customer service is everything, and Olight got it right. But if I will give you a tip: don’t call the Irish guys you won’t understand a single thing mate, its better to send them an email so you wont need to scratch your brain out with their accent.

My latest acquisition is the Perun Mini, I love the 90 degree angle on it and it just feels right and let's not forget the patch that comes with it, what a brilliant idea. I got a limited edition Orange and I’m super happy with it. Now I am rotating between all of them on my EDC iT3, Peru, S1R, S2R and always keeping my I1R 2 on my keys. 

When the released the O-Pen I was very excited but at the same time it didn’t look very nice, maybe too thick, I don’t know, not my cup of tea I would say. But now they got it exactly how it should looks like: slim, bolt action, the flashlight on the clip and the laser on the tip, that’s two extra points! I’m now waiting for it to arrive in UK to put my hands on and start using it to write on my journal. 

Overall I feel that Olight has the best products on the market and there is no product of them that I wouldn’t have. I believe the reason they are doing so many good products is that they listen to their clients, they want to hear their opinions and improve their products, as Theodore Roosevelt said: “It’s not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles… The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena”, the opinion of the people who’re using their products every day putting it to the test on the actual field. 

What I would like to see in the future is some more collabs with some artists like the o-Knife they just did it. Maybe some color patterns and a brand new laser flashlight that is a new technology where you can get incredible throws. 

I’m looking forward to seeing what Olight has hidden in their sleeves for the future. 

Write By Diego Arrojo

13 Aug, 2021
Share Olight Story - Julian Morse

Share Olight Story - Julian Morse

For a long time I watched with envy our American cousins make YouTube videos about OIlight products. They were not available in the UK but I could clearly see that their quality and functionality were admired and loved by those that owned them.

Then recently I discovered Olight’s UK website and immediately began to buy products without concern as to whether or not they were any good. I knew they would be and had no worries about buying the more expensive items.

I purchased the Baton 3, a small but powerful torch that had its own rechargeable carry case making its utility of the highest standard. The build quality, light output and design were superb as I had predicted Olight products to be and was hooked.

My love of torches goes back to when I was a child and Olight brought out the 9 year old in me spurring me on to discover other of their products.

Olight were also adding some of their smaller devices as free gifts with their larger items. The iR2 EOS was one such product, a tiny rechargeable EDC/keychain torch that produced a brilliant spread of light.

I bought one for my wife. Her interest in torches is basically zero. However, I screwed the cap down a little and the lamp illuminated a basic but useful amount of light. “oh”, she said, “that’s nice”. I then screwed it down further and the iR2 lit up the entire room. She said “wow”, took it off me and I am no longer allowed to touch it.

I also bought an ir2 for both my daughters and my son in law, all of them had a similar reaction. And the ‘wow’ factor continued when I unscrewed one to reveal the micro USB port, not only demonstrating it was rechargeable, but its ‘pop apart’ design was superbly thought out and so neat in its execution.

Some years ago I bought my son in law a powerful LED torch powered by two 18650 batteries. As a heating engineer who was often working in dark locations it was excellent but soon failed for him on a practical basis because recharging it required removal of the 18650s for use in an external mains powered charger as there was no internal charging circuitry. I decided to buy him the Seeker 2 Pro 3200 Lumens Compact EDC Torch which could charge directly with its own magnetic charging lead, a feature of many Olight products. This meant he could charge it easily in his van or via a phone charger and was an instant hit for him. It is now a permanent feature of his essential tool kit.

The gadget freak in me also resulted in a purchase of the Olight Open 2 Rechargeable EDC Penlight, a robust pen with a brilliant rechargeable light in the top half making it my EDC for work and home. It has proven very useful as a light on many occasions as it always immediately to hand being my go-to pen.

By now my love of Olight products was becoming a little obsessive because they are simply so good. But practical application had to drive need. And I saw such need in the Olight Obulb Mini Light EDC Torch. This inexpensive little device happily illuminates an entire room. But I bought it for the car where I could attach its magnetic base to the lift gate of my car when open for wide illumination at night when unloading or loading items into the boot. For that price I bought two, one for the car and the other as a bedside lamp, an application for which the Olight Bulb is well suited.

Finally I bought an Olight i3T Brass AAA Battery LED Torch for my brother in law’s birthday. A small but beautifully finished brass design that arrives in an air tight package to protect its finish. My sister called me shortly after his birthday recounting how, on the night of his birthday, they took this small torch outside and were stunned to see it illuminate the entire garden. It is now one of his prize possessions!

My desire for these torches are driven by the geek and child in me, but their practical uses are limitless for the domestic and professional owner. If you have no interest whatsoever in torches, you will still love an Olight.

Some may think it is a little odd to be so excited about something as supposedly mundane as a torch. But when companies like Olight take LED technology and apply them into consumer products by encasing them in practical and innovative designs, they are irresistible. The quality of build and materials is of a very high standard, and innovations such as internal charging even in the tiniest of lights with some satisfied by their own unique magnetic charging leads makes for a compelling product solution.

If, like me, you are ‘of an age’ you will realise that Olight products are a modern example of how such an important and useful tool such as the humble torch has come on over the years and I for one, will continue to watch with interest as to how Olight continue to innovate to make these genuinely useful products even better.

In the meantime there are many other products Olight have on offer that I would love to own, especially the Olight Marauder 2 14000 Lumens Flood and Throw Torch which I can only imagine is an incredible torch. But I have to be sensible when it comes to the wallet, but one day perhaps.

In the meantime, thanks to Olight products, I can safely say that no one in my family will ever be left in the dark.


Write By Julian Morse

13 Aug, 2021
4. 10 Games to play with your Olights - Will Henwood

4. 10 Games to play with your Olights - Will Henwood

Determined to justify the multitude of Olights in my collection to my longsuffering ‘why do you need so many torches?’ partner, I set out this summer to think up some games that I could play with my family as we all got together for our multi-generational, multi-household family holiday.  Equally, some of these ideas would work with adults, perhaps a group of friends away on a road trip or get-together.  What’s your favourite Olight based game? Let us know in the comments below!

 Night walk 

We’ve all become masters of the walk thanks to lockdowns, but how many night walks have you had? It’s a great time to hear wildlife come to life and enjoy the stars and moon phases on clear nights.  A superb treat for urbanites holidaying in more remote places, the night sky is an awesome sight.  A red filter or Olight with a red beam can help to protect night vision to better see the stars.


 Olight indoor star gazing 

Place your OBulb or OLantern mini under a large colander. Block up holes with blu tack to create your own Ursa Major, Plough or Casseopeia.  This works well as consolidation after a night walk.


 Olight tag 

You need a big outdoor space (I played this on Filey beach with the kids) and lots of small, equally powered lights. Your collection of i3ts or i3es are perfect for this. Start the game with ‘everyone’s torch is on’ before moving to ‘stealth ninjas’ where the sneaky so-and-so just ignites to tag their prey.  Torches of different power are a good way to add a handicap, the bigger kids or adults drawing the less powerful beams.  

This also works well if you have lots or torches with clips (I found i3t’s perfect for this) and players who can be trusted to apply sensible levels of contact!  The torch is clipped to the back of each players t-shirt or backwards cap and has to be snatched.  Have a good test to ensure you aren’t in danger of bending any clips, this isn’t covered by warranty!

Cool the kids down after the game by sitting to listen to the night sounds around them.


 Olight disco 

Safety should be your first consideration here, but coming up with the best idea to create disco lights is almost as fun as the disco itself.  Use your imagination to find as many moving objects as possible and covers to create a disco vibe.  I’ve used, turntables, ceiling fans and my personal favourite of the kids’ rotating catch-a-fish game to create a solid disco atmosphere.  A cover, such as a colander used in the indoor star gazing activity covered with a coloured scarf can also add some sparkle. Just make sure no high powered torches are covered!  All that’s needed is a Bluetooth speaker and a cheesy Spotify playlist off you go.  The magnetic bases of many Lights make this possible.  Some well placed OBulbs can complement the moving lights well.  Our DJ also used the M1t Raider plus on strobe (thankfully at intervals) to get the ravers ‘reaching for the lasers’.


 Perspective skills masterclass 

Hone those drawing skills by shining an Olight onto a vertical object such as a vase, drinks bottle or even another Olight! See how the perspective and shapes change when the light is shone from alternative angles. To highlight the changes, place the item on a large piece of paper (a tube of redundant wrapping paper and a sharpie are perfect for this), trace around the shapes created, cut them out and compare the results.


 Ghost story 

Not for the extremely small or easily spooked! Needs no explanation, but the ultimate classic. Be prepared to discover just how active your little one’s imagination is!  If your ghost stories are terrible, there are thankfully plenty available online, for all ages.  Great to pair with a campfire and a few roasted marshmallows to create a spooky atmosphere. A Freyr on low power is a great tool for this game so that the audience can judge which colour makes for the scariest lighting.  I asked the 'spirits' to ‘move’ my s2r II by using a hidden magnet in my hand under our plastic picnic table, particularly devious... 


 Spy messages 

Create your own codebook, or use morse code for older kids or the adventurous. An ideal game if the little one has a friend in a nearby house for midnight spy communication.  Try a tailcap enabled torch such as the M2R Pro, warrior, warrior mini etc for maximum flash ability.  Equally as fun with mum or dad sending messages from the end of the garden while the spy prepares for their mission 'to go to bed on time', indoors, with a warm milk in hand. 


 Hide and seek 

Played this and it worked particularly better than I expected! Just like daytime hide and seek, but played in the dark with hiders having to work really hard to find a lightproof hiding place.  I umpired the game and applied penalties for anyone caught with their torch hidden or off! Smaller keychain torches are the key here, such as the i3e and i1r 2 on low.


 Hidden messages 

Petroleum Jelly glows well under a UV light.  For owners of i5UV or i3UV eos OLights, your little 007s can create some secret messages with the aid of a thin paintbrush.  These can be painted onto paper or onto wipe clean surfaces around the house (just make sure these get a wiping afterwards!).  Once it’s dark, challenge 006 to go and search out the secret messages.  For England James...


 The good, the bad and the torches 

Saving the best until last! Great with a larger group, particularly those with a penchant for different torches. The gradual elimination means it can fill a bit of slack time in the evening. Pairs of ‘pilgrims' face off to have a western style ‘gunfight’ with turned off torches in their pockets or clipped to a belt. A referee says ‘draw’ and the first torch singer to ignite their torch and shine their beam on the opponent's chest takes the win. The winner stays on and the last cowgirl or cowboy standing is crowned sheriff. If using high powered models then a pair of glasses or a baseball hat rim pulled over the eyes, or indeed a blindfold might be a good idea. For experienced hombre, the blindfold can add an extra element to the whole affair!  The reverse clip on the warrior mini 2 works particularly well for a quick draw.  I’m off to get ‘colt peacemaker’ engraved on my warrior mini...

13 Aug, 2021
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