How does the colour temperature of the torch come from?

How does the colour temperature of the torch come from?

Body temperature refers to the "temperature of the body" and water temperature refers to the "temperature of water". What about "colour temperature"? Everyone often sees the value of the colour temperature in the torch manual, so many people ask, does the colour also have a temperature? What exactly is colour temperature?

So let's look into what we mean by Colour Temperature.

To expressing the colour temperature in general terms we use the words “cool and warm colour“. it can also be accurate to an value. This precise value is a unit of measurement that indicates the colour components contained in light.


Why use temperature to define colour?

To expressing the colour temperature in general terms we use the words “cool and warm colour“. it can also be accurate to an value. This precise value is a unit of measurement that indicates the colour components contained in light.

For example, a piece of iron is black at first, and turns red as the temperature rises, but at the same time we found that the flame of a higher temperature than the molten iron is white and slightly bluish in colour. This proves that different temperatures will emit different colours of light.

When heated to a certain temperature, the spectral component of the light emitted by the black body is called the colour temperature at this degree, and the unit of measurement is "K" (Kelvin).

Then, just like the light emitted by our torches, which has the same spectral composition as the light emitted by a black body at a certain temperature, it is called by a K colour temperature. For example, the colour temperature of the light source of Warrior X Turbo is between 6000~6700K.


What is the colour temperature of common light colours?

Generally, LEDs have cool white light (colour temperature around 6500K), medium white light (colour temperature around 4000K), and warm white light (colour temperature below 3000K). Different colours correspond to different colour temperatures. The colour temperature does not indicate the performance of the light source.

Colour temperature is calibrated by this method, and is exactly the opposite of what the general public thinks of "warm" and "cold". For example, people usually feel that red, orange, and yellow are warmer, white and blue are cooler, but the colour temperature of red is actually The lowest and then gradually increase are orange, yellow, white, and blue, with blue being the highest colour temperature.

The light with a low colour temperature is yellowish, such as incandescent light, about 2800K, and the lamp with high colour temperature is blue, such as a purple lamp, above 9000K.


Different colour temperatures, different applicable scenes.

Warm light

The colour temperature of warm light is below 3300K, and warm light is similar to incandescent lamps. The warm white light of the Obulb is a warm atmospheric light that has a colour temperature of 2700K. The colour temperature of a candlelight is around 2000K so we can see how similar these two light sources are.

There are more red light components, which can give you a feeling of warmth, health, comfort, and rest. These are suitable for our Homes, Hotels, dormitories and other places or places where the colour temperature is relatively low; falling asleep with warm colour light is more stable and comfortable.


The colour temperature of neutral light is between 3300K-5000K and is a soft light. The colour temperature of the Olantern Mini is 5000K, and the light effect is soft and uniform.  It is very suitable for a camping trip. Or in case of power outages at home the Olantern Mini light offers security and reassurance.

Cool light

The light source is close to natural light, and the colour temperature is above 5000K, which is bright and can help people concentrate. Often in tactical torches, the demand for colour temperature will be a cool white light. The colour temperature of the Warrior mini 2 reaches 6000~7000K, and with high luminous flux, it can be seen more clearly and accurately, which can help with identifying an object in the dark.

The strong white light irradiation is as large and uniform as daylight, which can suppress and interfere with the enemy, and at the same time expose the danger hidden in the dark, see more clearly and comprehensively, and further protect your personal safety.

Now, do you have a recognition of the colour temperature of the torch? If not, stay in our blog, more torches introduction or professional knowledge will be posted.

11 Aug, 2021
Why do I need an obulb?

Why do I need an obulb?

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13 Jul, 2021


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