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Something You Need to Know about Olight Membership

Something You Need to Know about Olight Membership

17 Sep, 2022

Note: The O-Fan Club has be updated with the following content from 13 September 2022


1. New level: Legend


2. New benefits: Birthday gift, coupons redemption, free shipping, free trials of new products


3. New change: Only Platinum and above levels can access the Preferential Zone; Copper and above levels can access the Redemption Zone.



For detailed membership information, please see below


  • About Olight members


  • What is an Olight member?


  • How to become an Olight member


  • How to check your membership level


  • List of benefits and points required for each level


  • What are the uses of O Points and O Coins


  • How to earn "O Points" and "O Coins"


  • Details of each level's privileges


  • About O-Fan Day

All membership levels are based on the total number of points earned by registered customers from 25 May 2020. Olight reserves the right to make any changes to these terms and conditions and to interpret the membership levels and privileges. All terms and conditions are effective upon posting and Olight reserves the right to change, modify or adjust membership levels at its discretion.

Olight members are customers who have registered on the Olight website. There are 11 levels, depending on the number of points. You can enjoy different benefits and privileges depending on your membership level.


In the last two years, more than 82,000 people have chosen to become our members and join the Olight UK family.

Click the "register"on the website or just click the ink below.

You can check your membership level in "O-Fan Club" or "My Account".

Points determine your membership level in the O-Fan Club, which entitles you to specific benefit(s) for your membership level. O-coins are used to redeem items and vouchers in the Redemption Zone of the O-Fan Club at a ratio of 200 O-coins : £1, which is available for Copper and above. When you redeem items or vouchers with your O-coins, your O-coins will be reduced, but your points and levels will remain the same. Note: The products in the redemption zone are £0 so you will need to pay postage, which cannot be paid with O-coins. If you buy some non-redeemed products together with them and the actual paid amount is over £49, you will get free shipping.

Redemption Zone

You can enjoy this if you are:

 You can redeem your coins for fantastic items or vouchers in the Redemption Zone at a ratio of 200 O-coins : £1. Only O-Coin will be deducted, not Points.

Early Access

You can enjoy this if you are:

 You can participate in flash sales before the official start!

Exclusive Limited Edition Zone

You can enjoy this if you are:

 Certain exclusive limited edition lights will only be offered at this zone.

Preferential Zone

You can enjoy this if you are:

 You can get gifts or purchase discounted items in this zone. Birthday gift will also be placed here, free shipping, available in the birthday month.

Points Transfer

You can enjoy this if you are:

 Transfer points to friends and family accounts! If your points are less than the range of points required by the original level, your level and benefits will decrease. The recipient's loyalty points will increase, which may result in a loyalty level boost if the points correspond to a higher level.

Share the Access

You can enjoy this if you are:

 Two-day Early Access can be shared with friends every month by sending them Early Access Card(s), which is/are available for the current month. Early Access Cards that are transferred to others are valid for 30 days after the transfer.

Test Prototypes for Free

You can enjoy this if you are:

 Access to selected prototypes that are still in the early phases of development and design, collaborating with Olight in determining the final design by providing feedback on form and functionality.

For more benefits, please click "O-Fan Club"

Member can accrue points and O-coins with each pound spent in Olight at a ratio of £1 : 10 points & 10 O-coins. Member can also obtain 5 points for daily login and submitting each review on the products you brought, and the points will be added to your account automatically.

O fan Day was held for the first time in September 2019 in Smyrna, Georgia, in the southeastern United States to show our appreciation to everyone who has always supported Olight and to increase communication and trust between us and our customers. It was also held in the UK this September and many of our members joined in to share the fun and stories.

Stay tuned to the future with you!

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All Reviews (1)

Olight Baton 3 User

I bought my Baton 3 after reading numerous reviews to guide me. I got it specifically for walking the dog when it was dark and I didn't want a big bulky Chinese torch, which was what I had been using before I saw the light. I have been using this for about 6-months now and am genuinely astonished at both the amount of light that it generates and the length of time between charges. Both are much better than expected and I now see why it can only be Olight for me in the future.

Posted on: 28 Sep, 2022, 19:30:41