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Safety Light

Safety Light

13 Oct, 2022

What is a safety light?

Safety lights are a must for going out at night, especially when you are jogging on city roads, camping in an outdoor forest, or walking your dog in the park. You need to keep yourself or your pets in a visible state to ensure safety. The light source emitted by the safety light can be seen quickly, avoiding accidents in the dark.

There are 2 factors to consider when choosing a safety light

1. Light can be seen from long distances: This means that your safety light has a long beam distance.

2. Run time is long enough: You need to look at the run time and battery life of the safety light.


The Olight Gober safety light can be seen at a distance of 100 metres, its maximum brightness is 4 lumens and its longest run time reaches up to 28 hours.


What are the functions of the different colour of the Safety Light?

1. White: suitable for daily night visibility

2. Red: Red light is a sign of caution and safety that draws attention, using red LED light will not ruin your night vision

3. Green: Green light is the brightest that a person can see in the dark, and green light is more penetrating in grass and trees.

4. Blue: Blue light can penetrate fog and is especially suitable when the weather is bad.


The Gober safety light has 4 light colours: white, blue, green, and red.


Click here to see the detailed function of the multi-colour torch.


The role of Clip-on led safety light

Carrying a clip-on LED safety light is an effective way to ensure that others on the road can see you when riding at night, backpacking, outdoors, walking the dog. Especially in poorly lit places at night, collisions between vehicle drivers and pedestrians or riders are partly due to poor lighting. If drivers and other pedestrians on the road are unaware that there are people or pets on the road ahead, they may not be particularly vigilant, which can cause them to react more slowly once they spot an object in the dark.


The Gober kit is Olight's clip-on LED safety light that you can easily clip onto your pet's clothing, your backpack, your helmet, etc.


Solutions for carrying safety lights in the dark

1. Use the clip of the safety light to clip the edge of the interlayer of clothes or backpacks.

2. Another way is to use a buckled safety light on your pet's collar or your backpack shoulder strap.


Solutions to improve visibility at night

Gober LED security light has 4 light modes: long light, flashing, RGB running light, SOS

● When the Gober is flashing, it definitely draws attention.

● When the Gober is in long light mode, other people on the road will see you and prepare in advance to bypass your location.

● Use different colours of RGB light depending on the environment you are in.

● The SOS signal light is on means you are in danger and need rescue.


You can click here to see the details of the role of SOS mode and Storbe mode.

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