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Why is Open Pro Zirconium Damascus so special?

Why is Open Pro Zirconium Damascus so special?

31 Dec, 2021

Boxing Day has ended on December 29. In this big sale, many products are sold at big discounts. Have you bought your favorite product? Some people may notice that we have a pre-sale product, that is Open Pro Zirconium Damascus. Although its price is much higher than the same series of products, it was sold out in a short time. So why do people like this Open Pro so much? There are many things we can talk about.

Open Pro Zirconium Damascus

The speciality of this product is reflected in its name, Zirconia Damascus. Before, we have produced i3T Titanium Damascus, and it has been well received for its unique pattern and exquisite craftsmanship. This time we have released the first Zirconia Damascus product with better quality and better performance.

Olight Open Pro Zirconium Damascus

What is Damascus craftsmanship

When we mention Damascus, the first reaction of many people may be the capital of Syria or the Damascus knife. Indeed, the zirconium Damascus we are talking about today is also inextricably relation to it. In 2500 years ago, many craftsmen made Damascus knives with superb technology. Those who love knives will certainly hear about it. It is a very hard and sharp knife, which is very famous in the melee weapon era. The production of this kind of knives requires a very exquisite craftsmanship and special materials, and Damascus craftsmen have mastered this craft. They mainly used a kind of steel called wootz steel, mixed with other materials, and made swords through repeated forging, inlaying, quenching and grinding and other complicated crafts. wootz steel will naturally appear patterns and lines in forging, which is also one of the most distinctive signs of Damascus knives. Many people in later generations called these patterned steel knives forged by ancient methods as Damascus knives.

The modern Damascus craftsmanship is similar to it. In this process, different types of steel are used for stacking and forging, the pattern for metal wires is etched on the dielectric layer and then the metal is filled, and then the metal is mechanically polished. The above process is repeated again and again then successfully carried out multi-layer metal stacking. Its main feature is that it does not require an etching process for the metal layer, which is extremely important for the promotion and application of copper interconnection technology. Later, people also developed many colorful Damascus patterns through modern industrial technologies such as mechanical die forging, laser, blueing, powder metallurgy and so on. And the available forging materials are gradually increasing.

Titanium Damascus and Zirconium Damascus

Titanium Damascus means to laminate several different titanium alloys to form an uneven pattern similar to hand-forged Damascus steel, and then perform high-temperature quenching or anodizing. An oxide film can be formed on the metal surface, showing colors such as yellow, blue, or purple. Zirconium Damascus is similar to it. Different layers have different physical properties, so they will show different colors at high temperatures.

Why we choose zirconium

As for processing, zirconium alloys are more difficult than titanium alloys, mainly because they are more viscous. Grinding or cutting is more likely to damage the cutter head and the grinding wheel. But zirconium is a very good metal with high hardness, high ductility and corrosion resistance. At beginning, zirconium alloys was mainly used in the field of nuclear technology, as well as high-tech industries such as aircraft structures, petroleum and chemical industries. So in some way, we have to thank the end of the Cold War for reducing the demand for zirconiumso that zirconium alloys can be used to produce normal products that we can use. Although this material is still scarce and expensive.

What's more, zirconium alloy is easier to oxidize and color than titanium alloy (that is, blueing). The strength and hardness of the surface layer of zirconium alloy after oxidation is greater than that of titanium alloy's oxide layer, so its wear resistance is better.

Olight zirconium alloy penlight

All in all, Olight Open Pro Zirconium Damascus is a product that perfectly combines rare materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Its pattern, function, and quality are excellent. It is not easy to corrode or wear. I believe this will be an Olight penlight that will accompany you for a long time. and there is also an interesting thing need to mention,that is, the patterns made by Damascus crafts are different, which also makes the Open Pro in our hands more unique. It is an artwork that only belongs to you.  

Although the pre-sale has ended, Olight  will bring more and more excellent products for you!

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