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What can we do after lockdown?

What can we do after lockdown?

15 Jul, 2021

During the last year, our lives have been severely affected by the pandemic. We no longer hang out or work as before, as it has been the case for a lot of people that they feel safer staying at home. Things change a lot.

However, there is something that will never change. That is our love for the great outdoors. After lockdown, do you miss the fresh air, the landscape and the open space? It is time to plan some trips. Have you made a plan to enjoy nature time? Here I have got some ideas to share with you.


Camping is always fun! Especially if you have children, it will be wonderful to have family camping time. Setting up a tent at a campsite or by a lake, we can tell stories, sing songs or just have some chats with our families and friends. Alongside the fascinating scenery, it will be relaxing and enjoyable. And Olantern mini and Obulb will be your best companions.

Olantern mini, which looks like an oil lamp, helps to bring us back some memories of years gone by. Decorating and illuminating, it’s environmentally friendly as a LED. What is most important, its small body would not take much space in your kit. We know it’s annoying to take lots of stuff outdoors, so the Olantern mini is palm sized. It will be easy to carry such a small light to make your campsite more stylish.

Obulb helps to enliven atmosphere. It shines for your cozy time with family and friends. Hanging over the tent or from a tree branch, Obulb is perfect for that little bit extra. It is also perfect for kids and the lightweight camper where the weight of your pack is most important.


Hiking is regarded as one of the best ways to appreciate nature. From neat mountains, stylish houses to blooming flowers, all these beautiful sights are available while rambling on paths. With the starry sky, bird song and refreshing breeze, an evening spent outside can be worth every second. After staying in the house for such a long time, it will be wonderful to walk across the fields and ford the streams.

As we know, a bright torch with long runtime is essential for hiking. The portable Baton 3 premium will be the best choice. Its 1200 lumen output will illuminate the fields. The charging case can fully charge the torch up to 3.7 times, which makes the torch boast a max runtime of 20 days. With Baton 3 premium, we are not afraid of running of battery during our camping trip. Here is a small tip: hiking with a Baton 3 and a Baton 3 premium, and you can still have light to hand while the other one is charging.

If you’d like to view the whole scenery, you may enjoy climbing mountains. As you go higher and higher, light clouds, stretching forests and unfathomable depths, all are in your sight. If you prefer to climb mountains after sunset, the Perun 2 will be a guide allowing you to see a different side of nature at dusk. With right angle illumination and a headband, it is the perfect headlamp for handsfree use.

Adventures will also be a good choice. Cave exploration, canyons hiking, jungle exploration, river rafting, rock climbing, all are excellent ways to explore nature. And you will obtain some unforgettable memories.

Before setting off on your next adventures, consider taking a Freyr with you. The Freyr with its 4 colour lights, which can be used for night fishing, hunting, stargazing or signaling. One Freyr will meet all your needs in the outdoors. With a silicone traffic wand, Freyr also can be used to mark a potentially dangerous area. A Freyr is a multipurpose torch to guard your safety in adventures.

Are you ready to breathe the air mixed up with the smell of grass and the fragrance of flowers? What are you planning to do in nature? Don’t forget to take Olight with you. Whether you're planning hiking or camping, our torches make sure you can push your surroundings in brightness.

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