What will bring more fun to your Halloween?

What will bring more fun to your Halloween?

23 Oct, 2021

With Halloween is coming soon, it is time to prepare for the celebration now. Are you excited about the annual holiday? Do you want to make it an unforgettable one? Let's check what will bring more fun to your Halloween.

1. Jack O'Lantern 

Jack o'lanterns is a yearly Halloween tradition. During Halloween, pumpkins with funny or scary images are one of the most important decorations to show the Halloween spirit. They are on the windows, near the doors and in your hands... The 2021 Halloween is coming. Why not prepare some Jack o'lanterns yourself? It is one of the most popular activities to show your creativity during this festival. And the Drever Folding Pocket Oknife will be a good partner to make your special pumpkin carving. But be careful while carving and don’t get hurt. What will make your Jack o'lantern more special and durable? It is Obulb MC! With 7 colours condensed into 8 modes and up to 40 hours of runtime, Obulb MC will make your pumpkin the most special one.

2. Halloween costume 

 Dressing up in costumes and going "guising" also is a prevalent part of the celebration. Have you prepared your Halloween costume? Will it be a vampire, ghost, skeleton, witch, or other fancy guises? Just getting excited about dressing up in the costume and having a good time. No matter what guise you will be in, the Olantern will always be the perfect match with your Halloween costumes while hanging around on the street. And if you have a child, a handy Olantern Mini will be a great choice of his/ her guiding light when asking "Trick or treat?" from house to house.

3. Horror stories 

With many “vampires”, “ghosts” and “skeletons” wandering around in the community, it will be a perfect time to tell horror stories on Halloween. Just imagine this- when you are trying to create a horrifying feeling to the listeners, a ghost, of course, a guising one, happens to pass by. It makes things much easier. So, why not prepare some horror stories now and be ready to scare some friends during the celebration? Furthermore, the Jack o'lantern and Olantern will help to create an atmosphere of horror in the darkness. Turning the lanterns in red mode and putting them around the room, you will find it the best situation to tell horror stories. Enjoy the festival time with family and friends!

4. Treats for kids 

What should not be forgotten to prepare for Halloween? Yes, it is some small treats for kids. Trick-or-treating also is a Halloween tradition with a long history. Children always enjoy dressing up and asking for sweets and food from door to door. If you don' want to get into mischief on Halloween, then don't forget to prepare some treats for them. Also, don't forget to hang an Olantern outside to decorate your house and show you are ready for the Halloween celebration.

So, are you ready to have some fun at this festival?

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