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What does the colour white mean to you?

What does the colour white mean to you?

12 Sep, 2021

What does the colour white mean to you? To Olight, white means brightness and courage. It is a beam of light in the darkness. It is the courage to start adventures. Here we are excited to announce Olight white series is coming soon! The most creative EDC - Baton 3 Premium, new arrival - Omino and best-selling EDC - S2R II, all in white colour!

Baton 3 Premium White

Ultimate Convenience

1,200 lumens | 166 meters 

"I came in at the baton three, not owning the previous iterations. This is the ideal sleeper torch. You leave it in your pack and when you need it at a moment notice you remember you have it. Not just considering the tiny size but in comparison to most other torches. A very flood beam and the premium edition offers even greater convenience with wireless charging to ensure you are always fully charged."  -J****

Baton 3 Premium White

Omino White

Minimalistic and solid

The Omino is a Charging station with four magnetic points to charge up to Four compatible Olight torches at the same time. The silicone base mat offers extra protection from shocks and drops.

The Omino will always get your Olight devices ready for the next task. 

Omino White

S2R Baton II White

Enhanced everyday carry

1150 lumens | 135 meters

"My first light from Olight and I’m already blown away by it, It’s really well built, I love the way it charges, means it’s always ready for when I need it, Perfect size to fit in a pocket, I like how it comes with two clips so you can switch it to your preference, Just amazed by how bright it is." -M****

S2R Baton II White

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All Reviews (2)

Derek Creighton

It reminds me of my joyful wedding day ?

Posted on: 21 Sep, 2021, 10:03:12


Looking forward to the baton 3 White.

Posted on: 13 Sep, 2021, 11:43:21