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 What Makes X9R Marauder Olight Brightest Ever Torch

What Makes X9R Marauder Olight Brightest Ever Torch

24 Dec, 2021

It has been more than three years since the X9R was released. For this long time, it's been very popular and loved by our customers. And many of them list the X9R as one of their most wanted torches. Indeed, X9R is an excellent torch of Olight after a long time of design and production, which achieves excellence in all aspects. In the recent Boxing Day Sale, the X9R is at a substantial discount, making it a hot topic of discussion again. So here is something you need to know about the X9R.

Why is the X9R worth the price?

Sometimes we can see some customers may say: “Wow, that's a nice torch, but it seems that a little expensive.” Well, there is no doubt that the price of X9R is a bit higher than most torches, but in fact, the nice quality and outstanding performance match its price. During the production of X9R, we made many breakthroughs and achieved many "best".

1. Highest lumens. X9R reaches the highest brightness level Olight ever produced delivering a max output of 25,000 lumens. We all know that the higher the lumens, the brighter the torches. And there are very few torches that can reach more than 25,000 lumens but X9R did it.

X9R 25000 lumen searchlight torch

2. Smart output control to prevent overheating. Proximity sensors that drop output automatically when the torch head approaches a nearby object. And the active thermal management system will reduce the output when the temperature gets too hot to prevent any damage or overheating. These kinds of intelligent adjustments save the time of your operation and make you safer.

Proximity sensors

3. Real-time battery level display. You can see the condition of the battery clearly while indicating an 8-level output selection. Although its battery is very durable, this reminder will let you know to charge it in time, avoiding the trouble of no electricity.

battery indicator

4. Improved built-in heat dissipation system. We all know it is inevitable that torches will heat up while illuminating, which is harmful for your torch if the heat is too high. So this design will give more effective cooling of the torch’s body.

x9r heat dissipation

5. Ergonomic design. In addition to the high-quality torch, we also provide milled finger grooves, shoulder straps and concealable strap holes for your convenient and comfortable use.

milled finger groovesx9r shoulder strap

X9R has been in space.

In May 2018, After the launch of X9R, Olight UK launched the flagship X9R Marauder into space! It is so robust and durable that it can survive in near space which is 23 miles above the Earth. The X9R didn’t just light in the inky-black vacuum of space with its deathly cold temperatures as low as minus 65 degrees centigrade; entombed in ice, it hurtled back home towards our planet at speeds of up to 225mph and crashed into a 122ft tall Beech tree, still fully functional!  

Here is the link to this big event and you can have a look by yourself! Let’s witness its excellent quality together.  

Laser Engraving service is first available.

This is the first time since X9R was sold that Laser Engraving service was enabled. It is a very good value-added service for those who like personalized customization. You can carve the text you want on this wonderful torch. It could be your name or the name of someone you love. It could be your motto or a memorable phrase. It could also be a memorable date. We hope that this torch can become your only which carries your special emotion. We also hope that it can make us torch enthusiasts feel some extra meaning.  

However, due to the limited technology and room, we have to limit the characters to 17, including spaces and punctuation marks. And the text can be engraved in a fixed position. Following is a sample for your reference. If you have any other questions, please contact our official email address before your purchase. Hope you have a different experience this time.

Olight UK laser engraving

We are proud of X9R, and we hope that more and more people can know its quality and excellence. A few days ago, we gave it away for free at Black Friday Sale and also the Facebook events before this year. If you are interested in X9R, you can also join our Facebook group and pay more attention to our boxing day promotions and events. You may be the next person to own the X9R.

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