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GIVEAWAY | Warrior X Turbo Desert Camouflage

GIVEAWAY | Warrior X Turbo Desert Camouflage

olight warrior x turbo camo

Do you want a chance to win Desert Camouflage?

warrior x turbo giveaway

*Simply share the reasons why you love Warrior X Turbo on our blog.

Time To Get to Know Your Warrior X Turbo

1100 lumen torch Warrior X Turbo

Warrior X Turbo Review: A Professional Optional

How tough is the Warrior X Turbo Really? Well there’s only 1 real way of finding out! Between water tests, hard impact tests, pressure tests with a car AND a 20 Ton lorry plus MORE!! We think its pretty tough!

pressure test of olight warrior x turbo

olight warrior x turbo review

Tactical in Every Details

The tactical identity is asserted by the strike bezel, the chiseled body design, the tactical grip ring, the tactical tailcap, etc.

olight tactical tail switch

strike bezel and tactical increased grip ring

Warrior X Turbo vs Javelot Pro

The Warrior X Turbo sits in a unique position on our product line, small enough to throw into your jacket pocket or carry on a duty rig but has a powerful throw like the Javelot Pro. So if you need something compact and at the same time long-lasting and far-reaching to take with you on long search and rescue missions – take a closer look at the Olight Warrior X Turbo.

Special Summer Sale Price

Great offers, limited stock, don't miss out!

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Ends At 23:59 30th  July 2021 

 3 lucky winners will be selected to win Warrior X Turbo!

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All Reviews (4)

mike appleby

this the ultimate hardy hand held a true warrior and a worthy tool to take into battle , I used one of these for 3 weeks on exercise. it never let me down or missed a beat thank you olight for such a reliable tool

Posted on: 04 Oct, 2021, 08:50:07


Why I love the Warrior X Turbo! Mainly because it’s like me small and tough although I have not been run over by a car or shot at high velocity with an object yet but there is still time and if I do one of these superior torches would help take my mind off it

Posted on: 26 Sep, 2021, 08:02:36

darren messenger

Warrior X Turbo! well this torch just went from cool to sub zero with its camouflage livery... im a fan of the black. but the camouflage is next level , still all the great features like a 1100 lumen s at a 1000 meters. but now a sick new paint . for me really killed it this time can this be beaten thats the question ?

Posted on: 31 Aug, 2021, 00:06:41


Warrior X turbo well what can i say another splendid adition , Great feel with amazing lumens to boot , drop it kick it run over it if you fancy itll be grand. Good for roughing it and also a day to day blinder for the house , cant rate it enough

Posted on: 29 Aug, 2021, 20:38:46