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Mini by name, Mini by nature!

Mini by name, Mini by nature!

21 Jul, 2021

A perfect lighting companion is essential to a successful camping trip. The peace and comfort of your desired resting spot are dependent on your camp set-up. Put on a pot of ground coffee, take to lake by your boat to fish or read in the shade of the trees...
Make these moments perfect with a camp lamp to accompany you as evening approaches. Let's find out more about the utility of Olantern Mini.

Flexible Hanging

The material of the fuselage is upgraded to zinc alloy, which has better corrosion resistance and is more rigid and solid. Match with stainless steel handle and aluminum blue decorative ring, strong and light, full of texture. 
The easy-to-use handle. Carry it, hang it however you want, make it yours.

Exquisite Camping

The 360-degree scenario-based light source is perfect for camping time and sweet family reunions. Camping outdoors, and when the night falls, light up the surroundings to make you feel more comfortable. The delicate lampshade gathers the warm and soft lights together, reflecting the charming night atmosphere, bringing joy and fun.

Sweet Eye Caring

Have you noticed that when you lie in bed at night playing on your mobile phone, you always feel that the room light is too bright and dazzling? But if you turn off the light and play with your mobile phone, you only look at the screen light in the darkness, which has a great impact on your eye health. With Olantern Mini, the eye caring red light mode is just right, and creates a relaxing ambiance for your night time reading.

Compared with Olantern, Olantern Mini is more delicate and compact. The height is only 99.35 mm and the diameter of the base is only 52.2 mm. It is smaller than a phone. Inside the lampshade is changed to a creative "tornado" shape, transparent glass lampshade and soft white light set off each other,

creating 360 Degrees of Illumination.

Olantern Mini can accompany you for all of your adventures, bringing light to the darkest corners of the world and comforting you along the way..

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