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Share Our O-FAN Story With You

Share Our O-FAN Story With You

Share our O-FAN Story With You

As O-Fan Day comes to an end, let's remember what it's all about. It's all about those who make this all worth it. You! We are glad to have gotten the opportunity to celebrate with you guys and hope you all had fun. 

 Thanks to the SHARE STORY campaign, we received a lot of stories from you, we are honored to be your company in your life. Here we selected some stories to release, and hope that these stories can be seen by more O-fans.

Helping my kid through some teething pains

Having found Olight a while back and purchasing my first - A warrior mini I found my kids more and more were enjoying them just as much as i was hunting for critters in the Garden but what was the real winner was when I got myself my first Obulb. My youngest had just started to struggle at night with her teething and the Obulb has worked wonders for us - on the low setting its perfect for nighttime and my little girl now brings it to bed with her every night and knows now if she wakes up with sore teeth she (at only 1 and half) can turn it on and find her way to Mum or Dad in the dark. cant recommend these enough and cant wait to get an Obuld MC for my older daughter 

Cheers Olight

Obuld MC for child

More Than Just Colours!

Before I found Olight all my torches were black, crazy I know.

It’s become a real passion of mine to match up the colours with the rest of the kit I carry - and the more I carried Olights, the more useful I realized they are.

One of the biggest features for me is the magnetic tail, and especially on my trusty S1R Baton II. I use it in all sorts of places (late night plumbing, car repairs and dog walks), and being bright orange I’m yet to lose it 

Basically, the colours are incredible, and make these torches all the more essential.

My journey with Olight

My journey with Olight started in early 2020, I came across this company through social media and I am sure glad I did, it's an outstanding company which go above and beyond for there customers, my very first light was i3E, I couldn't believe how much light this small keyring flashlight had, I actually still have it to this day still going strong, the sales each month are fantastic great offers for everyone, I have collected the full set of i3ts they are absolutely outstanding flashlight s so handy for my EDC, Olight really have top class lights that come with a solid warranty, i especially like the obulb collection they are fantastic my kids absolutely loves these and great for camping trips, and they come in awesome colors as well, then I moved onto the warrior minis another top product from Olight with a massive output of 1500 lumens, I especially like the DT in this line of warrior s, the open 2 pens are also one my favorites, you have the best of both worlds such as a handy light and very useful pen for writing, which also comes in really cool colors, I have won a few competition s with Olight as they regularly have comps for there customers and they are truly fantastic prizes to be won, my favorite light in my collection is the marauder 2 in my favorite color orange, this is an absolute beast, I love the orange products that Olight have to offer in each product they sell, I am really happy to be part of Olight and hope we have many more years of outstanding products and a very nice community of people that really appreciate you and support you. Thank you Olight

More than just a light

This is my Olight there are many like it but this one is mine. 

Has it saved a life NO.

But it does live happily in my bag it's helped me find dog poo in the dark. Stopped my kiddos from having a meltdown when out walking. 

Found many lost toys and just been there for me in moments of darkness and will continue to live with me and by my side for years to come.

They are cheaper lights out there and I've had a few but this one sits in that sweet spot where it's well made your not scared to use it but still don't want to lose it. 

However it won't cook me dinner but it is more reliable than my last car.

Olights for all the family!

I discovered Olight a few years ago after buying a very disappointing torch online, then researching about the best torch brands and models. I started with just a small baton, and I now have many more!

But whilst I love the different models, I’m more impressed by what they enable us to do, the places they let us explore, and the way they make our daily life easier. Now, I’m not the only Olight owner in our family - my kids have Obulbs, we read books by torchlight, and my dad has a respectable carry. Even my wife has a few of her own, and there’s always space for a few when we go on holiday or out and about. And I have a Marauder 2, for checking out things that go bump in the night!

I run a business caring for small dogs and during the evenings when the dark sets in early, the Warrior Mini 2 really comes into its own. Perfect for late or early morning walks and ensures I don't trip over when I have 6 pups tearing around the garden!


I wanna be the very best

Like no one ever was

To buy them is my real test

To train them is my cause

I will travel across the land

Searching far and wide

Each Olight to understand

The power that's inside

(Olights gotta buy 'em all)

Its you and me

I know it's my destiny


Oh, you're my best friend

In a world we must defend

(Olights!, gotta buy 'em all)

A heart so true

Our courage will pull us through

You teach me and I'll teach you


(gotta catch 'em all)

Gotta catch 'em all


In Olight, I Trust

I work as a police officer and I need to trust my kit, most of the PPE and equipment I need is issued and reliable, however a torch is not one of these items, in a different force I was issued a cheap plastic torch that is still in the packet 8 years on.

I tried cheap torches after a LED Lenser leaked battery juice all inside the torch I swore I'd never spend my own cash on a decent torch for work.

Then I discovered OLIGHT, my journey started with a Warrior Pro and what a torch!! Blew my mind with the power, the throw is immense, my colleagues call it the fallen star it's that bright!

I love the size, shape and everything about it and worth every penny!!!

I then dabbled with a few smaller Olights and have most of the small EDC types and even my wife has a couple on her keys.

I got one of my colleagues who was so impressed with mine to choose an Olight, he went with a seeker 2.

During a large open space search with the Seeker 2 and Warrior Pro we were the dream team, however this then made me realise I needed a flooded as well as a thrower, I dabbled with Perun 2 and Warrior mini but the current sale got me with the Seeker 3 Pro, I cannot wait to receive it.

I will carry an i1R 2, Open Pro, Seeker 3 Pro and Warrior Pro as my EDC while on duty and I am covered for every scenario.

Thank you Olight, the quality and service you provide is second to none and I know that I will never be let down.

In Olight I trust!! 

We would like to say THANK YOU for your dedicated support and all of the fun we have had during the O-Fan Day 2021. We look forward to 2022! 

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christopher johnston

Awesome they used my story as the top one! I wonder when will they announce who won what prizes as they dont mention anything about that in the blog post?

Posted on: 11 Oct, 2021, 09:23:00