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② Share My Story 2021

② Share My Story 2021

29 Sep, 2021

Well, well, well 2021, what a year! What a strange year indeed. But with everything strange and bad there has to be a bright side! There have been a few things that have happened this year that shine brightly within my world.  


Firstly my future ex-wife (long… long story) had a wee baby girl (not mine sadly) and she is sooooo amazing. What a beautiful and spectacular thing creation is. She is so precious and proves that there is beauty in this world and does offer me hope that humanity could have a bright future.  2nd, my parents celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary (52 years!! “You only get 25 for the big crimes” as my Dad would laughingly say) and as the lockdown had been lifted for family bubbles we all got together to have a great BBQ in their garden… in the Sun too!! Believe it or not!! With lots of Red-Kites dive-bombing us for scraps.  


After being restricted from going Wakeboarding my best bud and I started Kayaking as social distancing is not an issue. Soon after our first paddle, I decided to place an order for my own Kayak. As with everything, Covid, Brexit related there has a long lead-time for delivery and (I am very impatient) now, fingers crossed she is expected mid to end of September. As the nights are closing in now (the closest channel is only a 10-minute walk away from my home) I plan to do some night-time paddling. So I needed a light to show me the way and show others that I am there. I have a Perun Mini (love that torch and she is my go to Gym walking light) and many Obulb’s that come with the metal round mounting plate. I planned to attach the Obulb plate to the front of the Kayak and use the magnetic base of the Perun Mini to attach and then hey-presto I would have a front-facing light. Looking at the Kayak it has a big sweep up at the bow, so I ordered a Perun 2 (in the flash August sale, got an Orange i3T as well, beautiful little light that is) with headband kit. As the Perun 2 is bigger and also throws out a whopping 2500 lumens she will be tall enough to shine above the bow and when needed be able to light up the whole channel. 


Other things that have brightened up my world is I won an ‘England’ engraved i3T (Desert Tan) in an Olight Facebook competition. Well worth getting in on the Facebook Olight UK group as there is plenty to talk about and it is so great to see so many others in the Olight family. 


Just before the outbreak of this pandemic I started to see a wonderful beautiful woman who worked in the aviation industry. Once the lockdown happened she was restricted to her base country and unfortunately (as in a lot of companies that function in the travel industry) she was made redundant after 10 years of outstanding service and had to return to her birth country. Even with the massive physical distance between us, we talk and share family photos etc. every single day and once the Red restriction is lifted (and of course after we are both tested negative for the nasty) it will be a race to the airport for a massive reunion! Not seen her since March 2020, I remember it well as when I met her at her hotel, I walked in and people and staff were kind of social distancing. But by the time we left the hotel the day after there was a notice on the doors that said “If you are not a resident of this hotel then you are not permitted to enter”, thus the start of the full lockdown. But with all the missing you feeling, I would not be without her so I am thankful that we meet in good time before the lockdown so to cement a good relationship base. 


Companies like Olight has helped greatly as with new product’s being released it has given us something to look forward to and get excited about. Please stay safe all and let’s try and make 2022 a bight happy future for every human and creature on this crazy, sometimes scary but amazing and beautiful world. Live well and stay lucky, Neil J 

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