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Product Review | First impressions of the Warrior M2R Pro

Product Review | First impressions of the Warrior M2R Pro

24 Sep, 2021

First impressions of the Warrior M2R Pro

By Christian Southward                       

I'm sure many of you will know what an absolute banger this torch is but... I picked it up in the sale.  I actually wanted a warrior X pro or warrior X Turbo.  But the ocean camo pattern on the M2R Pro called to the magpie in me!  I wasn't disappointed either, the pattern is really lovely, it really shines, very eye catching.   

The kit it comes with is great too, the lanyard and holster are great to have. The crenulated bezel is quite sharp, it would definitely get through the fabric if pocket carried, so the holster is invaluable.  Having an adjustable lanyard keeps it secure on my wrist, I can carry it, confident it won't get dropped or misplaced. 

The fit and finish, the machining, style and heft all tell you it's a top quality product.  I can't find any fault there.  Perhaps my only niggle so far (and I've got to really nit-pick with this) is that the side switch isn't that easy to find in the dark, it takes a bit of rolling the torch around to locate it.  I'm sure it'll become easier with use.  Even if it doesn't, it's not something that bothers me. 

But it's use.  Man, what a torch!  I was at first a little unsure about spending 80-odd quid on a torch but I'm glad I did.  I often go for a late-night walk on a large field at the back of my house.  Being able to easily switch through the various light outputs is a great thing to have.  The light thrown out on all settings is all useable, even the lowest setting lights up the path ahead nicely, and not so bright that it ruins my night vision for a little naked eye stargazing. 

The turbo setting is unreal!  I've never seen a torch chuck out so much quality light, both as a spot and a wider arc, all at once.  There are a few dark, overgrown corners on the field, I think they won't have had as much light during the day than when I get the turbo glaring into them!   

While the torch is a little big for pocket EDC, it's taken up a very welcome place in my maxpedition neatfreak EDC bag.   It'll go everywhere I go.  I like having multiple lights on me but I've been relying on cheapo lights that are little better than stocking fillers.  They've all been replaced with i3T and i5T.  But the M2R Pro is very much pride of place and the one I definitely want with me.  I especially like the defensive capability that comes from the strength of the torch and the crenulated bezel.  Whichever way I think about it, I can walk much more confidently on my own at night, in the dark (not so much on the turbo setting!)  I have some woods nearby too so I'll get a test run in there in coming days.  I worked in a coastguard search and rescue team some years ago.  I wish we had the kind of ocapability and oversatility that this torch offers. 

I'm delighted with the torch, a stunningly good piece of kit. I'm very glad to have bought direct from #OlightUK , their customer service is about as good as I've ever had.

Olightstore Official Notice:

We regret to inform you that Warrior M2R Pro torch has been discontinued in Olight UK store, we have more upgrades for Warrior M2R Pro, please click here to buy!

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