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Product Experience - Neil Hawley

Product Experience - Neil Hawley

13 Aug, 2021

Have you ever realised that you had been missing something but until you bought it you did not know? Strange as you may think but that is how I felt after I let the Olight M2R Warrior Pro into my world. I read the reviews on the official Olight UK website and watched so, so many videos on Instagram and YouTube plus so many more in regards to this light. All who reviewed said that it was the perfect EDC / Tactical light. I can confirm that now with over 32 (some of the same models but in different colours) Olight lights that my Orange M2R Warrior Pro is by far my favourite and in my and others opinion, it is the best light on the market! I have 3 M2R Warrior Pro’s, 2 black and 1 Orange. The workmanship, style, usability and overall presentation from Olight are amazing. Even the box that the M2R comes in creates a great customer experience.  


Some have had concerns with the magnetic charging but as with most reviews this is a personal opinion as this is my personal opinion. But I find the way you charge the M2R is so convenient, safe, and fast, this is as easy as it could be. The tail switch is magnetic but I find this a great positive and does help me within my work as well as being able to use the L-Dock Kit to charge hands-free if you will. 


As for the light output the M2R Warrior Pro sends out, WOW how much do you need? From 1 lumen running for 50 days, yes 50 days!! Then to the other end of the brightness level, we have 1800 lumens for 4.5 minutes. I have other Olight’s that put out 180 lumen’s, 300 lumen’s and a couple that send out 600 lumens and they are all so bright that you have to look away if shining directly into your face (I highly discourage this as this could damage your eyesight, so please be careful) so 1800 is super bright. There are other levels of output but I find I use the Moonlight 1 lumen for most of my look around the house checks, but if I need that quick boost I just tap the tail switch all the way in and boom... instance 1800 of clear light! 


The feel of this touch in the hand is something that you have to experience for yourself. I could ramble on and on and on about the build quality and how it feels but I do urge you to pick one up and see for yourself as you will not want to put it back down. The weight feels just right, the finish is well… just pick one up and you will see what I am trying to say. 


It has a very easy to use lock-out mode and I use this when stored or carrying in the daytime. When night comes I just hold the side button in for a few seconds and she’s back up and ready to be used. Having the convenient colour LED in the side button shows Green when the battery is good, Amber when the battery is half left and Red for please charge up soon. 


There is the option for a less aggressive bezel and if you are carrying the M2R Warrior Pro head down in your pocket I do urge you to purchase a replacement. The 2-way belt-clip can be left (from the factory) near the head or can be relocated near the tail for deep in the pocket carrying. This clip can be removed altogether and is very easy to relocate but will not just fall off. This is because as with all of the M2R Warrior Pro, it is extremely well made.  


I have the Warrior Mini and also a Warrior Mini 2 and they are amazing lights in their own right. I use those when working in a suit or walking to the gym, but given the choice, it’s the M2R Warrior Pro all the way. Olight just need to bring out a Union Jack version and I will then have 4 Olight M2R Warrior Pro’s in my collection, and that’s a good thing. Extremely well made, beautiful to look at and the user experience I feel is second to none. Final note: Highly recommended. 


Stay safe everyone and let Olight help light up a brighter future for us all. Take care. 


Write By Neil Hawley

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