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Olight New Headlamp Perun Mini Desert Tan Limited Edition Review

Olight New Headlamp Perun Mini Desert Tan Limited Edition Review

16 Oct, 2020

I was recently sent an Olight Perun Headlamp Mini Desert Tan Limited Edition for review purposes and I have to be completely honest (I always try and be honest in all my reviews anyway), this little torch kept on surprising me!

First I was surprised by the price, my initial impression was that it seemed like a lot to pay for a torch. My second surprise was the size, the package when it arrived was small yet it contains not only a torch but a host of accessories too.

But then when I opened the package and was even more surprised - the torch is a dinky little thing, it easily fits in the palm of my hand!

After that I was very pleasantly surprised by a host more features. The first thing is that the torch comes with its own rechargeable battery. Don't you get so frustrated when there never seem to be any batteries in the house just when you need them?

Then the next surprise was the charging device, it's sooo cool! As it's magnetic it just jumps itself onto the end of the torch. (If you are half blind like me, it's a pain trying to poke chargers into invisible holes.) And you can charge it via any USB port. There is a charging light on the charger that turns green once the torch is fully charged.

Charger attached to the torch.

After the torch was charged I switched it on and this was where I was most surprised of all. Because it has a 1000 lumens lamp it was so bright I almost blinded my husband too. (Note to self, don't switch on a torch while you point it at your beloved's face).

Using this wee little torch I illuminated our entire kitchen, and then I walked into our living room, switched off the lights and put each kid in the interrogation spotlight - one by one.

I wish we had had the Perun Headlamp when Storm Ophelia hit a few years ago, or when the Beast From the East took away our power, or especially when we went camping this past summer - we could have illuminated the way for our camping neighbours too!

Huppy testing out the headlamp in the shed.

This headlamp will be absolutely ideal for when I grovel about in our attic as we have no light up there and by attaching the torch to the headband I will be able to see while I crawl about on my hand and knees looking for the junk we keep up there. It will be very useful in our garden shed in the winter evenings too.

The headlamp will be ideal for camping.

Because the torch is magnetic it can be attached to my car bonnet so that I can even pretend to know what I'm looking at when I poke about in the engine.

The torch with complete set of accessories.

The accessories include the charging cable - which attaches to the back of the torch via a strong magnet, a velcro backed pad with a slot for attaching the torch, an adjustable head band, a lanyard and a pin for threading the lanyard. The velcro backed pad can be attached to any piece of clothing if it has a velcro receptive fabric. The angle of the torch can also be rotated within the holder so that the beam can be directed upwards, straight ahead or downwards, depending on where you would like it to shine.

So I have to say I am EXTREMELY impressed with this powerful little beast of a headlamp torch, it would make an ideal gift for that outdoorsy geek in your life!

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