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Olight S1R Baton II – A look at this EDC Torch

Olight S1R Baton II – A look at this EDC Torch

09 Sep, 2020

Olight S1R Baton II – A look at this EDC Torch

ProductOlight S1R Baton II


Design: Compact yet powerful everyday carry torch

Max Output: 1,000 Lumens

Max Throw: 145m

Weight: 51g



The S1R Baton II is a powerful, lightweight, and capable EDC flashlight that offers a range of different brightness levels and modes, such as standard illumination and strobing light.

It is powered by a single IMR16340 Olight rechargeable battery with a maximum output of 1,000 lumens.

The S1R Baton II is the perfect everyday carry flashlight with multiple attachments for ease of use. There is a multi-directional belt clip for easy storage, as well as a wrist strap. The torch also features a magnetic base, which can be used for mounting to magnetic surfaces.

The torch can be easily recharged using the included USB charger, which has a magnetic charging dock and convenient light that indicates the charge status.


The S1R Baton II offers 5 different levels of brightness, making it an extremely versatile EDC flashlight.

Turbo mode: Produces 1,000 lumens for 1.5 minutes with a throw of 145m, reducing to 300 lumens for a further 37 minutes.

High mode: Produces 600 lumens for 1.5 minutes with a throw of 100m, reducing to 300 lumens for a further 45 minutes.

Medium mode: Produces 60 lumens for 3 hours and 40 minutes with a throw of 40 metres.

Low mode: Produces 12 lumens for 20 hours with a throw of 15 metres.

Moon mode: Produces 0.5 lumens and lasts 8 days on moonlight mode.

There is also a strobe function that can be engaged with three clicks of the torch’s operation button.

The lamp type is a CREE XM-L2 Cool White LED, which provides a crisp light beam and balanced hot spot thanks to the TIR optic lens.

The S1R Baton II is both waterproof and impact resistant. It can be submerged to 2m and dropped from a height of 1.5m due to its strong and reliable construction.



As you would expect from a practical EDC flashlight, the S1R Baton II is small and lightweight.

Length: 63mm

Diameter: 21mm

Weight: 51 grams (including battery)



Olight provide a market leading warranty on their products, including the S1R Baton II. If your torch has a defect as a result of materials or workmanship, Olight will make it right.

If the defect is within 30 days of your purchase, return it to the retailer you purchased it from for a replacement or repair.

If there is a factory defect within 5 years, simply return the flashlight to Olight for a repair or replacement.

Included Accessories

  • S1R Batton II Flashlight

  • Olight IMR16340 Battery

  • Magnetic Charging Cable

  • Battery Storage Box

  • Wrist Lanyard

  • Branded Carry Pouch

  • Multi Language User Manual



The second generation of the S1R Baton has been expertly designed to incorporate all the essentials you require from an everyday carry torch - compact, lightweight and reliable.

Beam Quality

The S1R Baton II uses a TIR optic for exceptional clarity with a balanced beam. This small pocket torch has an impressive 145m throw and a perfectly balanced hotspot. The different lighting modes make it easy to choose the beam strength for any occasion.


The charging station makes recharging easy. The torch connects magnetically to the charging base, which has a light indicating the charge status – red for charging and green for full battery.

The innovative charger is easy to use and does not require a plug connection to the torch, which helps improve the torch’s strength and water resistance. The charger can be plugged into any USB power source, such as a phone charger, computer or portable battery bank.

The torch uses a helpful traffic light colour code to indicate the remaining battery life during use. A green light indicates a high level of battery, orange is medium and low battery is indicated by a red light.

Power Button

The S1R Batton II is controlled by a single power and mode button. One click turns the torch off and on. Holding down the button whilst the torch is on will navigate through the available brightness modes. The S1R Baton II remembers your previous brightness selection for the next time it is used.

Turbo mode can be turned on with two quick clicks of the power button. Turbo mode is available for 1.5 minutes, after which the brightness will decrease to prevent the torch from overheating. It is important to note that on turbo mode, the end of the torch can become quite hot.

Three quick clicks of the power button will engage the strobe function, which is also known as an SOS mode that can attract attention, if needed. This mode is disengaged when you turn off the torch, and it will return to a regular beam when you next turn it on.

The moonlight mode, which provides a light glow, can be turned on with a long hold of the power button when the torch is off.

There is also a convenient lock function that can be engaged by holding the power button down for approximately 2 seconds when the torch is off. This will prevent the flashlight from accidentally turning on when in your pocket and bag, which could drain your battery.

Grip, Clip & Lanyard

The S1R Baton II feels great in hand thanks to its bevelled design, which runs along most of the torch’s length. The textured body is comfortable in-hand and provides ample grip when wearing gloves.

The torch comes equipped with a detachable 2-way belt/pocket clip. If the clip isn’t required, it can be quickly removed, which further reduces the size of this compact torch. The multidirectional clip makes it convenient to store the flashlight in the direction of your preference.

The wrist lanyard is another convenient feature. It isn’t attached to the torch by default, so you can choose whether you want to use it.



The S1R Baton an extremely powerful, lightweight and capable everyday carry torch. The large lumen output from such a compact and durable design, makes it one of the best EDC torches currently available in the UK.

It is a very stylish pocket torch, that also boasts a long battery life. It is ready for anything you throw at it, withstanding drops, knocks and liquids. If you are looking for the best EDC torch in the UK, the S1R Baton II is a great option.

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