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④ My 2021 Story

④ My 2021 Story

29 Sep, 2021

This is my 2021 story.

2021 a year of change, realisation and acceptance for us as a family. Our lovely daughter who we noticed was a little quirky shall we say - was accepted on to the Neuro pathway for a diagnosis of Autism aged just 3. 

We saw many professionals who visited her at home and nursery. All

agreed she needed further assessment and would need assistance to go to a main stream school. 

To hear professionals say we where not mad and imagining things was a breath of fresh air. Finally others saw what we saw and we felt relief that it wasn’t just us and she did need help. 

We fought hard to get funding for a 1-2-1 to support her in main stream school. Pages upon pages of boxes to fill only writing all the negative things about our lovely daughter. It was soul destroying because all you want to write is how lovely she is always wanting cuddles and kisses. But you need to write all the negative things down in order to get help and funding. 

We where successful and she was awarding funding for a 1-2-1 for school which she started the beginning of September. 

She loves her“big”school and this has made all the battles, forms and appointments worth it. 

2021 for us has been a roller coaster of emotions - but no matter what it won’t change how much we love our daughter and how much light and life she brings to our family. 

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