How to Recognize a Good Flashlight

A good flashlight is an item that every outdoor enthusiast including campers, police officers, construction workers, and hikers should have handy at all times. Depending on your RV battery, for instance, might be disastrous as you never know how long the battery may last, leaving you in the dark of the night. Likewise, taking a walk to the backyard, garage, or bathhouse also requires an efficient outdoor flashlight.

Questions to Ask

Your choice of flashlight depends on the intended use. Thankfully, there are lots of flashlights ideal for every situation. Consider your application and then ask the following questions.

  • How much run time do I need? 
  • What features do I prefer?
  • Do I need a light for a close-up or long-range?

Providing answers to these questions helps you reach the right decision on flashlight choice.

Things to Look Out For

Now that you know what you need, it is time you considered the different factors that come into choosing the right one.

1. Light Output (Lumen)

Light output is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a flashlight. Light output is the light intensity that your flashlight emits, usually when running on fully charged batteries. The more lumen a flashlight has, the brighter it is.  You can find out how much output the flashlight produces by checking the packaging or online listing. For outdoor use, you’ll need a flashlight that produces at least 100 lumens. This will illuminate the dark areas well enough. Also, the bright light will keep intruders including humans and animals far away from you.

2. Battery Type

There are two types of flashlight batters – rechargeable and non-rechargeable. Flashlights operating on non-rechargeable batteries are ideal for those who are just on the go. Good thing is that disposable batterers are affordable and easy to find, but you just need to have a pair of new battery handy for replacement.

If you use your flashlight more often, the best option is to choose flashlights with rechargeable batteries, as they tend to last longer and are more economical.

3. Budget

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of flashlight options available. Your budget determines to an extent the type of flashlight you’d get. With a decent budget, you can get a flashlight that is extremely durable and long-lasting. Buy quality Olight products at a discounted price by taking advantage of discount codes and offers by dealsdaddy. You don’t need to break a bank to get a flashlight with more advanced features. Take advantage of the online discount deals and offers.

4. Run Time

You will find great pleasure using a flashlight with good runtime. A standard flashlight’s run time reduces after a few hours of use. Conversely, highly advanced flashlights with long-lasting batteries are bound to have an extended runtime.

5. Durability

Choose an almost indestructible flashlight. You will find flashlights that still function perfectly while immersed in water. for some, they can withstand any form of impact to a greater extent. Go for flashlights that can last through tough times.

By keeping these in mind, you’ll find a flashlight that suits your specific needs and requirement.