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How to choose the right and suitable torch for outdoor sports?

How to choose the right and suitable torch for outdoor sports?

05 Nov, 2021

Nowadays, outdoor sports are gradually becoming the trendy lifestyle of young people. Compared with staying at home, young people seem to look forward to the natural and comfortable feeling of being outdoors, abandon all distracting thoughts, and feel the dream of being awakened by birdsong and sleeping in the starry sky at night. 

With the promotion of outdoor sports, there are more choices of outdoor equipment. Outdoor sports always encounter dark nights and places with insufficient light, so lighting tools are particularly important. Outdoor lighting needs to consider the brightness, distance, stability and length to choose a suitable torch. There are many outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, adverture etc. Different activities have different factors to focus on for torch selection, but there are definitely some of the same selection factors.

Today, let's take a look at how to choose outdoor sports lighting tools? 

Speaking of the outdoor torch, it must have six features. 

1. High stability: Outdoor sports require lighting tools to be "available at any time." Lighting tools with poor reliability are fatal if they fail to work at critical moments, and the most serious may lead to life-threatening.

2. Suitable Lighting: At present, LEDs are widely used in torches. LEDs include white light (colour temperature above 5500K), medium white light (colour temperature around 3300K-5500K), and warm white light (colour temperature below 3300K).    

Olight Warrior X Turbo 1000 Meters Beam Tactical Light

3. Small size and lightweight: The outdoor torch should be as light and convenient as possible, and it does not increase the load when carrying it out, so as to save physical strength. Of course, a powerful outdoor torch will cost more in terms of weight and volume.

4. Runtime: It is impossible to carry a large number of batteries during outdoor sports, so it is necessary to ensure sufficient brightness and long runtime. It is best to achieve more than tens of hours in the low-light mode so that under special circumstances, it can be continuously illuminated every night for more than a week.

5. High Lumens: The outdoor environment is complicated. A high-brightness torch is a necessity for a torch, especially for exploring unfamiliar road sections. The maximum brightness of the torch is preferably more than 100 lumens.  

6. Waterproof and anti-drop: The outdoor weather is changeable and the terrain is complicated. The torch should be waterproof. The highest waterproof standard is IPX-8. It can be used normally if it is immersed in shallow water (generally within 2 meters) for 30 minutes; the torch should be resistant to damage, needed to choose a torch that does not appear cracked or damaged after a drop of at least 1.5 meters, and all functions are sound.

But how can we choose the torch in our daily life? According to the different applications of torches, we can talk them into five categories. 

1. Hiking: 

Hiking is not needing high lumens. Due to a long time of hiking, we can choose some torches which are having a long runtime and the important is light to carry. In general, the torches should have moderate focus and floodlight. 

Recommended: Outdoor Seeker 3 Pro is a rechargeable LED torch with an output of up to 4200 lumens and a maximum range of 250 meters. It is supported by a 5000mAh large capacity battery and with a max runtime of 15 days.

2. Camping: 

Camping has a low demand for lumens but needs to choose a long runtime of the torch, it is best to continuously illuminate the whole night above, such torch has advantages in convenience and use cost. 

Recommended: The Olantern Mini with a sense of atmosphere is retro and simple in shape, provides 360° all-round lighting and with a max runtime of 48 hours. It can be carried, hung on branches, or in tents. 

Olantern Mini tent camping light

3. Night Hunting / Riding: 

A lighting gear is necessary to allow you to see your way clearly in low light conditions. Both hunting and cycling need to keep your hands free. The speed of riding is fast, so it needs good brightness, while the endurance is best for 4 hours of continuous lighting. The most important is that night riding outdoor headtorch can make hands-free and ensure the safety of night riding. 

Recommended: Perun 2 headlamp, with the output up to 2500 lumens, easy to get the lighting Angle you want, the max runtime is up to 12.5 days. 

head torch for cycling

4. Searching 

Search requires high lumens, high colour temperature, the high recognition rate of illuminated objects, and range is also important, and it is best to have tactical characteristics. 

Recommendation: Dual-button tactical torch M2R Pro, with a maximum output of 1800 lumens and a maximum range of 300 meters. The saw-tooth attack head has a defensive function and can easily achieve two-level brightness and tactical operation of the tail button. 

Olight M2R Pro Purple

5. EDC

EDC is short for EveryDayCarry, which means to carry a torch with you. This type of torch is generally a miniature backup torch, which must be small and light. In some emergency situations, it is often this type of torch that you carry around that can save your life. 

Recommendation: Olight i1R2 keychain light, much smaller than lipstick, it can be hung on a keychain and almost takes up no space. Rotate the body to turn on and off in case it drops.

Olight i1R2 keychain black torch

Travel outdoors, travel freely, choose good outdoor lighting tools, "acceleration" for your beautiful life, and more safety and care for your journey.

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