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Thank you! Dad.

Thank you! Dad.

In our last Blog giveaway, Tom French, who is the luckiest winner, wins a laser carving Warrior Mini 2 and a personalised Blog for his father. We are glad to know Tom and his father are both fans of Olight and thankful for their support. Here, we are honoured to convey Tom French’s gratitude to his father and share his story with you. The following is from Tom French.

My dad was the person who introduced me to camping and the great outdoors.

My dad was the person who introduced me to camping and the great outdoors.

♦ Tom French

Family camping trips, countryside rambles, road cycling - these great times with my Dad probably explain my loves for camping, the great outdoors, ecology, and even my choice of career, all these years later. They also explain my fondness for things like pocket knives, watches, and of course, torches!

I still remember our last big adventures together, which were wilderness canoe camping trips. I have fond memories to this day. The picture is one of our last big adventures - wild canoe camping across Scotland some years ago.

Now in his eighties, and despite surgery on his spine and knee, he still enjoys outdoor holidays (although now in a motor home) and long walks with their dogs. He’s currently on holiday somewhere in the British countryside, and walked 8 miles the other day- I hope I’m that active at that age!

A few months back, I asked my mum if he had a good torch, or if he wanted one for his birthday. She said he had a good torch - in fact, he had a couple from Olight, the great torch company I recommend! It led to this pocket dump photo - he’s rocking a Baton Pro in Desert Tan as his EDC. Even in his eighties, his pocket carry torch is better than mine!

After these years, I’d like to express my gratitude to my dad for introducing me to the great outdoors, which enables me to enjoy the beautiful nature and exciting adventures. Thank you, my old man.

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