Olight Freyr Multi Coloured LED Torch Review

Olight Freyr Multi Coloured LED Torch


Below is a brief overview of the Olight Freyr Multi Coloured LED Torch Review

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Olight have just released a new light - the Freyr Multi Coloured LED Torch - a tactical light with RGB lights in addition to the white

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Freyr Level 1 will run at 1750 lumens for 2 minutes before stepping down to 850 lumens for a further 150 minutes and then down to 300 lumens for an additional 28 minutes

Light Sources

  • High-Performance Cool White LED

  • High Efficiency 635nm Red LED

  • High Efficiency 515nm Green LED

  • High Efficiency 470nm Blue LED


  • Length: 5.35in/136mm

  • Head Diameter: 1.59in/40.5mm

  • Body Diameter: 1.01in/25.6mm

  • Weight 7.13oz/202g (Including Battery and Pocket Clip)

Body Material

  • Aluminum Alloy

Power Source

  • Customized 5000mAh 3.6V 21700 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

Waterproof Rating

  • IPX8 (suitable for continuous immersion in water down to a depth of 2m)

Drop Rating

  • 5m


  • Olight’s 5 Year warranty

My Impressions  

    Beam Quality

The Olight Freyr uses four LED lights - white, red, green and blue.

The white LED produces a very balanced and even beam - giving a good throw to allow distance objects to be seen clearly and a good flood to allow near objects and their surroundings to be seen clearly too.

The red, green and blue LEDs are useful for a variety of situations - from preserving night vision to signaling (for which there is a useful traffic wand that can be attached to the top of the torch to cover the lens.



Charging is via the MCC3 magnetic charging cable


   Power Button

The Olight Freyr can be operated using the tactical tail switch, which activates the white light in mode 1 or 2 and the side switch, which allows cycling through the three colours and moonlight mode.


   Proximity Sensor

Intelligent proximity sensor: output dims automatically when it detects obstruction nearby. 

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