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⑤ Discovering Olight is my 2021 story

⑤ Discovering Olight is my 2021 story

29 Sep, 2021

Discovering Olight is my 2021 story

What a year 2021 has turned out to be.  Didn’t think it could get any worse than 2020 but alas I was wrong. And it had a lot to beat.  Even before covid I had flight after flight cancelled, first Thomas Cook went bust. Then Flybe went bust 4 hours before I was due to fly to Amsterdam to meet up with a friend who’d travelled all the way from Australia. Then as we know covid kicked in, my flight to cyprus cancelled, flight to Jamaica cancelled, flight to Vietnam you guessed it cancelled. So stuck at home or work (I’m a key worker don’t you know) for over 18 months.

Then 2021 showed her face, I was hopeful that this year would be better, alas I was wrong.. I lost my father in law at the beginning of the year followed by the death of my four day old great grandson. The only light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be olight, their amazing products and fantastic fan base/support group.  I’m not suggesting that a torch made up for these tragic losses. But being surrounded by like minded people with similar passions has helped take my mind off these events.  Which has helped maintain my sanity.

Watching YouTube videos with olight Tom and olight Sean always brings a smile to my face.  These are not classic salesmen hawking anything the company puts in front of them.  But truly passionate individuals who believe in the quality of their products. You can tell this just by how they interact with each other and the sheer excitement on their faces when they have a new product to show off.

The highlight of my year so far was meeting olight Tom at the Birmingham Emergency Services Show. He was a pleasure to meet, gave me his full attention and was happy to chat torches and just about anything else. Hopefully this is the first of many positive days for me and my family. Olight Sean was on a break at the time so I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him.

I know quality when I see it and ever single olight product has exceeded all my expectations.  I quickly went from 0 to 34 olights and the collection is still growing.  My favourite being the warrior X Turbo in desert camouflage which I won for simply stating what an amazing product it was, the throw on this bad boy is insane.  I’ve never known a company be so generous to its customers. I’ve also won a obulb in the Facebook 6000 giveaway.

Discovering olight seemed to be the turning point for me this year.  I have had nothing but positive vibes and feel privileged to be part of the Facebook family.

My intentions for writing this is to give a tiny fraction back to a company that has given me so much in such little time.  Keep up the great work and here’s to a brighter future.

Illuminate your world rings so true for me, as I’ve always tried to be a shining example to all those around me. I couldn’t agree more “no-one should be left in the dark”.

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