olight perun 2,head torch,hand torch,rechargeable torch



Great Product That Keeps Getting Better!

2,500 lumens, 25% brighter than the Perun4000mAh 21700 rechargeable battery

166 meters, 38% further than the PerunIncreasing charging speed by 33%

Fitness Club


 Provided headband to use it as a headlamp.

 Included two-way pocket clip for everyday carry.
 Magnetic tailcap to attach and for hands-free use.

The built-in proximity sensor will reduce the brightness for protection when it detects an obstruction nearby.


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● Bundled i5T Camouflage: AA battery powered small EDC torch in camo, don't miss it

● Bundled i3T DT: a light EDC torch delivering 180 lumens output

 The Perun 2 can be used as both a headlamp with a headband and as a handheld light with a comfortable grip. 

Cheaper than the 1st generation!