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Marauder 2 Finally In Desert Tan

Marauder 2 Finally In Desert Tan

26 May, 2021

Flood, Throw, Power Bank...Do It All With Marauder 2!

      >> 14000-lumen floodlight to illuminate a large area like the daytime. 800-meter spotlight to reveal a far-off target.

      >> Flip the toggle switch to choose between each light form. Rotate the knob switch to adjust output. Quick and simple.

      >> 54wh battery pack and built-in power bank to charge your other devices.

>>> What is Marauder 2 ?

      >> The Marauder 2 is an upgraded version of the X7R Marauder. Mighty like a beast and small enough to fit on one hand, it is a great help to searchers, rescuers, rangers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

     >>> Marauder 2 In Black

      >> For the flash sale last November, we launched Marauder 2 Black, which received an enthusiastic reaction from all O-fans. Marauder 2 Black was THE BEST SELLING in the flash sale!

     >>> Marauder 2 In Blue and Orange

      >> The popularity of Marauder 2 Black led to the birth of blue and orange ones. We had Marauder 2 Blue all sold out in the beginning. Marauder 2 Orange was soon out of stock too.

     >>> Marauder 2 In Desert Tan

      >> Now we've finally got the new release of Marauder 2 Desert Tan. Let's take a look at these excellent experiences and see how it does in the May flash sale!

>>> Our flash sale is ongoing! 

     Buy one Marauder 2 get a free i3T brass and baton 3 red/black!

Add to Basket: Olight Marauder 2 Desert Tan 14000 Lumens Torch

 >>>Our Facebook group's giveaway is ongoing!

     If you want to be in with a chance of winning 1 Marauder 2 Desert Tan, just invite your friends to Our Olight UK Group!

      >> Step① Like this Marauder 2 Desert Tan Giveaway post. --> CLICK HERE

      >> Step② Invite 2 friends to Olight UK Group.

      >> We Olight UK Group will then chose 1 of you to win the Marauder 2 Desert Tan.

      >> Pay attention: This is open to UK and Ireland residents only. And available until 29th May.

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