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Thoughtful Christmas Gift Suggestions

Are you looking forward to the Christmas Gift Guide? I AM!

11 Nov, 2021

As one of the most significant cultural holidays of the year, Christmas can be defined as the celebration of the Savior, Jesus Christ (Heather,2019). Although it aims to remind people about God's presence in the world through Jesus, God-made flesh, Christmas has become a popular seasonal holiday worldwide.

Although the main celebration on Christmas Eve, the night prior, is observed in some countries, Christmas day always occurs on every 25th of Dec, and the holiday will last for a period. The good news here, that Christmas of 2021 will happen on Saturday! Get ready for it! Below are the pictures I took in 2016 and 2018 separately.

2 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Suggestions 2021

When autumn leaves, the weather gets colder and colder, and even seeing snowfalls, we know that Christmas is coming! So we start to buy Christmas decorations and prepare Christmas gifts for family and friends. As a result, brands are launching Christmas sales and offering beautiful Christmas boxes. In short, everyone gets busier preparing for Christmas. However, according to Statista (2021), the average expenditure for Christmas in the United Kingdom (UK) decreased from 2019 to 2020. It also claimed that in 2020, around 35% of people's finance was affected by the pandemic heavily, 28% didn't want to go out shopping, 27% says that they had no idea whether they could have a chance to see their friends or relatives during the Christmas holiday.

Live was difficult all over the world in 2020, and we have been trying so hard to make everything back to normal this year, we hope to, at least. We don't forget who left and what happened, but we still look forward to the future, even though we have gone through so many difficulties. We all know the future will come and we believe that life will be better through our efforts. Let's enjoy this Christmas and catch opportunities to spend more time with those who you love and truly care about.

We always say that we aim to help more and more people to conquer the darkness, we do keep trying hard to achieve this goal. We feel thankful for all your support, Olight UK can't survive without everyone who has purchased from us. We hope our products can meet your requirements and give you some help in your life. So, if you want to buy something as a Christmas gift from Olight UK, maybe I can give you some pieces of advice.

First, if you have a limited budget for preparing gifts, Obulb Mc can be your ideal choice. Three reasons why this is recommended:

1. With a body diameter of 2.13 inches and weighs merely 2.05oz/58g, Obulb MC is compact and lightweight. Because of the smart built-in 630mAh battery, it is rechargeable! What you need is only an MCC magnetic charging cable included in the package when you buy the Oblub Mc! A light at such a low price that can deliver up to 40 hours of runtime is POWERFUL!

2.  It can be used as an EDC or even as a toy for your baby! Don't question about it!Yes, it can be a toy. If you don't have a baby, get it for your pets! As the IPX7 torch, it's waterproof and 1.5m resistance to fall off, as tough as Olight's other torches!

3. When it comes to EDC or other usages, I can say it can be everywhere! Camping, hiking, night work, emergency power outage, signaling, ambience lighting, party decoration, etc. It's also one of the best little torches for reading as well! Please note that the Obulb Mc covers 8 light modes! Imagine it!Is there any reason that people don't need it? One of the best Christmas gifts, don't miss out on good deals when a flash sale comes! Stay tuned. 

 ? Check more here:

Obulb MC as a Christmas present for children

Second, if you have higher budgeting for this Christmas, please check the Baton 3. As the first torch comes with the charging box, the successful design of Baton 3 is our miracle. When Baton 3 first came out in March 2021, it instantly became the number one bestseller! We were not surprised, we knew it. After investing a lot in this product, when it successfully passed all tests and finally succeeded in mass production, we knew it would become popular in the everyday carry torch market. At the same time, to meet different needs, we specially launched two versions, if someone does not like the charging box, then you can buy the single version. The luxury version comes with an industry-leading portable charging case (95% prefer this version).

? Premium version:

? Single version:

baton 3 as a Christmas present for adults

Besides, can I say how excellent the X9R is? If you have interests or never heard of it, you better go to the search bar and type X9R, enter. You will be surprised! By the way, don't forget to keep an eye on our website/social media/ newsletter, Olight Black Friday Sale 2021 will show up and up to 50% off! If you don't feel that Obulb Mc and Baton 3 are your first choice of gifting, check other options! We have so many product types with different prices. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this blog or contact us via email! CS 

olight black friday sale 2021

I wish everyone read this blog have a wonderful and happy Christmas! Thank you!

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