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Marauder 2 Desert Tan

Connor Hutchings 

I work in security and I get called out to abandoned buildings in some nasty areas we are supplied torches but they are bad. I started to look for torches looked on ebay and amazon and brought alot of torches but due to my job and constant use none of them seemed to hold up. I saw a page called olight uk on Facebook and decided to join it. Looking at the pictures people putting up and what they have to say about them I decided to take a look. I liked the look of the worrier mini and spent hours on YouTube making sure it was a good purchase as I knew they was more expensive then what I had before but decided to take a chance. I've never looked back I now have lots of olight and my favourite is the m2r pro. I use it constantly at work and love the fact I can recharge it but I can go for days without having to worry about batteries or it being damage during my riggous job. I'm now addicted! Can't beat the quality and function for the price!

5 Lucky Winners--i3T Mountain Sky

Alejandro Caballero
Thinks that I would like to see...- Medical pen light (already mentioned this before in the facebook page).- i3T and i5T like rechargeable rather than AAA/AAA batteries.- Holder/charger specifically design for car/truck. This could be either for one of the torches already designed. Or it could be a new torch more focused towards rescue services/ ambulance/ law enforcement/ 4x4 users. A body not as long as javelot not as thick as marauder. Just an idea. You guys do a great job anyways, I am just a fussy customer.

Craig Burns
I can’t say that there’s anything I would want improving. The customer service is brilliant and the selection of torches are great too. I would like to see some of the torches that are available overseas in the UK market. Keep up the good work.

Tony Parsons
Add in slots for tritium vials or include them with the torch. Or have glow in the dark rings around the lenses or the clicker rubber in glow in the dark please. I have to add these to my torches and having them there already would be brilliant. Torches are great if you can find them and this would really help when they are needed.

David Taylor
Awesome products from Olight - I have a range of products from the tactical range to the EDC. I use the products in my day job as a Police Officer. My idea would be to target the Emergency service market. I have personally recommended the products to colleagues who have then become customers themselves building up a range of Olight products but I feel if Olight were added to the Blue Light scheme it would attract a lot more custom from the Emergency services. Keep the great products coming.

David Owens
To be totally honest i only own 1 Olight and it absolutely rocks. Being a prison officer it is small enough to fit in my bat belt with its charger. I think Olight does. Fantastic job with their advertisements and show off the quality of products they make in their rightful habitat. I don't think anyone can ask about customer service as they are the best I have ever come across. They are always online and interacting with us on social media. That is a sign of a dedicated service. All I can say is keep moving forward. Congratulations on creating such a fantastic brand and following.