Black Friday - Olight UK

Black Friday - Olight UK

21 Nov, 2021

What is Black Friday? 

Different countries have their own meaning of the term "Black Friday". 

In the United Kingdom, it is originally used within the police and NHS, it refers to the Friday before Christmas. People will have a lot of fun on that day to celebrate the coming holiday seasons, drink and dance with their friends the whole night, leading to the emergency service needing to work overnight to cope with this increasing workload, so they called this "Black Friday". 

In the United States, every Thursday in November is the most grateful day -  Thanksgiving. And Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, which is regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, people will grab the chance to do a big huge shopping to prepare for the incoming big important festival - Christmas. Many retailers seize this chance and began to hold Black Friday promotions in the 2010s. And the UK and other retailers also adopt this concept and started to hold promotions. In the UK, the biggest shopping day of the year is Boxing day - 26th December. Gradually, the trend and popularity of Black Friday surpass the boxing day, and in 2017, it is the first time that UK retail sales grew faster than in December! Gradually, "Black Friday" become a global shopping day with the best discounts. 

Black Friday Sales of Olight

To Olight, Balck Friday is one of our biggest events, the others are "O-fan Sale" at the middle of the year and "Christmas Sale" at the end of the year. 

Black Friday Sale, 2020 

Let's look back to the Black Friday of Olight UK last year. 

TOP Products: 

Marauder 2 - the Lumens Monster comes back, and brings us to a breakthrough in our sales performance ever! It is the updated version of light best-selling powerful torch X7R. Delivering the max 14000 lumens and 800 meters throw at the same time, throw or flood? Both! No matter what kind of lights you need, you just need a Marauder 2. 

olight Marauder 2

Another best-selling product is Perun 2, it is so popular that even the black version is out of stock for the first two days. We had to activate plan B to arrange more stock from our other countries branch-like Germany, France to back up the UK market. 

And more products were selling well during the sale, like Seasons and Eternal Special Edition, Javelot Turbo and so on. 

Most-welcome Events: 

It was our first time to hold an "order giveaway" in our Facebook group. During Black Friday, our whole Facebook group was full of fans sharing their orders. Sharing their stories of olight or themselves. When we saw so many happy faces/posts on the group, we were so moved. Thank you, all our olight fans! 

Black Friday Sale, 2021 

TOP Products: 

There is no doubt that the brand-new Warrior 3 is the most favourable one, so many fans talk about this and have added it to their basket already! Just waiting for the sale to start. Don' you know the Warrior 3 yet?! What?! Check it here>> 

Another little helpful cute product is olight industry-leading Obulb MCS which features human body sensing function and Obuddy. The Obuddy is the must-buy companion of the bulb series! Every child has wild dreams, and this little astronaut will light your boy/girl their every adventure! More details>> 

The Baton 3 Premium Seasons and Eternal Editions, is the king of olight's everyday carry pocket torches. With its wireless charging, it stands out. Why seasons and eternal edition? Check the video below, you will know. The one you love deserves the companion from seasons till eternity. Christmas Gifting, get it>>

Not to mention the Marauder 2 and Perun 2, the stock is low, remember to add to the basket first. 

Most-welcome Events: 

Lucky Wheel is back! When the lucky wheel first showed up on our website, all of our fans were excited. The number of viewers of our website was over 10 thousand every day! Some of the fans got the FREE torch (Warrior X Pro, Baton 3 Premium, i5R..) and some of the fans get the o-fan coin. This time, who will win the X9R ODG? Spin now! 

Olight UK Lucky Wheel

After your shopping(How? Here is the Black Friday 2021 Shopping Guidance), do you think you just only can wait for your package? No! Don't forget to share your orders on our Facebook Group to win the huge giveaway!

Black Friday Benefits Guidance
Black Friday 2021 Shopping Guidance