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Black Friday 2021 Shopping Guidance

Black Friday 2021 Shopping Guidance

21 Nov, 2021

Black Friday is the most popular retail holiday of the year. Many people try to get their Christmas shopping done around this time. The day after Thanksgiving — to find the best deals on gifts for the holiday season. Olight UK, is officially stands here to announce Black Friday 2021 is coming!

To celebrate this biggest sale of the whole year, we prepared coupons and lucky wheel every day, brand 25+1 new arrivals to meet all your needs! If you don't know how to start your black friday journey, then go for this guidance. This guidance will show you our black friday specific timeline, best deals and triple benefits!

⏰ Timeline

The most important! Black Friday officially starts at 8pm on 25/11, and the whole event lasts for 5 days until 23:59 30/11. Set your alarm clock or you will miss the Free order gift. 

But for silver and above customers, you can enjoy your membership rights and purchase three days in advance. VIP Early Access starts at 8 pm on 22nd NOV.  Lots of limited edition torches are waiting for you, be sure to snap up on time!

2021 olight uk black friday timeline

Every day 4 hours flashsale is always been with such a biggest sale. No longer a simple product limited time discount, in order to enhance our O-fan's shopping pleasure, we have some differences.

Surprise Product in Day 1! Have you noticed a "question mark❓" product on our website? It's something may surprise you, we want to surprise you! Just Stay tuned!

Mystery Pack limited time offer, we prepared 2 different packs on 27th and 28th Nov. Items will always exceed the price paid!

From 26th Nov. - 30th Nov., every day will surprise you at 8 pm, set your alarm clock and don't miss these super offers!

? You Deserves Super Benefits and We have!

① Lucky Wheel Every Day! 

Every log-in customer will have 1 chance to spin, share and you will get another chance. Free New arrivals, huge saving coupons and free gifts, huge giveaways are here and you just need to log in and spin! Who knows if you are the lucky one!

② First Order Gift - Popular Keychain Torch 

You will randomly receive a FREE i3E / i1R 2 orange for your first order(greater than £0.01) during Black Friday,  please claim your torch while stock lasts.

③ FREE Tier Gifts 

  • Orders between £99 and £189  will Get a FREE Whistle (Random colour) 

  • Orders between £189 and £289 will Get a FREE i5R (Random Colour) 

  • Orders between £289 and £399 will Get a FREE £59 Mystery Pack 

  • Orders between £399 and £599 will Get a FREE £75 Mystery Pack + Whistle 

  • Orders between £599 and £999 will Get a FREE £115 Mystery Pack + Whistle + £15 coupons 

  • Orders over £999 will Get a FREE £199 Mystery Pack + Whistle + £30 coupons 

Made in titanium body material, the whistle is only available on tier gifts (not for sale), which is one of our special on black Friday. Each mystery pack are different value, all mystery pack always exceed its value and it will not let you down! 

Another special need to say, there are two different tier gifts we prepared, normal sale's tier gift will a bite different, you can look forward to it!

Please note: the coupons will auto send to your account after 2-3 working days, please kindly check it on your coupon centre later.

④ Surprise Order Giveaway 

After your order is done, please go to our official Facebook Group, lots of giveaways and benefits are prepared. 

Just post your order with the order number on our Facebook group and tag #blackfriday2021, we will randomly select some of you and send a surprise gift with your order! There are a total of 4 rounds during Black Friday!

Black Friday - Olight UK
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