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Archer | Square Beam Torch?

Archer | Square Beam Torch?

29 Oct, 2021

1000 lumen Torch Square Beam

Have you noticed the October brand new torch- Archer? 

It's Olight's first three-dimensional square long shot light without flooding. With up to 1,000 lumens and a 535-meter distance throw, the beam is clearly defined with a golden outline to define the target illuminated area. 

Now let's find out more about the Archer.

Quality Clip Case
With an integrated clip case at your waist. You can quickly stow and take out the torch and carry it anywhere with you. And delivers a square beam up from a projector-grade LED. Simple side switch to access 4 different brightness levels and the strobe mode on demand.

torch with belt clip case

Beauty of Geometrics
Unibody made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. Square for a uniformed look and firm grip. Curvy to be sleek and artistic.

aerospace-grade aluminum alloy torch


Projector-grade LED impressive distant beam with a uniform and well-defined hot spot. Perfect for hunting, law enforcement, search & rescue, or other long-distance tasks.

long-distance beam

Interesting?  Click Here to learn more about NEW ARRIVAL Archer!

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