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                     It’s been said from tiny acorns mighty oaks grow!

  We have experienced this first hand, from the early days of opening and with sometimes only a few orders each day. we connected with our customers on a personal level giving them that well known Northern Irish Customer Service experience.  Slowly but surely the growth of Olight UK was on track. A new office was located in Ballymoney in September 2018 and Olight UK was firmly grounded.


  Over the last 3 years we have seen Olight UK not only grow with our customer base but also you are loyal fans. We have attended local county fairs in Northern Ireland and also the Emergency Services show and Great British Shooting Show in GB. Many of you have become friends and although we only meet via our Friday Live broadcasts, we do see you all as firm friends!  

  In 2019 we were also able to hire Aaron as a permanent member of staff firstly as an assistant to Tom. However, Aaron has found himself firmly in the driving seat as first point of call for all our customer service quires.

  With the incredible support from our fans during an incredible charity sale, we have donated £18,904 in funds to NHS Charity organizations in the United Kingdom.


  With the incredible support from our fans during the charity sale, we have donated £450 2.96 in funds to Cancer Research UK. Together we will beat cancer!


  What’s next for Olight UK? That’s a great question! It’s purely a coincidence that we are moving office the same day that we opened to the Public! However, we have outgrown our current office and we are grateful to be able to move to a bigger office with thankfully NO STAIRS!! We really will not miss having to carry stock up and down stairs!!  Even though we are moving office and growing as a business one thing will never change. That is to provide you, our customers and fans the best LED torches on the market!

                                          Staff in the OLIGHT UK office

Large Red Poinsettia


Holiday Homecoming Basket


Red Poinsettia