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Police Torches Guide

Police Torches Guide

01 Aug, 2022

Police torches are fundamental to the role as a police officer. The importance of a torch to a police officer who is often on night duty cannot be overstated. Whether it's a night patrol, a car emergency or a power outage, you can't do without a torch.

If you are a police officer, you will appreciate how important a good torch is to you. There is no doubt that Olight can be one of your choices!

Key takeaways choosing a police torch:

1. Reliability: Long run-time and Rechargeable batteries. The longest battery life of Olight's torch can reach 15 days.

2. Powerful: brightneess. The first and most important characteristic of a police torch is powerful brightness.

What are lumens?

The brightness of lights is usually measured in lumens. Lumens are a measure of the total amount of visible light to the human eye from a lamp or light source. This means that generally speaking the more lumens, the brighter the flashlight.

Our torches have powerful performance, one of which has an 800-meter spotlight beam and a 14,000-lumen floodlight beam.

3. Light options: Different levels of outputs can be accessed comfortably and efficiently.

4. Waterproof: A good police flashlight should be water-resistant so that you can still use it when it rains. Our torches are waterproof up to IPX8.

Any recommendations for police torches?

Marauder 2

Marauder 2, which has the second-highest lumens among all the Olight products.

✦ The 14,000-lumen floodlight is as bright as the sun. The 800-meter spotlight pierces through the darkness.

✦ It is able to switch between an area flood mode and a spotlight that can reach up to 800m with a flick of a switch.

✦ Seven different brightness settings can be used on both spotlight and floodlight modes.

✦ With this one you can broaden your field of view and enjoy maximum visibility.

Warrior 3

Warrior 3, powerful dual switch tactical torch. Higher performance, longer runtime, upgraded tactical tail switch and additional function!

✦ Long Runtime: Features up to 55 days runtime making this the perfect tactical torch for law enforcement.

✦ New function: Brightness level and battery level indicators around the side switch, get a real-time lumen and battery level reminder in time.

✦ Improved Tailcap: Re-engineered tailcap supports the optional dual-button magnetic remote switch for professional users.

✦ Born to be Tactical: Tough aluminum body, strike bezel, heavy-duty pocket clip and rugged pouch.

Warrior X 3

Warrior X 3 is packed with great tactical features. This long-range torch is truly a powerful compact thrower.

✦ Glass breaker: Strike bezel embedded with 3 zirconium beads, great to break windows in an emergency or use as a tool.

✦ Its max output is increased by 400 lumens to 2,500 lumens, and its max beam distance reaches 560 meters.

✦ Dual-stage tactical tail switch to access high/low ouput momentarily or costantly. Activate with a single press.

✦ Rugged aerospace-grade aluminium alloy body with Type III hard anodizing, stands up to tough conditions.

Seeker 3 Pro

Seeker 3 Pro is a powerful and rechargeable LED torch. In addition, It is also an outdoor professional LED torchlight.

✦ Seeker 3 Pro is equipped with stainless steel attack head, aviation aluminum alloy shell and other materials and processes.

✦ Seeker 3 Pro is equipped with 4 high-efficiency OSRAM P9 lamp beads.

✦ IPX8 waterproof and 1.5 meter shockproof.

✦ Built-in temperature sensor, when it detects that the handheld torch is overheated, too bright, or blocked in front, it will automatically downshift to ensure safe use.

Javelot Turbo

Javelot Pro has been one of the best-selling tactical flashlights since release. Now more output & more beam distance as requested, the upgraded version of Javelot Turbo finally comes out.

✦ A high-performance LED offers an excellent beam distance of 1,300 meters, making it the new king of throw flashlight species.

✦ The side switch for easy On/Off and brightness adjustment. The three-color indicator displays the battery level in realtime.

✦ IPX8 waterproof and one-meter shockproof to withstand any harsh conditions.

✦ Huge Performance: Max 1,300 lumens with a huge 1,300-meter beam distance, an ideal illumination tool for hunting, search and rescue.


Freyr is a dual-switch torch producing both white light and RGB lights. It is a very distinctive multi colour torch, wich is able to offer white, red, green and blue outputs for different needs.

✦ Multi colour torch: Besides normal white light, it also produces red, green and blue light for night vision protection, investigation, signaling and directing traffic.

✦ Proximity sensor to dim the output automatically when it detects an obstruction ahead.

✦ With a silicone traffic wand, it also can be used to direct traffic, mark a potentially dangerous area, etc.

✦ There is also a proximity sensor under the front lens that will lower the output of the Freyr if it becomes close to an object. This will prevent the high output from causing some danger or damage to the torch. 

By the end here, we believe you have picked out a police torch that best suits you. So let's get moving!

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