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Perun 2 Mini Headtorch vs Perun Mini

Perun 2 Mini Headtorch vs Perun Mini

12 Aug, 2023

The new Perun 2 Mini is a high-lumen rechargeable right-angle torch ( also be a headlamp with an included strap) having both white and red lights. It is regarded as an upgrade to the Perun Mini. Guess you might be curious about their difference, so we make a clear comparison between them.

Body Size & Weight

The Perun 2 Mini is 2.52 inches in length, 0.87 inches in head diameter, and 0.81 inches in body diameter. The Perun Mini is 2.42 inches in length, 0.83 inches in head diameter, and 0.81 inches in body diameter. As we can see, the Perun 2 Mini it's only 0.1 inches longer than the previous Perun Mini in length, and 0.04 inches longer in head diameter. That is to say, they are basically the same in size.

The Difference Between Output

According to the above table, the Perun 2 Mini has higher light output, longer battery life, and throw than the Perun Mini. Instead of the previous 1000-lumen and 100-throw limits, the Perun 2  Mini enables it to deliver a maximum 1100-lumen light output and 150-meter throw with much better runtimes. In the moonlight setting with 2 lumens,  Perun 2 Mini is able to last for 10 days, which is drastically over double the amount of runtime in Perun Mini.


White and Red Light VS Only White Light    


The Perun 2 Mini features a red light that does not exist in the previous Perun Mini. With just a quick double tap of the switch, we do have a red light setting. Red light is extremely popular with flashlights or headlamps because it allows you to see something clearly without hurting your night vision in pitch-black darkness. For example, Headlamps with a red light play a significant role in aiding cyclists who are riding at night, it allows your eyes to maintain their focus for a long time during the speed riding whilst still providing enough light to illuminate the surroundings so that cyclists don't run into any obstacles. Importantly, the red light in a headlamp not only for preserving your night vision but also the night vision of others. If you use a headlamp with a group of people at night, the red light would not blind your friends when you have a face-to-face talk with them or look at them accidentally. From night hunting to stargazing, a red light is also extremely useful. 


Flashing Red Light VS Flashing White Light

The Perun 2 Mini and the previous Perun Mini have SOS settings for emergency signaling. With a quick triple tap the previous Perun Mini we do have an SOS setting that provides a flashing white light. However, the SOS setting on the Perun 2 Mini delivers a flashing red light. You just need to long press the switch during the red light status to get a flashing red light. Compared to the previous flashing white light, flashing red light is better to grab human attention. Cyclists can use the flashing red lights so they will be noticed on the road. If you are in a dangerous situation, then a flashing red light can help gather attention.


Neutral & Cool White Light VS Only Cool White Light


The previous Perun Mini only comes in cool white light. The new Perun 2 Mini enables you to choose cool white light (5700-6700K)  or neutral white light (4000-5000K)  according to your preference. However, there is one really important thing I need to mention is that the neutral white light is only available in the black version. The Green version and Orange version just come in cool white light. 

The neutral white light is similar to natural light, which is comfortable for human eyes. Therefore, they are usually suited in situations where lighting needs to be sufficient for basic tasks, but not too intense or glaring. Cool white light appears brighter and cleaner. It is typically used in areas where you may require more brightness and more concentration on particular tasks. No matter which color temperature light you prefer, you could find it on the Perun 2 Mini rechargeable headlamp.


Headband Improvement


The headlamp is a device strapped to the user's head by a band for hands-free lighting. No matter whether you used the headlamp at night or in dark conditions for long-time or short-time lighting, a comfortable-wearing experience really makes sense. 

The previous Perun Mini has an optional headband that is equipped with a square velcro duty patch to stick on things like clothes, backpacks, or hats. It allows for a 60-degree rotation for the desired angle. To be honest, the Perun Mini is quite good if you want to put it on your backpack or something. However, It might get uncomfortable because the patch would scratch your skin to some extent. Therefore, the new arrival Perun 2 Mini makes an improvement on the headband.

The Perun 2 Mini removed the patch design, so the contact area between the headband and the skin has been reduced, making it comfortable to wear. We can put the flashlight directly into the little slot of the headband without removing the pocket clip. Moreover, Perun 2 Mini allows 180-degree angle adjustment depending on what you are looking at. 

Intuitive Battery Indicator

Compared to the Perun Mini, the Perun 2 Mini comes with a Tri color battery indicator that is in the front of the switch. The battery indicator shows green, orange, or red light, steady or flashing, depending on battery status. When the flashlight is basically fully charged or has more than 60% power, it would be a green light indicator. When the battery is in the middle level (10%-60%), it is going to be an orange light indicator. When it turns to the steady red light indicator, it means that the battery is less than 10% and it needs to be charged. When your flashlight is about to die, the battery indicator enters into a flashing red light, With the intuitive battery indicator, you don't have to guess what the flashlight battery level was anymore. It enables you to stay in control of the power all day. That's really a great improvement. However, there is no battery indicator during the moonlight working state until the battery level is less than 5% and it would show a flashing red light.


Why Do They Love Perun 2 Mini?


Since the arrival of the Perun 2 Mini, we have noticed that many users are full of expectations for this product. Let's see what they said! 


The Perun 2 Mini is basically the same size as Perun Mini, and it gets higher brightness, longer beam distance, and better runtimes. The improvement of the headband, the newly added red light, neutral white light, and batter indicators make it better, which greatly improves the user experience and enriches its application. It can be used as a headlamp when you need both hands for special works, such as riding, underground mining, and grilling. You can also use it as a hand-held EDC flashlight for daily life or use it as a working light that can be firmly attached to ferromagnetic metal surfaces with its magnetic tail. Moreover, the extra red light is really a bonus for your night vision preservation on stargazing and hunting.  

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the only thing I miss is a red light with a power of 5~10 lumens to read a book in the tent without disturbing others

Posted on: 14 Sep, 2023, 14:05:20