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Perun 2 Mini Headtorch Review

Perun 2 Mini Headtorch Review

10 Jul, 2023

Recently,  Olight UK launched a new small head torch - Perun 2 mini (with red and white dual light sources, 1100 lumens), which is exciting. Spring is also just around the corner, and it's a pleasure to take it with you on camping trips.


The following is my experience and experiments with Perun 2 mini, I hope it can help you.


1. Package

Olight Perun 2 mini is packaged in an environmentally friendly and exquisite cardboard box, and the box looks relatively compact. The colour of the box is mainly white, and the front of the outer package mainly shows the model and main photo of the torch.

On the back of the box are some specific introductions and some parameters, the CE certification mark is on the lower left, and the barcode of this torchlight is on the lower right.

"CE" is a safety certification mark and is considered to be a manufacturer's passport to open and enter the European market.

The top of the box is designed as a one-time unsealing strip, which can be used as a way to identify whether it is second-hand. The QR code and serial numberof the product are pasted on it, which is consistent with the serial number of the body of the torch.

The packaging box of Perun 2 mini head torch contains: a main light with battery, a magnetic charging cable, manual, and a headband.

2. Detailed description


Twisting the torch open, you can see that OLIGHT has carefully placed a yellow insulating piece in the direction of the battery spring. This insulating piece will better protect the torch circuit from connecting positive and negative terminals during transport. Safety first, as always with OLIGHT.

For safety reasons, the middle contact point of the magnetic charging unit on the tail is shorter than the base level, but do not try to put the torch into seawater, it may be unsafe.

Remember that the battery needs to be mounted backward in the body of the torch.


The battery of Olight is different from others, as the end is used for magnetic charging, the positive and negative ends of the battery are at the same end, separated by an insulating material.

The natural colour surface around the battery is the end-conductive contact surface. If you are afraid that an end-conducting torch will be accidentally lit, turn the end cap half a turn counter-clockwise and the torch will not light up. However, the threads must be torqued tightly when using an end-conducting torch.

Positive and negative co-polar.

The black circle is insulated and the inside of the black circle is the positive terminal.

Outside the black circle is the negative terminal (which is connected to the other end of the negative terminal)

The positive and negative terminals are at one end of the battery, hence the name positive and negative co-polar.

The image below is the positive and negative contact surface of the tail of the torchlight. This design is mainly used in Olight products.

The Perun 2 Mini has only one button, on the top of this torch. The button is made of a flatter silicone material and the pressure ring around the button is made of high strength stainless steel with a PVD treatment for increased durability. And there is a firing icon on it. The switch between red and white light sources and the gear operation rely on this button. The button is relatively large and easy to operate.

The Perun 2 mini is paired with a customised 16340/3.6V/650mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. At minimum brightness, Perun 2 mini can run for up to 10 days (240 hours).

The Perun 2 mini can be charged from home general power, car charger, mobile power and computer USB port and the charging indicator on the rear is more intuitive, showing red when charging and green when full. The magnetic charging cable is 1A in size and it also can be used while charging the torch.

The non-slip pattern on the body of the torch feels good, and in addition to the distinctive aesthetic decoration, it also feels more frictional and more comfortable to hold. The texture is also relatively gentle, making it less likely to gather dust and easier to clean.

The Perun 2 mini has a partially rotatable stainless steel two-way clip that can be clipped to the edge of a pocket, belt or backpack, making it easy to carry and use.

The powerful magnetic function of the tailpiece, with its flat magnetic tailcap, can be smoothly inverted or attached to ferrous objects for lighting, freeing up your hands and giving the user convenience during work, or maintenance work.

The colour temperature data is marked on the clip slot, only the black version is available in neutral white and cool white, and the orange and lime green are only available in cool white. The lens crimp ring and the switch button crimp ring are the same colour for an attractive and harmonious look.

The circuitry is well optimised, with low light and no strobe.

The Perun 2 mini also has a green, orange and red power indicator on the top button, which is very user-friendly. Green :>60%, Orange: 60% to 10%, Red: 10% to 5%, Red flash:<5%.

The Perun 2 mini is not only a right-angle torch, but also comes with a headlamp accessory, which makes it a headlamp in its own right. The skin-friendly headlamp strap fits the head well and is easy to assemble with a simple pull and a snap, and can be adjusted 180 degrees without having to remove the clips.

3. Size and weight

The following pictures are based on actual measurements, due to differences in the level of each measurer and the accuracy of the equipment used, official data and actual measurement results may vary, all data in the following pictures are for reference only.

The total weight of Perun 2 mini with battery is only 54g, which is extremely light, and it hardly feels burdensome for running and camping.

Regarding the illumination and running time, due to the difference in level of each measurer and the accuracy of the equipment used as well as the time and location, the measurement data may differ from the official data, all data in the following pictures are for reference only.


The light meter used was a GM1020 high-precision digital light meter at a vertical distance of 1m from the Perun 2 mini torch, with 1 data every 6 seconds. The results of this test are not too far from the official figures.

According to the product description, the Perun 2 mini is waterproof to IPX8 and 2 metres underwater.


When you are outdoors, it is inevitable that you will be in a harsh environment with high humidity or dust. The sealing and waterproofing of torches is essential to ensure their safe operation and longevity. The waterproofing of torches is also a quality control objective that manufacturers are looking for, as it directly affects the sales of torches and the desire of users to buy them.


However, I think the main thing that has to do with waterproofing is the quality control of the merchant and the reasonable configuration of the charging port plug and sealing ring.


However, a few things should be remembered.

● Firstly, make sure you check that all parts are tightly twisted and that the seal is not damaged before you put it in the water, and don't put a torch that has been lit for a long time (relatively hot) directly into the water.

● Finally, do not exceed the depth of the water and the time of placement.

After the test, the components worked normally and no abnormalities were found.

4. Function experience


In addition to the red light warning function, the Perun 2 mini can also be used as a headlamp or as a torch. There are many scenarios for use.

The picture below shows the effect of the warning light in emergency places, together with the warning tape, to remind people passing by to pay attention to safety.

The headlamp can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as vehicle maintenance, work inspection and outdoor lighting.

The following pictures show the scene as a torch, with a large floodlight and a small spot, the outdoor effect is still quite stunning.


The Perun 2 mini is well made and suitable for a wide range of scenarios and is still very good as an on-the-go EDC and tool light. It is easy to carry, yet convenient and practical, so we recommend getting it.

Author: zhangshuai

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Tom Martin

I've got the original Perun Mini, so I don't really need this, but that red light is reallt tempting. . .

Posted on: 13 Jul, 2023, 17:15:27