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O'Pen Glow 4 in-1 Penlight VS O'Pen Pro VS O'Pen 2

O'Pen Glow 4 in-1 Penlight VS O'Pen Pro VS O'Pen 2

20 May, 2023

The newest member of the O'Pen series by Olight is the O'Pen Glow, which expands the functions of the O'Pen Pro to now include a light at the tip of the pen. In addition, the O'Pen Glow also features a pen clip light and a tail laser light. One of the most notable features is the Charging Base. Simply plug the pen into the charging base to recharge it (Note: The pen tip should be retracted while charging).

Let's see what the difference is between Olight's previous penlight and the O'Pen Glow.


O'Pen 2 and O'Pen Pro fit in well and are useful from the classroom, to the boardroom, and even out on patrol if you are in law enforcement or in the medical field. If you find yourself in a situation where there are no lights available, but you need to write with both hands, you should consider the O'Pen Glow ballpoint pen with lighted tip.


Technical Details

1. Size

the overall dimensions are very similar between the O'Pen Pro and the O'Pen Glow.

2. Pen tip light

As mentioned, the O'Pen Glow adds the ability to illuminate the tip of the pen, making writing in low or no-light situations much more manageable.  The amount of light is more than sufficient to see the area of the page where you are writing without disturbing or creating issues for those around you.  This is ideal for law enforcement or medical professionals who find themselves taking notes in dark rooms or at night while on shift.  The addition of the lighted tip is the most impressive upgrade compared to the O'Pen Pro and O'Pen 2 .  

3. Lockout

Another feature added back is the ability to “lock out” the light when not in use.  This feature was available on the O'Pen 2 but was not available on the O'Pen Pro because the activation of the light moved from the end to the bolt.  The O'Pen Glow brings this often-requested feature back because the light is once again activated by the top of the pen.  Pressing and holding the top switch down momentarily will toggle lock-out mode either on or off.  Using the top switch enables you to activate the light on the clip, as well as the cycle between high, medium, and low.  When the pen is extended, pressing the top switch will activate the light at the tip.  

4. Method for charging

Another significant difference between the Glow and the Pro is the method for charging the pens.  The O'Pen Pro is charged using USB C after unscrewing the top to reveal the charging port.  The O'Pen Glow on the other hand uses a charging base (included) to recharge the pen.  Some may find this disappointing since the charging base is designed to be secured to a desk via the included magnetic base, which makes it a challenge should the pen need to be recharged when you are away from your desk.  Perhaps in a future upgrade, Olight might consider adding the USB recharging port into the top section of the pen like that of the O'Pen Pro.  In the meantime, owning more than one O'Pen Glow enables you to have a charging base at your office and possibly one in your travel bag or briefcase.


The ink cartridge for the O'Pen Glow is electrically conductive to facilitate charging from the tip while inserted into the charging port.  This may be a concern for some as they may have a preference to utilize other ink cartridges.  However, the Olight ink issues were resolved quite a while ago and I find that the O'Pen Glow writes extremely well on a multitude of surfaces.  While I understand the hesitation due to proprietary ink cartridges, rest assured that these are very well made and written incredibly well.


In Summary

The O'Pen Glow is a 4 in 1 multifunction device that has proven to be indispensable in a variety of situations.  

1. You have a laser pointer, which comes in handy for students, teachers as well as professionals, and training organizations (this doesn’t even include the hours of fun you can have with your pets).  

2. You have a pen with a lighted tip that allows you to write anywhere.

3. The light on the clip is impressively bright and very useful, while the light from the tip is more than enough for illuminating the page without disturbing those around you.  

4. The pen itself writes extremely well with the included ink and has proven to be a great writing instrument.  


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Peter gosbee

Great new pen. Wonderful for writing in the dark. Taking note in a book your reading. Great new button easy to use, I love the lock out feature saves the battery.

Posted on: 22 May, 2023, 21:36:24