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Olight Torches Using AA Batteries

Olight Torches Using AA Batteries

14 Mar, 2022

As single cylindrical dry cell batteries of standard size, AA batteries are 1.94-1.99 inches long and 0.53-0.57 inches in diameter, making them one of the most widely used and easily accessible batteries in the world. What's more, with the advantages of small size, moderate capacity, portability(Available on planes) and durability, they are commonly deemed as one of the best sources of backup energy to be used in numerous small appliances and portable electronic devices at any time in any place. In this regard, torches using AA batteries require little to no energy concerns, which is also the reason why they will be chosen to be applied in some of our Olight products.

Aiming to let you know more information about AA batteries, we'll firstly start from a brief summary of the categories of them then shift to an introduction of the Olight products that apply AA batteries with some notice of the usage, in addition, to help you use them safely and also extend their life.


  • Alkaline AA batteries

The Alkaline AA battery is the most cost-effective disposable battery type of AA battery and is the default backup battery option for essentially all households as it can be used in almost any low-drain power electronic device that we commonly use in our life, such as TV remote controls, children's toy racing cars, handheld grooming devices, wall clocks, small torches and a wide range of portable audio-visual technology devices. More importantly, it has a long shelf life and is cost effective. I think it deserves to be a household essential in terms of its convenience, versatility and durability. However, nothing is perfect and it also has its drawbacks, it can leak to some extent over time, so if you leave them unused for a while, you may need to check their condition.

  • Lithunium AA batteries

Compared to alkaline AA batteries which are mostly used in low-drain electronic devices, lithium AA batteries are much better than alkaline batteries at coping with high-drain requirements, last for years in suitable devices like digital cameras, have an exceptionally long shelf life of up to nine years and do not leak over time, making them an ideal battery option. For example, it has a very low and stable average power consumption when used in smoke alarms. However, in terms of price, lithium AA batteries can be much more expensive than alkaline AA batteries.

  • Rechargeable AA batteries

The voltage of the single battery is 1.1 or 1.2 V. The battery is marked with NICKEL-CADMlIUM for Ni-Cd batteries and NICKEL METAL HYDRIDE (or NI-MH) for Ni-MH batteries. The rechargeable batteries can be charged and discharged up to 500~1500 times and can be discharged at high currents, with little change in internal resistance at the moment of discharge and a sharp increase in resistance at the end of discharge.

Among them, Ni-MH batteries have no memory, and the current capacity can reach a maximum of 2700mAh, so it is better than Ni-Cd batteries, and its economy and excellent environmental performance and other characteristics, will gradually replace alkaline batteries, Ni-Cd batteries.

Olight Torches Using AA Batteries

Most Olight torches use Olight customized rechargeable batteries due to their special circuit design while some smaller torches with low lumens generally use disposable replaceable batteries, AA batteries are applied in the following torches:

  1. i5T EOS

I5T is an EDC torch that has maximum 300 lumens and minimum 15 lumens with a 60-metre throw, including a 1.5V AA Alkaline battery and is compatible with an AA NiMH battery.

Notice: Please make sure the positive polarity side of the battery faces toward the direction of the flashlight head.

  1. i5R EOS

I5R is the upgraded version of i5T, using an Olight customized rechargable battery. But it is also compatible with the following AA batteries.

1*1.5V AA alkaline battery (compatible)

1*AA NiMH battery (compatible)

1*AA lithium-Fe battery (compatible)

  1. i5UV EOS

Similar to the i5T, it also has a 1.5V AA Alkaline battery and is compatible with an AA NiMH battery as well.

Methods For Storage

  • Store them in a cool, well ventilated area. Elevated temperatures can result in shortened battery life.

  • Please don’t store batteries inside devices if you’re not going to be using them for a long time

  • Make sure they’re unable to short circuit through direct contact with any other metal items,it is suggested to use a plastic battery storage box, individual plastic bags, or put tape over the terminals to ensure availability

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