Olight Riding Light Series Introduction

Olight Riding Light Series Introduction

03 Jun, 2021

In 2018, the United Nations declared June 3 as "World Bicycle Day". This day of each year is a day dedicated to bicycles. 

Why celebrate the bicycle?

Regular physical activity of moderate intensity – such as walking, cycling, or doing sports – has significant benefits for health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), safe infrastructure for walking and cycling is also a pathway for achieving greater health equity. Cycling not only exercises our body and strengthens our physique, but it is also a very environmentally friendly sport. World Bicycle Day draws attention to the benefits of using the bicycle — a simple, affordable, clean, and environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation. The bicycle contributes to cleaner air and less congestion.

 Olight Bike Light Series 

Olight introduces bike lights from 2020, The Co-branded lights with Magishine have been well received by O-fans. All of them are compact and all-in-one type light, so there is no extra burden of thinking it bulky and heavy. Small size and lightweight make them more attractive and useful to use both helmet and handlebar. 

We are going to introduce you one by one.

 ① Head Light Series 

 RN 1500 - The Popular Bike Light with Competitive Price 

RN 1500, is a multi-functional bicycle light powered by a 5000mAh 21700 battery with a maximum output of 1500 lumens. It has a certified IPX7 waterproof rate, capable to withstand water immersion up to 1 m depth. This ultra-compact bike light is perfect for MTB riding and road cycling, also suitable for commuting.

If you need a light that can do both road and off-road, RN 3500 is also a choice! TAKE ME HOME!

ALLTY 2000 - Multi-functional Bike Light with Innovative OLED Screen 

ALLTY 2000 is a multifunctional bike light with maximum 2000 lumens output. The creative OLED screen can display lighting mode, battery level, and the available running time, to help riders make cycling plans more scientifically. It can be tightly installed on out front mount, or under GOPRO camera mount. Dual beam angle design will emit a balance amount of light, give broader and brighter road coverage.

If you need a light both road and trail cycling, don't doubt it! ALLTY 2000 is your top choice!

RN 800 - Road Cycling Light Support USB-C Fast Charging

RN 800 is a specially designed road cycling light with anti-glare lens design and supports USB-C fast charging/discharging. All in one design bike headlight suitable for road, urban riding. Also, due to the lightweight itself, RN 800 can be tightly installed on out front mount, or under GOPRO camera mount. It is a powerful, reliable companion in the dark.

Don't miss this specially designed road cycling light! 

RN 3500 - 3000 Lumens help you Conquer The Road

RN 3500 is a new member of Olight Bike Lights Family, it's small size ( Only110g ) can reach 3500 Lumens, what an amazing performance! As one of RN family, RN 3500 fulfills rugged illumination performance for trail and endurance riders that require powerful output in the fast movement during the night.

With the lightweight design, riders can hardly feel any weight on bike or helmet. In addition to functional and performance improvements, RN 3500 comes with a 5200 mAh powerful battery pack that can be used as a convenient power bank. No worry about insufficient battery during long-distance riding. 

olight bike headlight and rear light

 ② Rear Light Series 

SEEME 30 - Rechargeable Lightweight Rear Light

SEEMEE 30 is only maxed 30 lumens output but can let you be seen from up to 800 meters, and it can provide 230° high side visibility with elegant translucent anti-scratch case. Perfect for daily commuting and urban riding.

RN 120 - Intelligent Rear Light

RN 120 is an intelligent rear light because the ambient riding environment automatically adjusts the light sensor and motion sensor system.  With a max 120 lumens output and visible from up to 1500 meters. All-in-one type design is suitable for road, urban, and daily commuting.

RN 180 - First Transparent Optical Fiber Rear Light

Compared to red cover, transparent optical fiber emits stronger and uniform light outputs while consuming less energy, It is worth mentioning that the smart motion sensor can turn on automatically when braking and lights up for 3 seconds at max 180 lumens ( The function will be off when battery life is less than 20% )

What are you waiting for such an intelligent light? 

Olight Bicycle Rear Lights

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