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Olight High Lumen Torches

Olight High Lumen Torches

10 May, 2022

What Are Lumens in a torch?

A lumen is the unit of measurement for the amount of light generated by a light source. The phrase lumen means light, which means it measures the amount of light your light produces. Lumens are often compared to candlepower.

Candlepower and lumens measure different light qualities, and 1 candlepower equals 12.57 lumens. When measuring lumens, you can also think of it as the light illuminated in a 1-square-foot area one foot away from a single candle.

Looking for a super bright torches with ultra-high lumens? You came to the right place! Below is Olight range of brilliantly bright torches for sale, ranging from 2500 lumens, all the way up to an incredible 25000 lumens! Whatever you do, do NOT stare directly at the light! Superior military-grade quality along side our amazingly low prices, try not to blind the neighbours with these incredibly powerful torches.

Marauder 2

Just like its predecessor, the Marauder 2 retains the same LED set up of a central spotlight LED surrounded by 12 smaller floodlight LEDs. This updated models total output is increased to 14,000 lumens, powered by three customized 21700 batteries and rechargeable via USB-C. What makes this light unique is with a flick of a switch, the Marauder 2 is able to switch between an area flood mode and a spotlight that can reach up to 800m. As far as operation goes, you’re able to use seven different brightness settings on both spotlight and floodlight modes thanks to its easy-to-use interface.

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X9R Marauder

The X9R Marauder is Olight's most powerful light yet, setting an extremely high (and bright) bar of 25,000 lumens for a production light. Olight's familiar interface paired with the X9R's mode and battery indicators make it easy to use the light, if not a bit difficult to carry around, but the IPX7 resistance helps it keep on trucking.

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Warrior X 3

Designed for some outdoor activities or adventures, the Warrior X 3 is Olight’s brightest model of the Tactical Series, with 2,500 lumens and a range of 560 meters behind it. The magnetic charging cable snaps keeps it ready anytime you need it.

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Seeker 3 Pro

Bright, simple, and reliable, the Olight Seeker 3 Pro is a tactical flashlight that owners say they’re proud to have at the ready. At 5.2 inches long and only 6.98 ounces, it’s small and light, but make no mistake—with a maximum brightness of 4,200 lumens and beam distance of 250 feet, it has ample light and power for just about any task. It also takes either rechargeable batteries or non-rechargeable CR123A lithium batteries,the longest battery life can reach 15 days.

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