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Olight Brand Promise

Olight Brand Promise

15 Apr, 2022

Start Anew from the 15th Anniversary

Olight Brand Promise

For years, Olight has spared no effort in creating high-quality and reliable illumination tools, which enable us to have the best partners and fans worldwide. While creating classic and popular products with technology breakthroughs, we also have lessons to learn. “Tardy logistics, excessive color alternation, the lack of innovation …” these are the voices driving our deep self-reflection. To Olight, A flashlight is not only an illumination tool but a responsibility to protect, bridge friendships, and provide a silent companion. Therefore, we have decided to change and make the following commitments for our 15th anniversary:

We commit that Olight will practice “continual technology & product innovation” and provide an “excellent customer experience” from every aspect under the guideline principles of “customer-orientation”.

We believe that this 15-year mark is a fresh start and a greater challenge. We’re on the move with some incredible measures and actions to fulfill our promise. The changes and achievements may not look obvious right now, but we believe that you will see them soon!

Hereby, we sincerely invite and welcome everyone to witness and oversee our transition to these new and updated policies. We more than welcome any suggestions, comments, criticism, or ideas that may help Olight to do better in the future. With that said, feel free to always contact us at Our dedicated team will follow up with all feedback, whether it’s trivial or crucial.

We firmly believe that during our journey to illuminate the world, there is a better way and brighter place out there with your involvement.

About Products and Innovation

Olight will continue to focus on delivering more reliable and innovative lighting products.

Quality First

At Olight, we take great importance with our product quality.

From raw materials to final products, quality control runs through every step of production with our quality management information system. Raw materials are inspected under strict quality standards and MIL-STD-105E AQL acceptance standards before assembling. Product quality can be checked in real-time and traced throughout the entire process. Any abnormal performance that occurs will trigger the alert system and be handled in a timely manner. Reliability sampling tests such as an aging test, packaging test, waterproof test, drop test, etc. will be carried out and those that don’t qualify will be recognized and handled in a timely manner as well. All products before shipment will be rigorously inspected with their appearance and function.

To strengthen our manufacturing and quality control abilities, we are also introducing our automatic manufacturing equipment and the Olight Manufacturing Execution System (OMES).

Quality is always #1.

Continual Innovation

To Olight, the product is our basis while innovation is the root. Olight will continually increase R & D investments with a 2x the  input over the next 2 years, while exploring a sustainable development path driven by innovation.

1. Keep iterations of our classic product series to achieve better performance with user experience enhancements.

2. Expand into new lighting categories to meet the needs of various applications from customers and enrich the users’ scenarios.

3. For materials, colors, and process innovation, we will strictly limit quantities and provided users with a superior experience.

4.  Fans engagement and co-creation. Collecting fans’innovation to absorb external energy and working hard to get fans' high-value creative ideas off the ground. 

Groundbreaking and industry-disrupting innovations do take time, but we firmly believe that this is possible. Since we have already made up our minds to focus on our core functions and are willing to invest in R & D, we believe that our customers will see incredible products releasing one after another.

About Customer Service

Olight Continues to Provide Excellent Service

At Olight, we will always strive to create an inspiring and personalized experience while using our high-quality lighting products. We have received a lot of praise by bringing “Wow” experiences to our customers such as sending out birthday gifts, festival gifts, and a variety of other surprises. We plan on continuing to do this in the future. However, we also realized that we haven’t done well in some aspects like keeping customers waiting to solving a simple problem, bad after-sale experiences with limited edition products, unfulfilled membership benefits, and so on. To change that, we are taking the following measures:

Consolidate after-sales service

We have already started some programs and are planning to take more measures to improve and consolidate after-sales service.

1. We have launched a self-service channel for after-sales products on recently. Customers can submit after-sales applications in their own accounts, and track the progress all by themselves.

2. We have also prepared accessories in advance that customers can replace themselves to improve the efficiency of solving simple problems.

3. Meanwhile, we are building an after-sale closed-loop system and conducting follow-up visits. Customer complaints during regular promotion periods will be solved within a week.

4. For limited edition products, we will reserve a certain quantity of inventory and related accessories for after-sales purposes.

5. For products that have been discontinued and out of stock, We will provide specific solutions for your situation, please feel free to contact us at

Update membership benefits

To give back to our customers, we have always attached a large importance to membership benefits. We will fulfill what has been listed and makeup for the unfulfilled members this year.

We have already upgraded the membership benefit engraving section, allowing qualified members to custom engrave their bundled products now. Besides this, the following points will also be strictly carried out as promised.

1. We will strictly perform the benefit of Early Access, and inform you in advance if there are any special situations.

2. The gifts in the Preferential Zone will be further enriched, allowing copper level customers or higher to get them for free.

3. New limited-edition products will be updated in the Exclusive Limited-Edition Zone.

Customer service including after-sales service, membership services, and “Surprise Gift” services is one of the core features of our Olight “customer-oriented” brand promise. We will continually provide excellence and exceed service expectations.

About Shopping Experience

Olight Promises to Provide a Smooth and Delightful Shopping Experience

As a lighting company mainly dependent on R&D and manufacturing, we must admit that we have experienced a lot of e-commerce growing pains like website crashes, slow speeds, functional errors, and other problems. Thanks to the patience and support of our customers and fans, we have finally set up and released a self-built networking system with over a year of hard work from our IT Team. This has thoroughly solved all website crashes and major glitches. Since December of 2021, our website has been performing optimally. We also have made some optimizations with a 33% speed increasing with loading pages. In terms of our current payment process, we will upgrade to "order generated while payment" that our customers are more accustomed to, and we will add more payment options for convenience.

Apart from IT-related aspects, we are also working on regulating the accessory section to list more necessary options to meet customers’ needs. For out-of-stock products, the product description will remind you of the product arrival date. We're now sticking ot the rule that we won't presale any items even if the stock is about to be replenished yet still not completely arrived.

Efforts may take time; changes may seem slow. However, we hear your voice and are truly changing and improving. Just wait and see our results!

About Logistics

Olight Strives to Improve Logistics Delivery Efficiency

As it is known that we have changed our order fulfillment centre for a while and it turns out that the number of missing or losing packages has dramatically reduced according to our records. We'll take your requirements into considerations and endeavor to make any of them come true for better shipping experience.

Our resolutions are aligned with our actions, we will spare no efforts to make things happen. Let’s look forward to a better and faster logistics experience together!

Again, we sincerely invite all of you to join our improvements and we welcome any opinions and suggestions at our feedback mailbox We will follow up, listen to your suggestions, and implement improvements.

Let’s conquer the darkness and possess happiness to light up the world at anytime, anywhere.

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