Olight AAA Torch

Olight AAA Torch

18 May, 2022

Why Choose a AAA Torch?

AAA torch are some of the most popular lights currently on the market today; however, many users are asking why. Why are these small, low-output torch dominating the industry when there are bigger, more powerful options out there? We took a step back from our normal platform of 'bigger is better' and broke down the reasons why these AAA flashlights are just so popular.

Size Matters

When comparing AAA batteries with other non-rechargeable cells on the market, you will quickly see that the AAA is one of the smallest available. As a result, torches that are powered by AAA batteries are able to be much smaller and more compact. AAA torches are therefore predominately used as everyday carry lights. In fact, the average length of our AAA torches is just four inches long! A four-inch-long EDC light is the perfect size for sliding into your pocket or for storing in your bag. These alkaline-powered lights are available in a variety of styles as well, including as penlights and as keychain lights. The small-sized battery gives users the ability to carry an illumination tool with them at all times, without being weighed down or feeling uncomfortable. Sure, some of the larger lights have pocket clips, but are you really going to hold a ten-inch-long light on your hip?

Convenient Replacements

One of the biggest selling features of AAA torches is the convenience of finding replacement batteries. You can find these power cells at many different locations from hardware stores to local convenience stores. Many households already have a stash of AAA batteries hanging out in a drawer since many electronics use these batteries. Not only that, they're inexpensive as well. So having a flashlight that runs on AAA batteries is already very convenient. If a battery dies on you, you can very easily find another without having to break the bank.

Make sure to browse our selection of Olight AAA powered LED torches.

1.i3T EOS 180 Lumens AAA Battery Powered LED Torch

Key Features


Simple interface

Max Output180 Lumens

IPX-8 rating

Max Runtime16 Hours

Two-way clip

Body Aluminum

The small yet powerful i3T EOS is able to output an impressive 180 lumens for over 20 minutes with its Philips Luxeon TX emitter, all on a single regular AAA alkaline battery. Its rubber-coated forward-clicky tailswitch allows you to switch between its two output levels—5 and 180 lumens—while also providing momentary on for when you need a quick burst of light. An IPX-8 rated anodized aluminum body keeps the weight low at 1.45 ounces, while featuring helix-styled body cutouts that gives a distinct Olight look while still providing grip. The included two-way clip keeps this light easy to carry in a pocket, attached to a bag, or clipped onto a hat brim for hands-free operation.

2.Olight i3T Plus Slim Pocket Torch with Dual AAA Batteries

Key Features


Simple interface

Max Output 250 Lumens

IPX-8 rating

Max Runtime 28 Hours

Two-way clip

Body Aluminum

The Olight i3T Plus is a slim, single tail switch penlight torch and is capable of 250 lumens output on the high setting using two AAA alkaline batteries (included), and drops down to 100 lumens after 1 minute constant use to protect the LED.

Measuring 133 mm in length, the i3T Plus has a slim diameter of 15 mm which fits comfortably in the perfect palm and allows you to easily reach the tail switch with your thumb. It also makes it ideal to slip in a coat pocket when going out at night and easily fits in a handbag or backpack for everyday carry.

Designed for simple use, the i3T Plus only has two settings of low and high that are controlled with the tail switch that provides smooth, crisp operation. Soft pressing the button allows for momentary light output that turns off when you release the switch and soft pressing in quick succession changes the brightness from low to high.

Fully press the button until a click is heard once you have selected low or high with the soft presses, or alternatively when you first fully turn the torch on it will come on in low and then if you quickly turn it fully off and on again within 2 seconds it will come on in high. If you turn it off and on again after 2 seconds has passed the light will default back to the low output.

The 15 lumen low mode is perfect if you need a small amount of light without disturbing others and that is why it is default to come on first. It is useful for reading at night or finding the key hole in the dark.

The body has a unique knurling design with a dense double helix pattern that provides excellent no-slip grip and gives the i3T Plus a stylish look. The detachable dual directional pocket clip can be attached to clothing or a backpack easily from both sides.

3.Olight i3E EOS Smallest 90 Lumens Keychain Torch

Have a reliable light source right on your keychain with the black i3E EOS Torch from Olight. This compact light has a handy attachment point on the back, and it has a small 0.6 by 2.4" footprint to fit easily in your pocket. A Philips LUXEON TX LED emitter combines with a Total Internal Reflector lens to deliver 90 lumens of light in a homogeneous beam pattern. Turning the light off and on is quickly accomplished by rotating the head. A MIL-STD type III anodized aluminum alloy housing is impact resistant and waterproof to 6.5'. One AAA battery provides a runtime of up to 1,2 hours.

Get the Best AAA Torch Today

A compact AAA torch is always good to have in your kit. It doesn’t take too much space, lightweight and easy to carry, and battery is always available. Choosing an AAA torch is not that hard. An AAA battery torch doesn’t dissapoint because despite the small size, it is very capable of putting out a lot of bright light. Always remember to get something easy to use, that is appropriate for your needs, and always keep it handy.

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