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Olight 18650 Batteries

Olight 18650 Batteries

05 Mar, 2022

More than 300 years ago, Benjamin Franklin began to capture lightning, which opened people's understanding of lightning and electricity. Since then, many people have been thinking about how to store the captured electricity, so Gradually, such things as batteries were produced. Indeed, as a very important invention in history, the emergence of batteries has indeed solved many problems and greatly improved various life efficiency.


The emergence of lithium batteries has made people more The understanding of electricity is getting deeper and deeper. The 18650 lithium battery is the lithium battery that has been used for the longest time and still exists. The shadow of the 18650 lithium battery can be seen in many places, including our OLIGHT torch, because Compared with other batteries, this kind of battery has obvious advantages, and the safety is relatively good. You can also check out the Olight UK Store for some great stuff. But for now, let me share with you each of the best 18650 batteries that provide solid performance and lasting light.

18650 Lithium-Ion 3400mAh/3200mAh/2600mAh Battery Options

Olight 18650 Lithium-Ion battery protected rechargeable battery features triple over-heat protection and over-discharge protection . The battery cell has a triple overheat protection design, which is safe and reliable to use and has built-in overcharge and over-discharge protection circuits to ensure battery life. High energy density, the energy/volume ratio is better than other types of rechargeable batteries, high-quality assurance.


Product Features :

● Optimal for high-drain devices

● Using an innovational positive protection circuit and its positions on the positive of battery which is different from traditional circuit protecting board placement

● Over-discharge current protection and voltage protection

● Short circuit protection, overcharge protection

● Up to 500 charge and discharge cycles

● Maximum 4A constant discharging current

● Improved Battery Safety Free from Leakage of Liquid Electrolyte

● Low Battery Internal Impedance

Olight Customised 10 A HDC 18650 3500 mAh Li-ion Battery

This Olight HDC customized 10 A 3.6 V 3500 mAh 18650 battery is designed specifically for the Olight Warrior Mini, Baton Pro & Perun as it has a high discharge current of 10 A, in order to access the high lumen outputs. It is also compatible with the Olight S30R II Baton, S30R III Baton, S2R Baton, S2R II Baton, and R20 Javelot.

This battery is different from ordinary 18650 batteries, the positive and negative electrodes are on one side. S2RII can be compatible with other 18650 batteries with protection, but not compatible with charging.

Product Features

● High capacity (3500 mAh), great reliability, and compact design
● The high discharge current of 10 A
● Built-in overcharge and over-discharge protection

The battery allows up to 500 charge-discharge cycles, which is economical and environmentally friendly. Specifically built for the Warrior mini 2, Baton Series, and S2R II. Get one of the highest performance 18650 batteries on the market with 3500mAh.

Olight 10 A HDC 18650 3500 mAh Li-ion Battery for M2R

The high-current design optimized for flashlight products can support the discharge requirements of high-power flashlights such as Olight X7. 3500mAh large capacity 18650, high energy density! The convex head battery adopts the latest positive protection circuit technology, the battery is more compact, has better impact resistance and is more durable. The battery allows up to 500 charge-discharge cycles and is an economical and environmentally friendly battery energy solution. Can be used in household appliances, mobile products, digital products, backup power . This battery type is also compatible with the Olight X7 Marauder and M2R

Product Features

● Battery with triple overheat protection design, safe and reliable use

● Built-in overcharge, over-discharge and short circuit protection circuits to ensure battery life

● Large discharge current design, suitable for high power equipment,

● High energy density, better energy/volume ratio than other types of rechargeable batteries

● ISO9001-2000 management system, high-quality assurance

 18650 3500mAh - Pack of 1 (paper card) - 1.jpg

The 18650 battery is a cylindrical battery with a diameter of 18mm and a height of 65mm. The original purpose of the 18650 battery design is to supply power to the notebook computer. The battery of the notebook computer is basically this type of battery. Its energy density is the largest among the rechargeable batteries used on a large scale, and the discharge current can also withstand normal flashlights. , The stability at work is very good, and it is widely used in various electronic fields. It can be said that it is the most suitable battery for powering flashlights. Generally, high-end outdoor flashlights with high brightness are required, such as olight brand X7, R20, M series, SR series, etc., most of them use this kind of battery.


In practical applications, the combined volume of two 16340 (CR123A) is not much different from that of one 18650 battery, so many flashlight battery compartments are designed to accommodate one 18650 battery so that one 18650 battery can be used. Power supply, and can take into account two 16340 or CR123A battery power supply, great flexibility.

Some chargers are implemented using cheap solutions, which are not good enough in control accuracy, which may easily cause abnormal battery charging or even damage the battery. When buying a charger, try to choose a 18650 lithium-ion battery charger from a big brand. The quality and after-sale service are guaranteed to prolong the service life of the battery.

The brand-guaranteed 18650 lithium-ion battery charger has four protections: short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, battery reverse polarity protection, etc.

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