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Olight 15th Anniversary | Copper Series & Green Gradient Series!

Olight 15th Anniversary | Copper Series & Green Gradient Series!

24 Apr, 2022

We are so excited to say that Olight is 15 years old! Let us celebrate this special day in full swing with Olight through these New arrivals.
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Copper Series

i3T Plus Ancient Bamboo
The EOS Series was popular upon launch, here we launched the 15th Anniversary Sale-i3T Plus Ancient Bamboo!This one is MUCH sturdier and pretty much the perfect brightness.Such a slim pocket torch, great for outdoor activities.
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Warrior Mini 2 Cu

You must keep coming back because Olight torches are so good. Warrior Mini 2 Cu is the best one that it arriving in the usual high quality Apple style packaging from Olight, the torch is reassuringly hefty, but not heavy, technically sophisticated, yet easy to grasp it’s several modes.Therefore,it will be a good investment.

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Open Pro Brass Bark

The Open Pro Brass Bark with both an LED light and a green pointer beam.Have been daily carrying it for months now on the job. Ink always writes super well. Flashlight and laser are very bright with good UI and stepped modes.
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No matter how time flies, what has never been changed is our mission of illuminating the world. Like the pattern on the copper series in this sale,what years are left on them is only glory and shine.

Green Gradient Series

Seeker 3 Pro Green Gradient

Have you ever purchased the Seeker series torch? If yes, you must know how wonderful and popular it is! Here we launched the new colour Seeker 3 Pro Green Gradient. Such an ultra-bright floodlight torch, if this is your first olight you are going to love it. Just have realistic expectations of the light output.
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Perun 2 Green Gradient

Perun 2 Green Gradient is like having a third hand. Very well engineered torch, excellent for hands free use whether you choose the headband or elect to clip it to a pocket. Good battery life and certainly bright enough for mosts tasks. The light levels are perfect, moonlight mode is brilliant for visibility reserving night vision on dark jobs or power cuts, and the highest setting is fantastic for such a small unit.
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i5R EOS Green Gradient

You will pleased with this i5R EOS Green Gradient as an EDC flashlight that doesn't take up a lot of space and gives enough light on bright mode.Rechargeable, great operating time and enough light for most situations.
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