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Olight 15th Anniversary Celebration Recap——Looking back and forward to the future!

Olight 15th Anniversary Celebration Recap——Looking back and forward to the future!

28 Apr, 2022

How time flies! The Olight 15th-Anniversary event came to a successful close spanning for 10 days from April 15-25. On April 15th, 2022, we kicked off Olight’s 15th-anniversary celebration with our anniversary video and factory tour video, while receiving incredible feedback from our amazing Olight community. The anniversary video gathered and presented the voices of fans from all around the world. Many fans observed and realized that we have made huge changes to our factory such as industrial automation and increased manufacturing abilities.

At the same time, some of our biggest fans received an exclusive iXV -- friendship edition torch that was shared with special handwritten cards from Olight employees. It was a pleasure to see all our excited fans on social media!

Let’s look at some of these heartfelt posts from our fans:

“It has been a good event.I fully intend to purchase and support olight.I have quite a number of your products and they are all excellent and I don’t feel the need to try an alternative brand at all.I like to try and collect your products as well as using them daily at work.The kids love the obulbs and my youngest uses one as a night-light and we get over 80 hours of battery life out of it on low.”

“Got my second order of the sale yesterday but didn’t post because of all the excitement.This 15th anniversary sale event has been excellent.From the products to the challenges etc.Even my girlfriend now likes olight andhas made her own account haha”

“As the 15th Olight Birthday Party comes to a close I’ve to say the games and wheel and overall positive atmosphere has improved over what it has been the past few months. Keep it up.
Oh just one more thing (as Columbo would say).
UK is still waiting for these bad boys to come to our shores!!!
Look at its wee cute face delighted with their Olight!”

You all were AMAZING and made us realize that hard work does pay off!!! You can’t imagine how happy and warm we felt reading all your kind words. If only we could include all your incredible comments, but we don’t want this article to be a mile long!

We also unveiled our Brand Promise. We are excited to announce so many upgrades to every facet of our business, but actions speak louder than words. We can’t wait for you all to see improvements come to fruition with our R&D, service, and so much more!

Let’s look at some of the incredible things that have happened over the past days! What was your favorite part about our anniversary event?

The VIP Sale began on April 19, and we started Main sale on April 21. There are four tier gifts for our customers, and we provide free baton 3 keychain for first 100 orders of VIP sale and Main sale, which highly impressed our loyal o-fans. Congratulations to those lucky winners! And a free iXV coral blue will be offered with your any order. We marveled at how passionate our fans were with these events. It was like an array of light illuminated our road to the next 15 years! Thank you all for your participation !

Next comes the Daily Lucky Draw-- one of the most popular parts of the event! This gave customers the opportunity to spin a giveaway wheel all 8 days of this event! Waking up and spinning the giveaway wheel each day proved to be exciting and a ton of fun for all of us! And did we mention how incredible the giveaway wheel prizes were!? The prizes included an warrior 3s, limited Products, random Gift, $10 coupon and £415 Coupon, or 50 points added to their O-Fan Club account.

Of course it wouldn’t be an Olight event without a New Product Release! Olight released a lot of popular new products including the iXV(15th Anniversary Edition), Warrior 3S, i3T Plus Ancient Bamboo, Open Pro Brass Bark, Seeker 3 Pro Green Gradient, Warrior Mini 2 Cu and so on. From April 19th to 25th, Olight offered discounts on these products up to 40% off with an iXV Coral Blue gift!

We also enjoyed and celebrated this 15th-anniversary event together with all the Olight staff. To mark Olight’s 15th anniversary, staff cooperated in groups to create charming posters for the 15th Anniversary hand-painted Poster Show! As World Book Day approached, we not only set up an internal book-reading week activity within the company spanning from April 18th to 22nd with one hour available to read every day, but we also held a collective discussion on what we read. Olight constantly promotes reading and education with our staff.

15 years may not be very long, but to Olight it’s a really big deal! We couldn't do any of this without our awesome customers. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who chose to come along with us on this journey. We will continue to utilize everything we possibly can to illuminate your world for another 15 years and beyond!

Seeker 3 Pro VS Seeker 2 Pro
Olight 15th Anniversary | Copper Series & Green Gradient Series!