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Multi Coloured Torch Light

Multi Coloured Torch Light

02 Jun, 2022

The most common colour of torch light we see are usually white, but you may not know that red, green and blue light torches actually have important uses as well. Let's take a look at the differences and characteristics of the different colours of torch light.


1. Everyday use - white light

White light is close to the colour of sunlight. It is a colour that matches the visual perception of our eyes in the dark, so it does not take time for our eyes to adjust. This should be the most comfortable colour light for our eyes. Moreover, white light is higher than other colours in terms of luminosity and colour temperature, giving the strongest sense of brightness. For this reason,  white light is widely used in outdoor activities for everyday use such as night hiking and camp lighting.


2. Nighttime warning - red light

Some common uses for red LED torches are gazing at the stars, hunting with night vision or military. This is because the red light emitted by the torch is more visible at night than other colours of torch light.


Stargazers can use a red LED torch to reach the ideal gazing point. This is because our search for constellations should be carried out in complete darkness whenever possible. However, in order to reach the best viewing point, some light is needed. Using this red torch will help them to find the position quickly and without causing light pollution.


Military personnel often use red LED torches during night, as the red light torch helps them navigate in remote areas. It is also usually not easily seen from a great distance and allows them to complete their tasks while avoiding detection by the enemy.


Traffic police can also use red LED torches to direct traffic when a car accident occurs at day or night by moving the torch back and forth in the direction in which the car needs to travel.


3. Most sensitive to the human eye - green light


Green light still has many advantages when used outdoors. It is said that many animals are insensitive to green light, but the human eye is very sensitive to it. At the same brightness, green light is the brightest to the human eye compared to blue, red and white light.


In leafy areas, other colours are mostly absorbed by green leaves, so green light penetrates the jungle more easily. In certain hunting situations, it is easier to find darker prey, such as wild boar, especially when it is obscured by dense vegetation. And for some experienced hunters, green light is less likely to spook a boar.


4. Bloodstain detection - blue light


Most white LEDs actually produce white light by irradiating phosphor with blue LEDs, so the white light of LEDs contains more blue light components. However, blue light has a high refraction and scattering rate when passing through the air, and usually does not travel very far.


Nevertheless, blue light has its own special instincts. The blood of animals fluoresces under blue light, and this property of blue light can be used in criminal investigations for bloodstain detection and for viewing oil stains. Blue light has a short wavelength and can effectively reflect the phosphor on the tail of a fish drift, so many people also use blue light torches for night fishing.

After reading the above description, would you like to have a torch that combines all four colours?

Freyr of Olight is a great four-colour torch, a two-button rechargeable LED torch with white light, red light, green light and blue light.

The white light of Freyr can reach up to 1750 lumens and has a range of up to 360 metres. The three coloured lights are emitted from the same lens with a silicone light cover. The torch can be used as a tinted baton for traffic direction, road guidance and safety warnings.


In addition, the tail button allows for two-level brightness and tactical operation. And it has a magnetic charging port that supports charging currents of up to 2A. The head side button can be independently controlled with one touch for coloured light, white light and strobe for multiple scenarios.


Isn't this a great four-colour light? Get your hands on one!

Obulb MC

Obulb MC is also a multi-colour light of Olight. It is able to emits white, red, blue and green light. Ideal for use at home as a night light, roadside parking warning lights or for outdoor camping.

Marauder Mini High Power Multi-Coloured Torch Light

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