Mobile Phone Torch VS LED torch

Mobile Phone Torch VS LED torch

20 Mar, 2022

Thanks to the advancement of technology and the reduction of manufacturing costs, almost everyone now owns a smartphone, and more and more people believe that mobile phones can gradually replace many things, such as cameras, cash, TV and books, and even torches.

But how Bright is Your Phone torch?

Key Takeaways:
The torch on your phone is about 40 - 50 lumens.
A phone torch has a diffused beam, good for illuminating small areas close by.
A dedicated torch is recommended for most outdoor activities for brightness, distance, and runtime.
A common question is “How bright is my phone torch” According to Apple, the iPhone 11 has a “Brighter True Tone flash” and that’s all the information we get about the torch on the phone.

Is the Phone torch Good Enough?

In fact, mobile phones cannot completely replace other professional tools. Many functions of mobile phones can only be used for emergency treatment in emergency situations, and cannot really replace professional tools. For example, no matter how fast a smartphone can replace a computer, the experience of reading e-books on a smartphone is very different from reading a paper book, and it is even worse between using a professional torch and using a mobile phone for lighting.

And in our daily life, we often encounter scenes that need to use a torch, but because there is no suitable lighting tool around, we use the torch on the smartphone to deal with it. We will always encounter various unexpected small situations, such as power outages, such as finding something in the dark, such as getting up at night or going out at night, etc. If your wireless Bluetooth headset accidentally falls into the bed, the earring accidentally rolls into a corner. At this time, if there is a strong torch shining on you, you can quickly find it. Or there is a sudden power outage at home. If you have a torch by your side, you don’t have to panic and look for candles everywhere. When you wake up at night, don’t be afraid to turn on the lights to wake others up. A torch with you can help you solve many problems in life. trivial troubles.

If you are a single woman, sometimes it is unavoidable to walk at night, especially in winter when it is dark and early, you always have to walk alone on your way to and from get off work. Although most roads now have street lights, there are always blind spots and even blind spots on some roads. Some places haven't yet, which is still very dangerous for a girl. If you have a strong light torch with you, it can not only illuminate the road but also when you encounter a gangster, the flashing function of the strong light torch can also blind the gangster in a short time, giving you enough time to get rid of the gangster.
For outdoor enthusiasts, mountaineering, camping, adventure, and hiking need a professional torch. Because the outdoor environment is harsh and there are many emergencies, the torch of the smartphone is far from meeting the needs of the outdoors. The first is range. Outdoor adventures must be far enough to see if there is any danger ahead. The second is brightness, the torch of a smartphone does not have a light-gathering function, and the area illuminated is quite limited. Once again, battery life. Smartphones are not only used for communication, but also for taking photos and videos. The battery itself is very tight. If it is used as a lighting tool, the battery will quickly run out. The professional outdoor strong light torch fully considers outdoor use and usually has multiple dimming functions to balance lighting and battery life.

Last but not the least, you want to preserve your phone's battery as much as possible. Especially in an emergency situation, the last thing you need is your phone to die on you. You need your phone to make calls, texts, etc, and using your phone's torch will surely drain the battery much faster than you would like.

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