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July Summer Sale New Products & Benefits in 2023!

July Summer Sale New Products & Benefits in 2023!

09 Jul, 2023

🎁Free Summer Sale Gift for Everyone!

🌟Spin the Lucky Wheel Every Day for Jaw-dropping Prizes!

🎉Corresponding Free Tier Gifts for Orders over $99, $179, $399

👏Light Up Your Summer with up to 50% OFF: EDC Tactical Torches, Keychain Lights, Camping Lanterns, Work Lights, Headlamps, High Power Lights, OBulb Lights, and More!

🎊Unbox the Thrill with our Super Value Mystery Packs!

🙌DIY Your Own Bundles with up To 40% OFF!

💐Join the Blog Giveaway Event for a Chance to Score Epic Freebies!

Get ready for an exhilarating shopping experience like no other! Mark your calendars for the event happening from 10:00  08/07/2023 to 02:00 15/07/2023. Join us and unlock as many deals and rewards as possible!

#1 Free Summer Sale Gift For Everyone!

Make sure you log in first and the log in gift i1R 2 Pro (Pinwheel Orange) or i3E (Vibrant Orange) keychain light will be automatically added to your shopping cart.

● i3E (Vibrant Orange): For new customers that haven't placed an order before 00:00 05/07.

Every new user will not only get an i3e but also a £10 coupon (check out: My account - Coupon Center).

Click here to view the Website Shopping Guide!

i3E keychain torch offers easy activation with a simple head twist, utilizes a AAA battery for convenience, delivers impressive performance with a bright output of up to 90 lumens, and boasts a compact and lightweight design that is as small as your pinky finger, weighing only 0.68 oz, and measuring 2.38 in.

● i1R 2 Pro (Pinwheel Orange): Login gift for VIP Silver and above.Order gift (order≥£1) for other previously (until 00:00 05/07) ordered members. 

i1R 2 Pro keychain torch offers a max output of 180 lumens, a new USB-C charging port for convenient charging, and easy-to-use functionality with a simple twist of the head to control the light.

#2 Spin the Lucky Wheel Every Day for Jaw-dropping Prizes!

#3 Corresponding Free Tier Gifts for Orders over $99,$179, $399

#4 New Product Launch:

New EDC Tactical Torch: Warrior Mini 3

Brand New Pre-activated Proximity Sensor:  

The pre-activated proximity sensor will only lower output to prevent overheating if you accidentally switch to the high mode when the light is blocked. However, if you approach objects during high-mode use, the sensor will not lower the output.

Improved Performance & Compact Size:

Maximum output of 1,750 lumens, upgraded throw of 240 meters, and 100 days of runtime. Portable illumination at its finest with a length of only 111mm.

Dual Operation Switches: 

Designed for both everyday carry use and tactical operations, catering to outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Easy to Carry & Store:

 Features a lanyard hole and two-way clip for added convenience and durability. Additionally, the included L-shaped stand allows for easy post-use storage on any surface.

New Camping Lantern: Olantern Classic Mini

Olantern classic design: Beautiful, distinctive, small, and 45% lighter than the Olantern Classic 2 Pro.

Dual light sources: Warm light + white light, 5-300LM step-less dimming, light source switching signaled by vibration.

Lock function: Effectively prevents the product from being turned on accidentally.

Unique handle design: All metal with a buckle; can be used in multiple scenarios.

Built-in 21700/4500mAh battery: 60 hours battery life.

Power bank function: Can fully charge an iPhone 14; solves emergency charging problems of mobile phones and other devices.

✅The 1/4 thread supports DIY brackets.

New Micro Rechargeable Torch: imini 2

Single Output: It produces a wide and balanced output of 50 lumens.

Instant Activation: Turn it on by simply detaching the body from the magnetic cap.

Hands-free Experience: The tiny light has a magnetic base to attach to any iron surface, leaving both hands free to do other things.

Rechargeable Design: There is an integrated USB plug at the tail, which can be directly inserted into the adapter for charging.

Tough and Durable: The aluminum body with 1.5 meters drop resistance can take a beating.

New EDC Tools: Otacle 2 Mini

Exquisitely designed with a stunning, CNC-engraved fishbone pattern, anodized in gradient blue and purple hues, giving it a classy and attractive look.

Made of high-quality titanium, providing high strength, low weight, and excellent corrosion resistance.

Measuring 3.29 x 0.71 x 0.14 in (0.29 in including pocket clip) and weighing only 0.63 oz, this ultralight pry bar can be easily stowed anywhere; it even fits easily in your watch pocket.

3 Tools in 1: This multitool functions as a pry bar, a bottle opener, and a 4 mm hex wrench.

Sturdy titanium pocket clip and lanyard hole/hex wrench with included lanyard allow for convenient everyday carry.

New Color: Marauder Mini Blue High Power Torch

New Color: Arkfeld Summer 3 Titanium LED Torch Limited Edition (Global Limited 1,800Pcs)

New Color: Perun 2 mini OD Green Headtorch

New Color: Baton 3 Roadster 1200 lumens Pocket Torch (Global Limited 6,000Pcs)

New Color: Swivel Pro Max Moss Green COB Work Light

New Color: Gober KIT Blue Safety Light

New Color: O'Pen Mini Brass Ballpoint Pen

Congratulations to the following winner who will get a free Arkfeld Summer 3 Limited Edition (Worth: £139.99)

Perun 2 Mini Headtorch Review
Warrior Mini 3: Innovation Redefining the Portable Tactical Torch



All Reviews (4)

Tom Martin

Yep, I like these products, especially the Arkfeld, alas my budget doesn't quite extend that far at the moment :( But that pinwheel i1R2 looks really good too :)

Posted on: 13 Jul, 2023, 02:19:29

Mywifesaysihaveenoughtorches Nope

The roadster looks stand out different and whilst immediate reaction was no it soon turned to hells yes

Posted on: 12 Jul, 2023, 09:52:35

David Cottrell

Love the new Olantern Classic Mini Camping Portable Light have ordered a Forest Green one as well as the Tactical Tripod to accompany it.

Posted on: 11 Jul, 2023, 21:13:52

Nolight Addict

The blue arkfeld looks lovely but I can't afford it even with birthday voucher

Posted on: 10 Jul, 2023, 15:17:57